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Disney Star Wars May the Force Be With You Rebel Alliance Hanging Wood Wall Decor
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Disney Star Wars May the Force Be With You Rebel Alliance Hanging Wood Wall Decor

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Disney's Star Wars 'May the Force Be With You' Rebel Alliance Wooden Wall Decor - Iconic Black/Red Rebel Alliance Symbol for Home Decoration

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4out of 5

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Manufacturer: Open Road Brands

Variants: Blue/Black, White/Green, Cream/Black, White, Black, Black/Red, Tan/Green, Teal, Black/Gold, Green, Black/Blue, Gray, Black/Gray, Black/White, Cream, Gray/Green, Green/White, Red

Dimensions: 8.25 x 0.25 x 5.5 inches

Weight: 4.4 ounces

color: Black/Red

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4out of 5

122 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

February 21, 2022
5out of 5
My son gave this to me as a gift. He wanted me to put it in my classroom for all my students.. I and they love it.
5out of 5
My son wanted a sign on his room door… this goes perfect with his Star Wars themed room. It’s sturdy and thicker than I expected. I do wish it was bigger in size!
March 21, 2021
5out of 5
My daughter loved this. She has it hanging in her college dorm room.
August 22, 2023
5out of 5
Couldn’t be happier with this sign, it looks great from afar and up close. It would be nice to see these offered in a bigger size at some point
My son loves Star Wars and this decor fits with his style. Its well made and works on a door handle or hung on the wall. Its cute and not over the top. Perfect for your little Storm Trooper.
March 19, 2022
5out of 5
Bought this for redoing my son's bedroom. It's cute. Printing is good quality and the sign seems well made. Love the double sided design. He's had fun switching to what side he wants.
April 20, 2023
5out of 5
It’s a very cute sign, it’s small but you can read it and it is durable.
July 30, 2023
5out of 5
Loved the images and sturdiness