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Nanoleaf Canvas - WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED
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Nanoleaf Canvas - WiFi Smart RGB 16M+ Color LED

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Experience the future of smart home technology with the Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB LED Wall Lights Starter Kit. This kit, perfect for gaming and home decor, offers over 16 million dimmable color options to transform your space. As a leading innovator in the IoT industry, Nanoleaf is revolutionizing home experiences with smart solutions designed for complete personalization. Each product, including this 9-panel starter kit, is a testament to Nanoleaf's commitment to creating 'Smarter by Design' experiences. Upgrade your home with the Nanoleaf Canvas WiFi Smart RGB LED Wall Lights Starter Kit and step into a new era of smart home technology.

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Manufacturer: ‎Nanoleaf

Dimensions: ‎10 x 7 x 5 inches

Weight: ‎4.07 pounds

Color: Multicolor

Brand: Nanoleaf

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Special Feature: Dimmable, Color Changing

Light Source Type: LED

Power Source: Corded Electric

Light Color: Multicolor, RGBW

Theme: Abstract

Occasion: Christmas

Style: Modern

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4out of 5

565 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I really like this product. The cost is much higher than alternatives but the functionality is worth the cost for me. Looks way better than just a standard led strip. It looks better, is thinner, great easy app functionality, bright, and is easy to install. Now for the downsides. There should be a warning in the box saying that you need the code on the back of the control square. I had to pull mine from the wall to get at it after I installed them. The three ways to set it up seem easy enough with NFC, scanning a QR code, or doing it manually. The downside is it took hours to get the nanoleafs to sync with my wifi/ phone and some other people seem to have this issue. On my current phone I hear the nfc connection sound but it didn't do anything. Every time I tried to connect no matter which way I attempted it would just get stuck trying to connect. In order to get it connected I had to use my old Pixel phone and then just log into my account on my current phone (OnePlus 6T). No issues once paired and idk what was keeping it from pairing on my current phone. But the connecting issues were more than I expected for a $200 product. Even with all those issues I still think this product is worth it and would recommend it to other people.
October 07, 2023
4out of 5
These are Great Wall deco lights, however the the connections are really brittle and I broke two while installing. The connections are pricy because you have to buy they in a pack of ten or so.
April 16, 2021
5out of 5
The media could not be loaded. I got these back in 2019. And at first they were working fine and amazing. But then just recently they stopped working so o removed from the app and wanted to reconnect them again, but they don't seem to work again. all the buttons flash together white color for a second then cycle through the buttons white light flashing then the power button goes on for 5 times with blue colour and then it repeats. I tried doing both soft and hard reset woth no luck getting them to connect to my phone. I even tried connecting then directing to the Google home app but no success such a waste of money really. I really was hyped up about these and was so excited to want to fill the wall above my bed with them but after it began to glitch and doesn't work anymore thank God I didn't waste any money on these. Edit: I emailed customer service on and they were so friendly they offered to replace it for me and it works fine now.
5out of 5
As a young individual trying to personalize my space, these lights are fantastic. I own the original nano leaf lights, the triangular ones, and these are not necessarily an upgrade, but they offer some good features. The triangular lights are bigger and, in my opinion, much brighter. Nonetheless, both models are vibrant and have good customization. The app works well on iOS, but it may be a little challenging while using Android. Some of the challenges were trying to download more scenes and upgrading the lights' firmware; at some point, the app would not be able to download those, and it had nothing to do with memory. Other than that, there were no problems installing the lights on my wall as well as connecting the lights to my google home system. Overall I would recommend them. But have in mind these are not something that everyone needs since there are some other options out there for customizing a space with colorful lights.
4out of 5
Really the nanoleaf canvas has been good lighting fun for the money. We've used as a headboard in an RV and it really makes an impact. The downside, is the app has always been a bit, well secondary and not so useful (as we have it integrated into Google, Home Assistant, and HomeKit). Recently the controller on my first purchase died. Customer support seemed willing to assist nonetheless, but submitting a 2+ minute video when my controller wouldn't even turn on seemed like a waste of time, so I purchased another start panel kit - I like it enough to add more over waiting for some support.
The media could not be loaded. Note: My video & picture also include one expansion pack. Cons: 1) The control module has broken twice - once was within the 30 day return period (it was returned & replaced), and the 2nd module was replaced under warranty. Nanoleaf's Customer Service group was easy to work with, FYI. Hopefully, I don't have any more issues with it or I'm out of replacement options! 2) For what you get, the price tag is on the high side. 3) The included sticky pads to attach to the wall didn't work well and pieces started falling off within 12 hours. But, I replaced them with the same size Command Strip and it worked great. 4) It comes with several "games" and functions such as being able to touch it and each individual unit will change colors as you move your hand across. These seemed cool at first, but the fun wore off within a couple of days and it feels more gimmicky than useful. 5) I wish there was a better way to hide the power cord, as it looks ugly. My husband will be running it through the wall to hide it later. He said the included cord isn't safe to run directly inside a wall, but I'm not sure myself what you need to do - just consult an electrician or someone who is knowledgeable about that if you're going to do that. (Edit: He put the wire inside electrical conduit where it went inside the wall to keep it safe - something you can pick up at most hardware stores & probably even here on Amazon.) Pros: The light is very pretty! You can set it to be one color (I sometimes turn it all white to read in the dark), set it to stay as a particular pattern, or have it change in a few different methods. In my video I have it set to react to music and this can be very relaxing (as in my example. To louder music it can also have a somewhat club vibe to it. Just don't expect anything close to DJ lights or an actual club venue! Overall - it wasn't everything I was expecting, is expensive, and I'm really concerned about the build quality of the control unit. But, I like it and am still glad I got it!