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Home & OfficeKitchen & Diningled motion sensor light 54 led under counter lighting 2 pack usb rechargeable
LED Motion Sensor Light, 54-LED Under Counter Lighting, 2 Pack, USB Rechargeable
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LED Motion Sensor Light, 54-LED Under Counter Lighting, 2 Pack, USB Rechargeable

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With over a decade devoted to smart lighting, LEPOTEC shines as a trailblazer. Our robust design and production teams, along with acclaimed quality and after-sales service, have won the hearts of users. LEPOTEC's motion sensor cabinet light, a testament to our innovation, leads the sales charts in its category—a result of years of dedication and excellence.

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Manufacturer: ‎TOCTA-US

Variants: Silver-warm White Light 12.5inch-54LED, Silver-warm White Light 7.8inch-30LED, Silver-white Light 12.5inch-54LED, Silver-white Light 7.8inch-30LED

Dimensions: 12.5"D x 1.6"W x 0.4"H

Weight: ‎13.4 ounces

Style: Modern


Color: Silver-white Light

Product Dimensions: 12.5"D x 1.6"W x 0.4"H

Special Feature: Motion Sensor, Cordless, Rechargeable, Energy Efficient

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4out of 5

28395 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I've had these lights since August of 2023 and all of them are still working and are amazing. I use them for the pantry, staircases, linen closets, and bathrooms. Easy recharge and placement, the double sided tape they come with and the metal stick they come with are great. The metal stick is very pliable so you have to be a little careful to not bend them to much. However the pliability is great because you can bend the metal to allow for easy removal of the light as the magnet is very strong. We bent the pantry one with just part of the double sided tape to allow everyone an easy grasp and pull to remove the light when it needs recharging. The sensor is very good at picking up motion and stays on almost the perfect amount of time as our master bedroom is on the third floor and kitchen on the second, so going down to grab something briefly and then heading back up the stairs at night is very easy as the lights stay on just long enough. They also pick up movement very easily as we have one in the middle of our staircase and a smaller one of a different product at the top. By the time you have taken a few steps these lights will click on which light up the entire staircase, making it very easy to navigate. Recharging is very easy and will show red when you plug it in and green when it's done. We have a multi USB charger and each package comes with a USB plug so we can charge multiple lights at once if needed. However we often only have to charge one at a time and it does so quickly. We don't often mess with the control switch as we leave them on motion setting. They work well even at dusk and dawn, the only time they are turned off is during charging. I highly recommend these.
November 11, 2023
5out of 5
The previous owners of our house had to do a lot of work on it to sell it. It was built in 1960. They went as cheap as they could. They had to redo the ceilings and just covered over some of the light fixtures. I’ve gone 7 years without a light over my kitchen sink. These are great. We put one on each side of the window. The magnets hold them well. They are very light weight. It’s so nice to be able to recharge them. They aren’t as bright as a proper fixture would be but they are pretty good. They don’t make any noise. The sensors are really good. I’m very happy with them.
5out of 5
I bought these lights without any real idea what I would use them for. I put one in my coat closet since there isn't a light in there and it works fine. I have been needing a light for my computer keyboard and realized this was the perfect solution. I have a computer desk with a pull out keyboard drawer and I installed the other light in the pack on the shelf facing down onto my keyboard. Prior to this, I was unable to see it because the monitor is so bright that the keyboard was impossible to see when I looked down. Now I am able to make the transition with ease! The lights are small enough and flat enough that they fit this area perfectly without interfering with the drawer or the keyboard when I pull it out to use. Can't believe I had this in the box for about a year before I realized I already had exactly what I needed!
November 13, 2023
4out of 5
Ordered three sets of these lights for under the counter after recommendation from a neighbor (2 lights per box). Each box comes with two short usb-c cords to use for charging, but no charger. Quick to charge and lasts at least a month on motion sensor setting. However, one light must have a faulty switch as it constantly flickers on and off even in the off position until battery is spent. Other 5 lights are working fine so far (7/16/23 purchase date). Have reached out to manufacturer for help and will update the review based on their customer service.
4out of 5
These bright under counter lights have the auto-on with motion feature that is great for early mornings when you zombie walk into the kitchen to make coffee, and the overhead is just too intense. I highly recommend these. They fit under my cabinets perfectly, and have the tape and magnets in the box. They are versatile and you can use them as a flashlight, just pull them off of the magnet and use as a light-stick. FOUR STARS - Only downside is that you must charge them often if they are in a high-use area like the kitchen.
October 30, 2023
5out of 5
They cost 15.00 after tax but the versatility is awesome. Rechargeable with a common s charger cable. Magnetic so you can stick the metal plate provided anywhere. You can grab it from wherever you have and use it like a flashlight. I put mine under the kitchen cabinets set on motion so they turn on every time you get near the cabinet or I’m currently using it in my entertainment center as a flashlight, and since it’s magnetic I’ll walk by the kitchen cabinet and it will pop back in place when I’m done. If it doesn’t light up as you walk by just charge it and BOOM right back in business. Perfect for closets, shelf’s, gun safes, anything you want to light up when you just walk by or open a door and need to see in. It’s onl 1/4 inch thick so even a flat shelf won’t be noticeable. Dead when you open? Pop it of a charge it like you cell phone. Motion detector is awesome. 180 degree turns on. The only issue I have is my pets set it off as well. Oh well..I just charge it every few days. Pop it off..boom
November 25, 2023
5out of 5
This light does what it is supposed to do! I chose it because of the thin minimalist design. Easy to install, super quick charge upon arrival. After reading a few 'so-so' reviews, things to consider: * Charge only w/ the enclosed USB-C charger NOT your everyday phone charger. * REMOVE the blue plastic on the magnet mounts prior to installing. * Make sure you find the STONGEST magnetic bracket spot on the back (easy to find..they 'jump' to the ideal spot). * There is only ONE brightness setting, no dimmer like other under-the-cabinets, so pay attention to which one you comes in WHITE & WARM WHITE. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase. Because there are 2/package, it will be fun finding location #2!