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Britney Spears - Circus - LP
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Britney Spears - Circus - LP

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Experience the musical journey of pop icon Britney Spears with her 6th studio album. This album includes chart-topping hits such as 'Womanizer', 'Circus', and 'Radar'. A must-have for every Britney fan. TRACKLIST: SIDE A: 1. WOMANIZER 2. CIRCUS 3. OUT FROM UNDER 4. KILL THE LIGHTS 5. SHATTERED GLASS 6. IF U SEEK AMY UNUSUAL YOU SIDE B: 1. BLUR 2. MMM PAPI 3. MANNEQUIN 4. LACE AND LEATHER 5. MY BABY 6. RADAR

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Manufacturer: Jive Records.

Variants: Streaming, MP3, Audio CD, Vinyl

variant: Vinyl

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January 02, 2009
5out of 5
Once again Britney creates a musical masterpiece that surpasses the quality of her cd "Blackout". "Blackout" was a good album but "Circus" from my modest opinion is an even better album. I would even go as far to say that because of the greatness in the "Circus" album she will go on to sell many tickets for her upcoming tour which will make it one of the most successful musical tours of 2009. The following are a rundown of my opinion on the songs that led me to feel this way. Womanizer 10 out of 10 A tongue in cheek of song regarding how even though the man she is singing about is charming that there is no way she is going to fall under his charm. A couple of the places that this exciting video to this song can be viewed through yahoo music and youtube Circus 10 out of 10 This song is even better than Womanizer. This song she sings very confidently about the exciting show she puts on for others that is entertaining. Plus she emphasizes in this song that when it comes to men she likes the ringleader who calls the shots and she likes a firecracker where she can make it hot. Either way this song is a very fun song that also has an exciting video that can be posted on youtube and yahoo music. Out From Under 9 out of 10 A very touching song and a unique ballad on how she can't look back in her love life on what could have been. I love how she beautifully sings that she will just figure it out when she's out from under. Kill The Lights 10 out of 10 A song that is reminiscent of "Piece of Me" but expresses how she is more ready to face the paparazzi on her own terms. Shattered Glass 10 out of 10 A great standout song about her asking an ex lover in her life if it was worth throwing away what they had for the end of their love relationship and confidently expressing that the time will come when she will be missed and wanted back. On a side note (admittedly just my opinion) I would not be suprised if her musical art ended up imitating life and one of her unnamed exes does possibly end up missing her and desiring her back. If U Seek Amy 10 out of 10 It is very cool and unique how she starts off the song and how she carefully expresses her voice when she says lalalalala and then allows it to raise as the song starts to begin. She expresses how people can say what they want about her regardless how they feel about her but she artistically sings in a rhetoric tone "but can't you see what I see" Unusual You 10 out of 10 A very beautiful song on how she finds someone in her life that calls when he says he does and is so good to her that this is unusual to her and how she expects this unusual person to break her heart because in her words only an angel can be so unusually nice and kind to her. This is an entertaining song but it is my hope that this song is just entertainment to her and that she does believe and realize that she deserves to be loved for who she is in real life. Aside from these few caveats this is a good song. Blur 9.5 out of 10 A fantastic song about how the morning after is a blur to her because she is trying to recall how she ended up next to someone she is unfamiliar with and figuring out what she was doing the night before. It would be interesting to play this in a club and to see what a video of this song looks like. MMm Papi 10 out of 10 She is expressing in the song how she desires the person in her song and her faith that the object of her desire will be there for her. Its funny and cool when she sings mmm papi love you A catchy song that will surely stick in your head Mannequin 8 out of 10 Truthfully after a few listens to the song I am still trying to understand the full meaning to this song. What I get from this song is that someone wants her and that she will do her thing and that they will like it. I give her credit for her artistic creativity and innovation in this song but admittedly there are other songs on this cd that I like more. Lace and Leather 10 out of 10 She sings about taking charge for her and her lover in the bedroom with lace and leather but that she is the one who will call the shots because its her show. She tells her lover to take a seat in the song because the fantasy will be on her. An erotic, sensual, and catchy song rolled into one. My Baby 7.5 out of 10 Admittedly even though this is a song that I like least on the cd it still has grown on me each listen. This was especially the case after someone at my job told me how this is her favorite song on the cd so I decided to listen to it again to give it more of a try. Truthfully this is the only song that was just a 7.5 on my cd but thats mainly because it was so quiet and slower compared to the rest of the songs. This is a good song to listen to when you want to relax for the day because she beautifully sings about how much she loves her baby. Even though baby is obviously singular you can tell she is metaphorically paying tribute to her two beautiful children that I feel she loves very much. So even though I may