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Extension Cord Holder Organizer - 4 Pack L
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Extension Cord Holder Organizer - 4 Pack L

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Discover the ZTSXLLIM Extension Cord Holder Organizer, available in a pack of 4. Ideal for garage organization and storage, these 16-inch heavy-duty storage straps are perfect for managing extension cords up to 100ft. Enhance your workspace with our durable and efficient cord hangers.

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Manufacturer: ‎ZTSXLLIM

Weight: ‎3.84 ounces

Material: Nylon

Color: Black


Item Length: 16 Inches

Style: Garden

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3516 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I was looking for some really good Velcro items to use with organizing my garage. I had even considered purchasing a roll of Velcro and making my own organizers. Then I saw these ZTSXLLIM Extension Cord Holder Organizer on Amazon. I am really pleased with the size and quality. I love the Grommet because it helps with the storage capabilities and improves the usage possibilities.
5out of 5
These extension cord holders are exactly as described and then some. I have a 100ft outdoor extension cord which has been taking up half my garage cabinet. I did not think these would have enough room to fit this cord however pleasantly to my surprise it holds and has extra room. Pros: Velco is sturdy and holds together with a decent amount of weight. The carabiner clip allows me to hang these holders from a variety of things without hesitation. It is extremely sturdy and hardy. Cons: None.
November 12, 2023
4out of 5
simple device. works well.
I recently purchased these heavy-duty storage straps and they are incredible versatility. They can easily bundle extension cords up to100ft or garden hoses up to 35ft, making them indispensable for anyone dealing with lengthy cords or hoses. They really help keep my garage clutter-free. The durability of these storage straps is impressive. I believe they will out last the cords that they will hold and withstand heavy everyday use. These have exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and quality. If you're looking for an efficient and durable solution for your garage organization needs, these are definitely worth considering. Say goodbye to messy cords and hoses – these will transform your space and make your life a whole lot easier.
5out of 5
I got a set of these to be able to hang some extra wire I had, and a couple of extension cords. They work just fine. Once you wrap the strap around and tighten, the Velcro parts lock in place. These straps get things hung and out of the way. I actually need to get another set... Inexpensive and very handy.
I found this cord and air hose hanger to be up to any job. The holding power was excellent as use of Velcro was very generous as was the lengths of the straps. Rather than using a metallic locking clip t manufacturer used what appears to the a powerful polymer hook with a stainless-steel bail. Well executed at an extraordinary price point.
November 22, 2023
5out of 5
Love these! I helped my elderly parents go through their garage and purge, organize and clean it for safety reasons. These were a huge help; they provide a reusable organizational element that zip ties don’t, they are strong, and have SO many uses! I ended up using many more than I anticipated thanks to s hooks BUT you really don’t have to use a hooks with them I just chose to for ease.
November 23, 2023
5out of 5
This works great to keep cords in place and hang them up. Now a 100' cord or hose would be to much for this strap, but a 25' cord or less or maybe a 10' hose would be about as much as I would use this for. Works fine for what I needed it for