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Dyson Hot+Cool™ AM09 Jet Focus heater and fan
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Dyson Hot+Cool™ AM09 Jet Focus heater and fan

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Experience the Dyson Hot+Cool™ AM09 Jet Focus heater and fan in a sleek White/Silver finish. This AM09 model is designed to provide rapid, focused heating and cooling using advanced Air Multiplier™ technology. It amplifies the surrounding air for a continuous stream of smooth, comfortable airflow. Whether you need effective heating in winter or personal cooling in summer, the Dyson Hot+Cool™ AM09 is your all-year-round solution. Note: Maximum setting tested for heating performance in a 35m³ room.

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Manufacturer: Dyson

Variants: AM09 Black/Nickel, AM09 White/Silver

Dimensions: 8.03"D x 6.02"W x 23.4"H

Weight: 5.91 pounds

Brand: Dyson

Special Feature: Remote Controlled

Color: White/Silver

Form Factor: Tower

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

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1266 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 18, 2023
5out of 5
Quiet fan Pro's...quiet, looks nice, remote feature is a magnet to the fan, rotates, has several speeds, heat works good (nice warm air) Con's...wish it blew a little colder
1out of 5
1 “new,” white fan arrived with a giant, deep scratch in the plastic. The other “new” fan arrived with an error that won’t reset. Very disappointed. The “new” black one I ordered worked well and is in good condition
November 30, 2023
5out of 5
I don’t write reviews often but for this I have to. Upper Midwest Cold office above garage (3+ car) so pretty big area therefore hard to heat. I turned this on shut the door let it run when I return home office was warm and toasty! Just like anything, I think the optimal way for my house will be to run it day and night to stay ahead of the below zero temps that bring the temp down. Not concerned about the safely, the unit isn’t hot and has safety features included. Wish I would have purchased it a long time ago!
I bought this model in 2017 for our master bedroom. I wanted a quality fan that could heat and not run up the electric bill. After researching, I chose to spend a bit of extra money on the Dyson AM09. Our master bedroom sits right above the garage and during the winter, can be a little bit cooler that the rest of the house. After plugging the AM09 in, I had no problem figuring out how to use the heat. The cool fan button is blue and the heat is red on the remote. There is a temperature display on the front that lights up nicely and is easy to read both in daylight and darkness. We set the temperature at 70° and the fan runs all night. Great thing about this fan is it runs heat for a while and then cuts off the heat, so it's not continuously on. When the heat cuts off, the fan continues to run at the lowest speed setting barely creating a breeze. Once the heat kicks back on, fan speed increases back up to the level you set it at. There are 10 speed settings. This fan runs very quietly, so if you do not like a noisy fan, you might want to consider this one. This fan is not designed for large master bedrooms. It does take a little while for our room to heat up to 70¯. Our master is 16X18. We've run three winters with this model. No problems at report. Also, unlike some cheaper heater/fans, the housing surrounding the heating element has not warped or been damaged. The housing unit when the heat is on is not hot, unlike other companies heater/fans. So we just bought another AM09 a few weeks ago for my daughter. She loves it, we love ours, and I would recommend this model if you have the extra cash to spend.
May 23, 2023
4out of 5
It’s works really great kept us very warm during the winter and, it was our only heater. Cooling works very well too. But it does tend to pick up a lot of dust and I did have to get it repaired once.
I noticed that my current roommate keeps the temperatures a little out of my ideal zone (Sometimes it's a bit too cold or a bit too hot for me). The Dyson Fan Heater solved that problem easily! When my room gets cold at night, I just turn it on, and within minutes my entire room becomes warm again! Like wise, the fan portion works as expected, which can really help in the 110 degree Las Vegas summers. The different settings for timers, and diffused vs. direct cooling/heating work even better then I thought. Sometimes it feels really good to just sit in the fans way, and other times you just want it to cool/heat your whole room asap, and these functions really help with that. The big question is what makes this product worth paying such a price premium vs. a fan & space heater. First, is the size. This unit is absolutely tiny for what it can output. Also, since it does both heating and cooling you don't need to have 2 different products. Additionally, the Dyson is safe. Watching all the fires started by space heaters, I feel a lot more comfortable with this unit,esp. since Dyson is such a reliable/trusted brand. If you have small children, the lack of blades can be a big plus too! Last, and maybe the most shallow, this unit is beautiful to keep on your counter/desk/stand. It has almost a futuristic appearance, and I've been asked more then a few times what it is. I was really worried that I would be wasting my money, but it was worth every penny! If you can afford it, and you want both a heater and a fan, this is the product for you!
This is a pricey product, but worth it. I need cooling in the summer AND winter during the night, for sleeping. I need heating in the winter sometimes during the day. I use it in my good size master bedroom. This unit is great because it is small and does both heat and cool. I haven't used my unit much yet, but I have a hair stylist who has one in her shop. It is very effective in cooling things down or heating things up. It's hard to explain, but the cooling and heating is subtle, but effective.
It heats and cools. I love the timer so I can set it and leave knowing it will automatically turn off. Good product, nice design with no blades to get dirty. The only down side is the price. Its a great product, but not sure it's worth the price.