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SCHMECKE 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock
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SCHMECKE 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock

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Experience the SCHMECKE 34 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator, complete with a lock for security. This large, freestanding wine cellar offers a digital temperature control ranging from 41f-64f, perfect for storing red, white, champagne, or sparkling wine. Its sleek black design adds a touch of elegance to any room. With a capacity of 34 bottles, this wine fridge is an essential addition for wine enthusiasts.

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Variants: 33 Bottle Dual Zone Black, 24 Bottle Stainless Steel, 33 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel, 34 Bottle Stainless Steel, 28 Bottle Stainless Steel, 18 Bottle Stainless Steel, 24 Bottle Black, 12 Bottle Black, 18 Bottle Black, 12 Bottle - Cube Black, 12 Bottle - Cube Stainless Steel, 34 Bottle Black, 12 Bottle Stainless Steel, 28 Bottle Black

Dimensions: 17.3"D x 18.7"W x 33.1"H

Weight: ‎56 Pounds

Product Dimensions: 17.3"D x 18.7"W x 33.1"H


Capacity: 3.1 Cubic Feet

Configuration: Freezerless

Color: Black

Special Feature: Energy Efficient, Refrigerator, Freestanding, Single Zone, 34 Bottle

Installation Type: Freestanding

Number of Doors: 1

Defrost System: Automatic

Voltage: 120 Volts

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4out of 5

2856 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

July 25, 2023
5out of 5
This unit is very effective and nicely designed. Some comments relating to other reviews. Some reviewers have mentioned that the unit is wobbly. Please note that all four legs are adjustable, and each one can be raised or lowered by twisting the leg clockwise or counterclockwise. So out of the box, my unit was wobbly too. After adjustment, it is rock solid. Unlike some reviewers, I've never had a problem with the unit icing up. I've never had that issue. I keep my unit at 58 degrees; perhaps icing is a problem only with far lower temperature settings. As at least one reviewer has noticed, the temperature display light is bright. It's not an issue in daytime. At night, just cover it up. I took one of the three-sided wedges used in shipping to protect the unit from damage and cut away one side. It makes a very effective L-shaped cover for the light to block the light at night. There have also been complaints about the noise, which surprises me. It's a very quiet unit. Sure, if I am standing next to the unit, I can hear it. But in another room, no. It's not bothersome at all; certainly my air conditioner is far, far louder than this unit. I'm surprised also that some reviewers have complained about the unit not being big enough to hold bottles. This unit has plenty of space to hold standard-size wine bottles, and even wine-bottles that are taller than the norm.
October 25, 2023
5out of 5
This wine cooler is perfect for my kitchen. It is the perfect height and size. The temperature varies between 41 and 45 degrees, which is okay. There is a very soft vibration at times, but not always and it is not annoying in any way. I really do love this wine cooler!!
This fridge has one temperature zone which is fine because I only keep red wine in it. I have it set at 58 deg's which, for me, is just right for my "less than expensive" wines. So far, it's working perfectly as far as holding the set temp. Since it is located just behind where we sit to watch TV, noise would be an issue. This fridge is very quiet; I have to concentrate to even hear it running. I've had three or four wine fridges in the past. They seem to die after two or three years so I bought the 5-year extended warranty for this one; hopefully, I won't have to use it.
4out of 5
Update after three weeks: I reduced my review from 5 stars to 4 stars because at least once a week now I have had to unplug it from the electrical outlet and then replug it so it can start cooling again as it would stop keeping the temperature. The wine refrigerator is in a cool room. Due to this I don’t understand why it would stop cooling. I keep the temperature at 53 degrees. Although it says it can reach the low forties it never has reached that cooling temperature. But for me 53 degrees F is good enough for my white, moscato and red wines ————Otherwise the below holds true: This little wine refrigerator is a bargain for the buck. I had a very good experience. 1- It was delivered ahead of time. 2- It is very stylish, easy to use 3- Does cool down very rapidly 4- It has a small form factor 5- Can hold regular size wine bottles 6- Buttons are easy to use 7- The light inside the refrigerator is not over powering. 8- It locks, two keys are provided Cons 1- LED Lights are very bright similar to a 20 Lumen night light 2- For me the temperature is off by two degrees as listed in the outside LED Temp indicator, (I placed a digital thermometer inside the refrigerator) 3- It does have some noise when the compressor kicks in, but minimal.
1out of 5
I originally bought this item for my best friend’s birthday. She was so excited to receive it. When I gave it to her, she plugged it in and the fridge did not get cold. The temperature was not changing from the house temperature. It was broken. This was very frustrating especially because this was a gift and I trusted this company to give me a working item. I inquired with support, and they had me send pictures to ensure we were doing everything right. We agreed I was, and they recognized it was a faulty product. So, they said they would send a new one. A few days later, they told me they were out of stock and would send me another wine fridge from their sister company. They told me it was practically identical. I said fine, because I really had no other option. The product arrived and this time, not only was it internally damaged, it was externally damaged. See attached for photos of that. It was so banged up and physically damaged. We attempted to turn it on—no luck. This thing didn’t even turn on, let alone work. So now, I have received 2 faulty products from this company, and have been over 3 months of back and forth trying to get things fixed. After receiving the second faulty product, I decided enough was enough. I just needed my money back. So, I once again sent them the Kyoto’s of the broken item. The customer service rep just said they have scheduled a UPS pickup and the pickup will come 3 times to attempt to pick up the item. What does that even mean? They provided me with no date or time the ups pickup is scheduled to come, no confirmation or tracking number of the ups pickup, and no instructions. It is beyond frustrating and all I can say is STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY and making any sort of purchases from them.
5out of 5
The one important thing with wine coolers is stable temperature. It is the shifting temps that spoil wine. The Schmecke 28 bottle wine refrigerator has had a stable 55 degree temperature so far. It is a little noisier than I expected, but all compressor coolers make some noise. It holds a decent amount of wine at 28 bottles on metal racks. I prefer the wood racks, but you can't have everything and a low price also. For the money, it is an excellent choice for keeping your wine aging safely. The only knock I have is that I wish here was a way to turn off the exterior temperature light. It is bright.