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Extra Tall & Wide Safety Pet + Baby Gate - 29.5"-53" Wide - 38" Tall
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Extra Tall & Wide Safety Pet + Baby Gate - 29.5"-53" Wide - 38" Tall

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Keep your loved ones safe & secure in style with the Summer Extra Tall & Wide Baby and Dog Gate. Measuring 38" tall (including a decorative arch), this gray metal safety gate conveniently helps contain children and pets while complementing your home decor. A variety of included extensions help you configure the ideal setup for spaces from 29.5 to 53 inches wide. Install it in doorways or hallways quickly & easily using the included no-drill pressure mount system with adhesive wall cups that help protect your walls from damage. Or, use it at the top or bottom of stairs with included hardware (required for safe stairway installation). Recommended tools for hardware installation (not included): drill, Phillips-head screwdriver, pencil, measuring tape. NOTE: Gate will appear bent at first, rest assured that this is not a defect and will be corrected upon proper installation.

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Variants: White, Gray

Dimensions: 53"W x 38"H

Weight: 23 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Gray

Brand: Summer Infant

Product Dimensions: 53"W x 38"H

Item Weight: 23 Pounds

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4863 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I recently moved in with my father to help him with his health issues. I brought my 3 cats, which he does not want in the kitchen. I installed this gate in the hallway to the kitchen. It was easy for me to install, took less than 30 minutes and I didn't have to put screws in the walls. The gate opens and shuts easily with one hand. I'm surprised, but my cats have not attempted to jump over it. Even my 'super jumper' hasn't jumped over it. My father and I are both happy with this purchase. I did not rate it for stairs as I am not using it on stairs. I think it would work well for stairs, though. It's sturdy and seems strong.
September 27, 2023
5out of 5
Needed a wider than average (48" opening) gate on the front porch to keep a large dog from eating the Amazon driver (he hates him for some reason!) The gate was easy to install (pressure mounted). Trust the process, because it really does look like the door won't close until you get it all together. I shook it really hard and it is very sturdy. If you're concerned about the sturdiness, I would install with the hardware provided. The dog actually hasn't touched it or jumped on it yet so I think just having a see-through barrier there does the trick. Happy to have found this cost-efficient option!
November 04, 2023
5out of 5
This gate was put up in just a few minutes using no screws. It is heavy duty and works perfectly to keep our dogs out of a particular room. (our dogs are well mannered and do not jump up on the gate) I am very happy with this purchase and will probably be purchasing another soon.
January 27, 2023
4out of 5
I actually purchased this gate to keep my cats from a certain area of the house that people still need regular access to. There is a door frame around the entry to this area (built as an option to put a door later), there is no actual door. I ordered this particular gate due to its height, in hopes that if was tall enough, the cats would not jump over. While there are some cats who could probably figure out how to jump high enough to get over it, my two are not "jumpers", so....knocking on far, so good. My entry frame is pretty narrow, so I only needed the one slim piece on the side, and not any of the extra pieces included for wider doors. Those are in the box and put away in case I do ever move this to a wider entry point in another part of the house. Because this is being used for cats, I did NOT screw the holder pieces meant to go into the door frame to help keep the gate more child safe / secure. That is optional in case one decides to use this as a temporary block. If I did have children, I would definitely screw those pieces in. However, for my needs, I like the temporary option. The gate still fits very securely into the entry, it has not budged AT ALL. In fact, using the adjuster pieces, I actually go the gate into the frame a bit TOO tight, to the point I could not open it! :) I was able to loosen it enough where the gate functions easily, but stays tight and secure in the door frame. I will say, I was a bit stumped how to actually open the gate once I got it put in. The directions are not 100% clear on that. So to clarify, you have to slide a tab on one side back, while LIFTING the entire gate door with your opposite hand. This is an added safety feature for preventing children to easily open, and functionally once you get the hang of doing it, it becomes "remote action". I was a bit worried the lifting would cause the gate to become loose, but so far, the lifting action is gentle enough to not have loosened the gate in the frame, nor do I foresee it doing so. One thing to note: if the gate is opened fully, it can lock into an open position. That is not necessarily a downside, because there are times when you may need the gate to stay open. But it is something to be aware of because if not paying attention, if one does open it to that point and then walk off and forget.... the gate will stay open (I have noticed that the teenagers in the house do this a lot without noticing, so lots of reminders going on right now!!). Further, if you close the gate too gently, it will sit in a position where it looks closed, but it really isn't locked into place -- this is a bit harder to do, and takes more intention, which I can see if someone is trying to be quiet and not have the gate make a sound while closing. All that is human error / oversight, and not due to the design of the gate -- ie, the gate is designed to close and lock itself with normal entry / exit use. But as with ANY child gate, it is very important to stay alert that the gate closes and locks itself securely. I am very happy with the gate and it is performing perfectly for my needs. I highly recommend it, but please do follow ALL instructions about installation if you are using it for children.
5out of 5
I love that this gate has a door on it and looks nice. I purchased the tall one so it keeps my Doberman out of the utility room. Its pretty sturdy and she hasn't jumped over it yet. Be careful that you dont trip over the bottom bar like my friend did. Gotta get used to stepping over that. I would recommend this product!
December 08, 2023
5out of 5
Exactly what I needed, it is tall enough the cat doesn’t even attempt to jump over it.
5out of 5
It was a struggle to find the right baby gate for the bottom of our stairs, but I’m super glad we came across this one. We wanted a pressure mount gate for the bottom of our stairs, had to be adjustable to different widths at the top and bottom since our stairs have a trim along the bottom edge. So many other gates have complaints on easiness to install, etc. but this gate was great. My reasons for liking it so much are: -Like I mentioned, the top and bottom of the gate can be extended to different widths if you have trim you’re fitting it against. -Super easy to work one handed, I’ve been able to open it over and over again while holding a squirmy baby in one arm just fine. -Love that the gate can be opened wide enough to stay in the open position. -We installed the adhesive wall cups for base of stairs (didn’t screw them in but we would have at the top of the stairs, I wanted a hard mounted gate without a threshold at the top of the stairs though). The wall cups are great if you plan on taking the gate down temporarily for any reason, like between babies if your child learns stairs, moving furniture, etc. but you still can easily put the gate back in the exact same spot. -SO easy to install compared to other gates. We used the adhesive on the wall cups which I like, I’m sure there will be some damage to paint when we remove them but we plan on having more kids and will use the gate on and off for years, so I don’t mind. I’ve heard adhesive to paint can be removed a little easier with a hair dryer, but I haven’t tried it yet. -The installation guide to get the right width is SO EASY compared to other gates, ours fits wonderfully with the first attempt. Super strong, easy to open, easy to install, well built gate that we’re glad to have found.