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Home & OfficeKitchen & Dining2 pack simple houseware stackable beverage soda can dispenser organizer rack white standard white
2 Pack - Simple Houseware Stackable Beverage Soda Can Dispenser Organizer Rack, White Standard White
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2 Pack - Simple Houseware Stackable Beverage Soda Can Dispenser Organizer Rack, White Standard White

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Motivated with a passion to constantly improve your quality of indoor living, the Simple Houseware family has formulated simplicity into their products resulting in beautiful works of art. Your living spaces should be enjoyed and not cluttered up with messes. At Simple Houseware, we understand functional organization coupled with minimalistic beauty without the far reaching costs. Value at its core is part of our design philosophy.

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Manufacturer: Simple Houseware

Variants: Standard Bronze, Standard Silver, Standard Chrome, Tall Can Chrome, Standard White

Dimensions: 17.5"D x 5.8"W x 8.5"H

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Material: Metal

Color: White

Special Feature: Front Loading

Product Dimensions: 17.5"D x 5.8"W x 8.5"H

Shelf Type: Tiered Shelf

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4out of 5

31874 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 17, 2023
5out of 5
They were easy to put together and still going strong since day one! I'm buying more to fill the entire bottom if the second fridge.
November 26, 2023
5out of 5
Perfect size for a box of soda. Easy to align, easy to clean.
October 21, 2023
5out of 5
We have these in our garage to hold pop cans the quality of the racks are good. I have them stacked on top of each other and it works well like that. I recommend them.
November 15, 2023
5out of 5
Easy to assemble
November 18, 2023
5out of 5
I have ordered this item twice, so that tells you I think it's worthwhile. I was able to assemble easily, altho' had to look at the finished photo on the package to understand what went where. I'm not exceptionally gifted with following diagrams, but I put these together in about 5 min. I did have to use a little muscle to get the final peg into the slot, but it wasn't difficult at all. In my pics you'll see I have a few cans on top of the top row; those are the first to use, then we'll use the system as designed. One tip I want to share: As I loaded the black beans, I had a few pull top lids. I felt uncertain about letting those sit on their sides so did a little research. I found a European-based article online suggesting that pull top lids shouldn't sit on their sides for long-term storage because the seal isn't as strong as a solid metal can/lid. Do your own research. In a pantry where you're using the items within a short time, I wouldn't see it as an issue. But if you're into long-term storage, you might want to rethink storing flip top cans on their sides. I opted to keep the flip tops separate even though it's for daily menus. I like these racks. Fyi if you're storing the cans in a flat row one or even 2 cans high, you use the same amount of shelf space with the dispenser. So this isn't really a space saving thing. I say this based on experience and research.
4out of 5
For the most part it works amazingly well. Except for one time when I loaded it up too fast and the little metal nubs that stick out on the upper back of the rack poked a hole in a can, causing a huge mess. The manufacturer should grind those 2 metal rods down or add a rubber piece so it's not so sharp.
5out of 5
The Simple Houseware Stackable Beverage Soda Can Dispenser Organizer Rack 2 Pack has been a wonderful purchase, and I'm happy to give it my recommendation. This wonderful rack has become an indispensable part of my kitchen, as it provides a convenient and space-saving way to store and retrieve my canned drinks. The Simple Houseware Can Dispenser Organizer Rack's stackable design is its most innovative feature. With this setup, you can keep your canned drinks neatly out of the way without giving up valuable counter or shelf real estate. Those who are working with a small amount of storage space will benefit greatly from this. This organizer is fantastic for how well-organized and easy-to-use it is. Because cans can be stacked both horizontally and vertically, a large quantity of drinks can be kept in a relatively small space. This arrangement keeps your canned beverages tidy, in plain sight, and within easy reach. The organizer's neutral white hue makes it a good fit for a wide range of kitchen designs. It is unobtrusive in its arrangement while complementing a variety of decor styles. The organizer adds to the aesthetic value of your kitchen thanks to its minimalist design. The Simple Houseware Can Dispenser Organizer Rack will serve you well for many years to come thanks to its sturdy build. The organizer will continue to be a reliable storage option over time because to the durable materials that can handle repeated use and the weight of several cans. There are no special tools or complex assembly required for the installation process. The organizer requires no effort to set up, so you can start using it nearly immediately. If you have a lot of canned drinks that you need to keep organized, the pack of 2 organizers is a great choice. The second organizer gives you even more options for storage because it may be utilized in a different part of the kitchen or even in a different room. Keep in mind that the organizer's size may prevent it from fitting any larger or nonstandard beverage cans. Standard soda and beverage cans fit securely, but cans with a greater diameter may not. Finally, the Simple Houseware Stackable Beverage Glasses, 2-Pack is a A Soda Can Dispenser Organizer Rack is a neat and convenient way to keep your soda and other canned drinks in order. It's a great kitchen organizer because it can be stacked, can be used in several orientations, is neutral white, is long-lasting, and is simple to set up. While it may not work with taller or wider cans, this rack will help you keep your drinks neatly shelved and within easy reach. If you want to make the most of your cabinet space and keep your kitchen appearing neat and tidy, the Simple Houseware Can Dispenser Organizer Rack is a must-have.
Very good for the skinny cans. What about the Coors Light cans that are between sizes of regular and skinny can dispensers? It would be great if the supplier would make a kit for these cans to enlarge the regular can holders to be able to dispense Coors Light.