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Cap Gun Bottle Opener - Launcher Shooter
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Cap Gun Bottle Opener - Launcher Shooter

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Unleash the excitement with the RADIXIUM Cap Gun Bottle Opener, a 4-pack launcher shooter that's more than just a beer opener. Perfect for enhancing drinking games, family parties, bar events, or outdoor barbecues, this product is available in an eye-catching color 4. With RADIXIUM, you get a unique blend of practicality and fun, making your gatherings more memorable. Optimize your beverage opening experience with this innovative and entertaining tool.

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Manufacturer: RADIXIUM

Variants: Red 1, blakc 1, color 2, color 4, WORD 4

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Color: color


Is Customizable: No

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4out of 5

5 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
Ok let's not kid ourselves, this is a toy for adults with the purpose of opening your bottled beer. And with that in mind this toy matches my lack of maturity with one consumes beer. It's the perfect toy to share with your adult friends when you are at your tailgate, your day on the beach, or just hanging out in the garage with your buds (or bud(s) light :-P. These guys open capped bottles with no issue and then the fun starts. The cap guns first need to be cocked if you plan on shooting your friend with the bottle cap. I have accidently forgotten to do this step before opening my beer but it's easy to correct that action and then use the spent bottle cap to shoot your buddy or some object. The gun basically works but first cocking the gun with the lever at the top of the gun. Once cocked, open a beer. The gun has two small magnets that holds the bottle cap in place for you to then pull the trigger and catapult the bottle cap towards your target. Keep in mind targets will need to be in close range because these guns aren't that powerful and that's probably a good thing. This is meant to be fun without causing injury. And if you using this with beer, shenanigans usually follow so, this helps keep injury at bay. Is it worth buying? Even though I got to review this product for free I would definitely buy this at the $12 price (price at this writing) and bring it along with me to my next gathering with friends. Enjoy!!
Very fun to have around the kitchen for spontaneous bottle cap fights. The magnets to hold the cap inside are a plus. It may jam a bit depending on if the cap got bent when trying to open but its easy enough to bend back to place or rotate a bit to get it to fire. They dont go as far as I hoped but still fun around the kitchen and living room.
November 26, 2023
5out of 5
Fun gift/ stocking stuffer to get your friends. Opens bottles super well and shoots about 10-15 feet each time. Sometimes will curve to the right a bit but still fun to use. Have held up well so far and one has only maybe jammed once or twice which was expected. Decent value, and I'm happy with this purchase.
4out of 5
These are great, small gag gifts. A pack of 4 makes them roughly $3 each, which is about as much as I'd feel they are worth. It's kitchy item that is perfect as a house warming gift for someone with a back porch or patio area. They really don't shoot that far, but they're fun and silly for a group of good friends.
5out of 5
The RADIXIUM Cap Gun Bottle Opener brings a playful and entertaining twist to opening your favorite beverages. This creative beer opener is designed as a miniature launcher shooter, adding an element of fun to your drinking experience. With a set of 4 in each pack, it's perfect for family parties, barbecues, or outdoor gatherings. Shoot the cap off your drink in a unique and amusing way. The combination of functionality and amusement makes this bottle opener a great addition to your bar accessories, providing laughter and excitement during your drinking games or casual get-togethers. Cheers to a bottle-opening experience like no other!