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KAFAHOM Power Tool Organizer, 8-Drill Holder, 6-Layer Heavy Duty Storage Rack
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KAFAHOM Power Tool Organizer, 8-Drill Holder, 6-Layer Heavy Duty Storage Rack

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Introducing the KAFAHOM Power Tool Organizer, a must-have for every garage. This 8 Drill Holder Wall Mount is not just a storage rack, it's a game-changer. With its 6 Layer Heavy Duty Metal construction, it promises lifetime use. It's not just a tool shelf, it's a large utility organizer designed for your cordless drill and other power tools. This Garage Wall Organizer is available in a sleek black color, perfect for any garage decor. We're not your ordinary storage rack company; we're a force to be reckoned with when it comes to designing functional and efficient storage options. Optimize your garage space with our KAFAHOM Power Tool Organizer.

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Manufacturer: ‎KAFAHOM

Variants: new 2 pack Black, new 1 pack Black-1 Pack, 8 Drill Holders Black-8 Drill Holders

Dimensions: 8.66"D x 16.7"W x 33.1"H

Weight: ‎14.3 pounds

Material: Carbon Steel

Color: Black-8 Drill Holders

Special Feature: Portrait, 8 electric drill positions, 6 layer

Product Dimensions: 8.66"D x 16.7"W x 33.1"H

Shelf Type: Floating Shelf

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4out of 5

265 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Overall it’s what I expected from the Lowest Bidder… The instructions are just pictures and they were for the wrong version of this product. I figured it out by using the photo on the Amazon page. 😳 One of the screw holes was stripped but I rethreaded it. (If you’re buying this then you should know how to use tools!!! 😂) Overall, it’s what I expected. Not the worst, Not the best, but it does the job.
5out of 5
First of all, I am picky. These racks, while not the easiest to assemble, are not hard, either. Once put together, they are very sturdy and able to hold battery powered drills, etc. I like how they put the upright brackets on 16" centers as I was able to hit studs to insure they would not fall off the wall. Once I assembled the unit and hung them on the wall, I put my drills on the lower racks and then wondered what to do with the other shelves. How about gloves. Or drill bits. Or small containers with screws and hardware. It didn't take long, and I had it pretty full. Probably the thing I don't think works that well are the side brackets. One is obviously made for screwdrivers and mine don't hang right in them- I have no idea why. The other bracket is made for something that I haven't used. Having experienced them, (I bought two), I would certainly buy them again.
4out of 5
I love this organizer makes my tools available and easy to use of course. The construction of this item is fairly strong but cheep at the same time. It will surely do the job of what I’m asking it. Really knocked it down to 4 stars for the garbage instructions.
3out of 5
Do not ignore the instructions provided. Reason?! The instruction clearly mentioning that you should ASSEMBLE the unit first and then you mount. Even though I read it, I decided to install the frames for obvious reasons (mostly that I don't have hold the entire weight while screwing - and another major reason - which I'll explain later. But I paid a big price for it. What you should do ? 1. ASSEMBLE THE UNIT AHEAD OF INSTALLATION. Because NONE of these shelves that are attached to the frames are in exact size. Each one came of its own size. Some are a little short and some are way long. Because I chose to install the frames first, it was really - really hard for me to install these non-standard shelves on already mounted frames. For the shorter ones - I had to bang those screws wide to get into the slots - and for the wider I also had to bang the top to get in. But these tricks worked for everything except one - which was way longer than any. So I had to completely take them apart and drill another hole (see the pictures) - which you can see how OFF the size was. 2. Mark the holes' location and drill them first - then mount. Because I tried to mount the frames, I actually - drill the first hole and screw it. This was easy for the first hole. But then, because the depth of shelves are very narrow to a normal size drill / driver - it would VERY HARD to drill them for later ones. It was a little late for me at that point - so it took me a very long time to complete the drilling part itself. 3. Try to use a shorter screw driver / drill driver. As I mentioned above, the depth isn't enough for any drill driver I have to accommodate - so almost every screw went in an angle. Overall - the product serves it purpose and looks decent - but installation and the overall quality (the measurements) are put me off to bump up the stars to 4 or 5.
5out of 5
Easy to assemble for your configuration, works as it should or maybe even better. At first glance I thought to small for all of it but with a small bungee cord across the openings it holds all the tools in place. Looks great and adds a lot of options. Installing was super easy with screws and it screws right in to the studs at correct spacing and holds a ton of weight. I made a bracket and attached a charger to the outside for ease of charging and storing batteries. The shelf comes with some hand tool brackets that can be added but I didn’t use them. I did save in case I change my mind and find a need for them. The unit is super sturdy when screwed in to wall studs or using correct kind of anchors for mounting it.
October 27, 2023
5out of 5
Bought it for my brother in law to organize his ryobi tools he loved it. It is very sturdy
October 22, 2023
5out of 5
They fit where I wanted them to and hold a lot of the tools I needed to store. Do exactly what I wanted and I am happy with them.
I like the way I am able to hang my tools. It makes things easier to find