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Keter Manor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Shed Kit
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Keter Manor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Shed Kit

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Lawnmower, garden tools, extra hoses, fertilizer bags and those leftover bricks from your patio project... what do all these items have in common? They're all cluttering up your basement or your garage, and you're tired of dragging them out into the yard every time you need to use them. The solution to your problem just might be the Manor 4 x 6 outdoor storage shed from Keter. This sturdy shed won't ever rot, peel or dent, unlike its wooden and metal competitors. Furthermore, the double door at the front of the shed makes it easy to get big items in and out of without strain or hassle. ​ Key Features: • External dimensions: 51.2 in. W x 75.6 in. D x 78 in. H​ • Internal dimensions: 43.7 in. W x 69.7 in. D x 74.8 in. H​ • Storage capacity: 131.8 cu. ft.​ • Floor Weight Capacity: 30 PSF​ • Roof Weight Capacity: 15 PSF​ • Stylish wood-like texture will complement any home • Double wall extruded panels • Fixed window to let in natural light​ • Vented for air circulation​ • Lockable latch (lock not included) • Sturdy floor panel ​ • Weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected​ • Will not peel, rot or rust​ • Never needs painting​ • Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement to ensure its durability

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Manufacturer: Keter

Dimensions: 75.6"D x 51.2"W x 78"H

Weight: 93.5 Pounds

Brand: KETER

Color: Gray/White

Material: Resin

Product Dimensions: 75.6"D x 51.2"W x 78"H

Item Weight: 93.5 Pounds

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3598 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 29, 2023
4out of 5
I assembled this shed yesterday with my 76 year old dad. It took us 4 hours (I'm a girl and 110 lbs after a Thanksgiving dinner). I bought this strictly for storage, nothing heavy duty or high value). 1. Assembly was not difficult. The most time consuming part is drilling holes for the screws. The only parts of this that have holes for screws are the corners on the base, roof, and door frame. All others you have to mark and drill yourself. The sides of the base and roof call for 12 screws to be drilled and the upright frame on the corner of the walls required 4 on each side. I used a tape measure to make them uniform to the base throughout the build. 2. It looks nice enough. One wall panel was labeled "this side up" incorrectly and I wasn't paying enough attention so now the wood look panels don't line up correctly on one side. I was too far into the build when I caught it and didn't want to take it all apart to correct it. It is what it is. I do not like the black screws on the exterior, I'm going to paint them white to blend in. 3. Security. It is not going to work for high value items. You could kick this thing and bust a wall or the plastic window. It's made of thin plastic with a plastic honeycomb like molding between the plastic sheets. You also won't be able to hang heavy tools on the walls. I read enough reviews before purchasing and knew this ahead of time. I wouldn't use this as a chicken coop without reinforcing it. Especially the vents, a raccoon could pop them out and squeeze in. 4. Waterproofing. I believe I'm going to need to go around and chaulk this to waterproof it. Namely the roof. 5. Size. I bought a 4 × 6 shed. The interior is not that. It's about 68" × 42". So 5 1/2" × 3 1/2" is what you have inside. I do wish the listing gave interior dimensions. Overall I don't regret buying it. I purchased on Prime Day when it was $425. I wouldn't have bought it without the discount though.
October 17, 2023
5out of 5
The shed feels sturdy and secure once built. The parts may not feel that way initially when it has not been built. And what I mean is, the quality. At first glance and contact with the parts you may think it’s not good—-but it is. The instructions are okay. YouTube can also be your friend. All that is needed is a tape measurer (for even screw placement) and a drill. Works best as a two-person job. Build on an even foundation. The inner lower corners on the interior allow to be screwed into your ground foundation for more security and stability. Can add LED switch lights inside that work great for visibility at night. Overall, it’s a nice quality shed. Any corner small gaps you note can be filled with caulking however make every attempt to ensure any gaps are are minor. For the vents, you can add non-rustic metal mesh to prevent any critters from entering. Although just built I am happy with the product and don’t see any issues occurring. It will be tested with Florida rain weather at some point.
First off, I will say that you get what you pay for in terms of sheds. If you want an extremely durable shed, buy a Tuff Shed. Yes it will cost significantly more, but they are the kings and queens of durable sheds. This shed I bought is not to that level obviously (and admittedly it looks and feels more like one of those outdoor playhouses you would buy for your kids than an actual shed), but considering I paid less than $500 for it, it definitely does the job until I decide I need a bigger, more durable outdoor shed. This one also fits in the awkward, small crevice I have quite nicely, whereas none of the Tuff Sheds do. As you can see, I am still constructing it, and I think it's worth mentioning that although I saw several reviews that said it takes around 3 hours to build, that is not my case; I am a strong, able-bodied 33-year-old male who is reasonably handy, and I have put about 5 hours into this thing and I am only about 2/3rds of the way through building it. With that said though, I am building it in central Texas (where it regularly gets in the high 80s/low 90s and is humid), I am building it by myself, and I am building it in a caddy cornered part of my house that is reasonably sheltered from the elements and less visible from passerbys (the downside to that is that I have had to awkwardly shove my way around the shed when the instructions said to reinforce the roof, walls and floor when I thought I was done with that hard to get to area). I also carefully measured, marked and drilled pilot holes, without realizing how many holes I would have to drill, and that you can generally get away with just drilling the screws directly into the plastic (it won't crack, but the pilot holes definitely help to guide it in). There are factors that go into each review that they probably aren't telling you about (at least, not every single detail). For example, did they build it with a second (or third) person helping? Did they build it in a cool/temperate climate where you can easily stay outside all day and not get heat stroke? How able-bodied was the person building it? I was disappointed that it took me longer since I took the half-day off from work to get it done, although trying to do extensive manual labor in the blistering heat is no joke, either. If I were to do this again, I probably would have built it in my garage, then asked a friend to help me move it into place (although I can be stubborn and I try to do as many things as possible by myself). I also saw people reinforcing and putting add-ons to theirs, which I think is a good idea. For example, the window that comes with it is not durable at all (again, it does look and feel somewhat like those plastic playhouses you would get your kids even though it is reasonably durable once assembled), and I frankly wish they provided an extra wall in case you don't want the window and can swap it out for a non-window wall. If someone wanted to, they could easily punch out the window and crawl inside, so I do plan on either replacing the window with glass, or reinforcing it with something far more durable, and I will put up a Google nest camera on the shed. I can also see a scenario where if someone wanted what was inside the shed that badly, they could look in the window, find what they want, and then come back with a large hunting knife and cut the walls out. This shed can probably stand up to gusts and such, but I question how safe it would be around a really determined thief. I plan to keep my gardening and lawn care stuff in this shed. So while it will have my lawnmower, leaf blower and electric trimmer, I am ensuring it does not contain anything too valuable that would not otherwise be easy to replace, and I encourage the same of you if you purchase one.