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Fire Extinguisher Portable 620ml 4 Count, Water-Based, 7.5 Pounds
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Fire Extinguisher Portable 620ml 4 Count, Water-Based, 7.5 Pounds

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Introducing our S-3 Series Concentrated Fire Extinguishing Agent, a water-based solution designed for optimal fire safety. This agent is a blend of 3 tons of fire extinguishing substance and 97 tons of negative ion water, creating a 100-ton fire extinguishing solution. With a neutral PH value, it's safe for both humans and the environment. This fire extinguishing agent is mixed with negative ion water at a 3% ratio, ready to be filled into a fire extinguisher or single device. It can be sprayed directly onto the fire source or thrown using a fragile container. It's also suitable for aerial use over forests and pastures, or with a fire water truck. This product is effective against Class A, B, E, and F fires, making it a versatile solution for various fire types. The product dimensions are 11.7x3.3 inches, with a maximum spraying distance of 13 feet. Please note, due to the liquid nature of our fire extinguisher, leakage may occur during transportation or delivery. If you experience this, please contact us at your earliest convenience for a satisfactory solution. Thank you.

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Manufacturer: ‎sds

Variants: 4.0 Pounds, 7.5 Pounds

Dimensions: ‎11.7 x 3.3 x 2 inches

Weight: ‎7.13 pounds

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Anytime I change vehicles, I buy new extinguishers. These are things you never hope to need but are invaluable if you do. The thought of losing a vehicle or a life that could have been saved is nothing I want to live with.
I bought these extinguishers in March and now it is July. I've got one that is leaking a white substance out of it and my return period has passed. UPDATE: seller contacted me immediately for a resolution and I'm very happy with the result.
UPDATE 8/6/2023, THE VENDER REACHED OUT TO ME AND REPLACED THE DEFECTIVE UNITS. IT'S ALL GOOD NOW!! DECENT PRODUCT, GREAT SUPPORT!! ========================== 4 out of the 10 that I purchased are leaking around the top. I wiped it off, but because there’s no pressure gauge, I have no idea if there is any pressure left in the bottle. Those units will not be deployed, and I’ll be taking a loss.
Great value!
The fire extinguisher bottles are a good size, I like that it has something to help mount it to the wall for easier placement. It looks relatively easy to use as well from the instructions. The only thing is one of the bottles leaked out and another has some dents on it.
June 06, 2023
4out of 5
These are good Extinguishers, but if you are using them.on a boat on salt water, they are not approved by the United States Coast Guard. I still carry a white marine grade one on board
August 16, 2023
5out of 5
Este producto lo compramos para instalarlo en nuestro auto como medio preventivo de protección. Fue muy fácil de instalar. Solo unos minutos y todo listo. 🙂👍Ahora viajamos mucho más confiados.
June 29, 2023
4out of 5
Great to have around if you don't have an extinguisher in ur home, car, boat, anywhere these tiny shooters can store anywhere great product overall 👍