have felt it was a 7.5 there may be others who will understandably rate it higher. Radar 10 out of 10 An exciting and fun song from the "Blackout" album where she expresses some of the qualities she desires in a guy with some of her lyrics "confidence is a must" "cockiness is a plus" She turns having a crush into a stylish and fun situation with this song. Overall if you liked the "Blackout" album you will like this album even more. Even people that are new to her albums will also like this cd. The $9.99 that I paid for this cd was definitely a good value for the various great songs that are on this cd. You can tell by this album that she is definitely getting better and better. Anyhow, whether you are a fan of Britney Spears or not if you are fine with listening to pop, top 40, and/or dance/club music then you will definitely love this album. You will definitely find yourself singing along and moving to many of these songs on this album.
November 09, 2023
5out of 5
December 11, 2023
5out of 5
Thank god they finally repressed this album. I was not looking forward to forking over $150+ for one
October 03, 2023
5out of 5
I bought this a year ago, and still works great. I still play and I love it
5out of 5
Britney Spears is a fantastic Pop artist, and this is certainly demonstrated in "Circus." Britney continues to release solid albums that cause an excitement among her fans. I am a fan of many artists, but I rarely see the extremes I see within the Britney circle. She is a rare addition to the music/entertainment world, indeed. "Circus" contains pulse pounding beats that she is known for, as well as themes of newfound strength. Her life is poured into some of the lyrics, which is, inevitably, a "Circus." Probably the most personal songs/songs that speak of her life on her album are: "Circus," "Out from Under," "Kill the Lights," "Unusual You," and the very sweet "My Baby." All speak of how her life is a whirlwind of energy and exposure, the unexpected moments, how hard it can be to move on, and how much she loves her sons. The rest are the more fun songs that you can't help but jam to. ("Circus" and "Kill the Lights" are dance worthy, too.) They are perfect for blasting in your car or when no one else is around. I love Britney's ability to make you feel like a kid again. You feel silly at first, but eventually don't care because it's just so damn fun. Ha. What I think of each song (Rating: 1 the worst, 10 the best): **Womanizer - 9. Basically, Toxic Pt. 2. A fun song of a man that womanizes, and she will not take it. Britney doing what she does best. **Circus - 10. Such a well made song. Exciting, fun, and very well tells of the type of person she is/of her life. **Out from Under - 10. A very haunting ballad that really sends chills. It's about how difficult it is to move on and move out from whatever is causing the pain. I listen to it often. **Kill the Lights - 9. An obvious response to the media - Kill the damn lights! She's Britney and will do whatever she wants and knows that she's not perfect. It's her life. **Shattered Glass - 8. It's about being cheated on, making her relationship with this guy now like shattered glass; she won't take him back. I say, get it girl. A very fun and catchy dance song. A little too short for my taste, though. **If U Seek Amy - 10. Ah, this song is probably my guiltiest pleasure. It's probably the most fun, mainly in what the title stands for. If you don't know yet, say it to yourself 3 times fast and you just may get what she means. It's pretty awesome. I love it. **Unusual You - 9. This song is saying how surprised she is that someone could genuinely like her, and not wanting to hurt her. It's sad if you think of the walls she has built, but it's also sweet in that there is now a guy willing to knock those walls down. A very nice, slower song. **Blur - 7.5. This song sounds like a song she could have made a long time ago. I actually like that. A very chill beat. **Mmm Papi - 7. Okay, either you love it or you hate it. It's definitely "different." The beat is catchy, though. I have to say because of that the song has grown on me with each listen. At first I wasn't sure, but now I think it has gotten better. I also think it's best for blaring in the car or for the dance floor. **Mannequin - 7.5. Also a song that has grown on me. It's not as unique as "Mmm Papi," but I wasn't so sure if I liked it at first. It is certainly upbeat and fun, though. There is also a strength in her stating that she doesn't care and that you can't change her; she's like a mannequin. **Lace and Leather - 8. Such a cute and fun song. Probably the most like candy on the album. Very Britney. **My Baby - 9. For what I've seen, this song is considered "boring" or "too slow" to be on here. But I truly liked it. The song is about her love for her boys. It's a very sweet song. I admit that it does seem out of place, especially following "Lace and Leather," but her music reflects her life. Since her boys are the most important to her, a song about them is most appropriate. **Radar - 9. I liked this song on "Blackout." A catchy song. But the fact that it was put on this album due to legal disputes is purely annoying. It just doesn't belong. Why not make it a single like promised to avoid this? **Rock Me In - 8.5. A very pulse pounding song that marries a rock edge with pop. **Phonography - 8.5. Also a song that makes your heart beat faster. A lot of more electronic beats within this one. Overall, this is not only a great Britney album, but a great pop album. One of her best. You see significant growth from her. As much as I loved "Blackout," and still do, I like that she didn't go back down that path. I'm glad she went for a different sound. This entire album is fabulous and one that fans will LOVE. Support our girl! Go buy it now!