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Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit
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Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit

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With the Mr. Root Beer Kit you will be able to produce 2 gallons of delicious old-fashioned root beer in as little as 3 days! It is easy to use and fun for the whole family. Since Mr. Root Beer is naturally carbonated it will give you less fizz and more of a smoother creamier root beer taste. This kit will included everything you need to make 2 gallons of root beer in no time at all.

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Manufacturer: Mr. Root Beer

Dimensions: 14 x 12.5 x 14.5 inches

Weight: 1.17 pounds

Brand: Mr. Root Beer

Item Form: Liquid

Age Range (Description): Adult

Package Information: Bottle

Unit Count: 1.00

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1434 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
did it as a kid and thought it was fun, see what the next generation thinks. and these kits are all inclusive with the items you need unlike when we had to scrounge around to find bottles and a bottle capper and caps etc.
August 28, 2022
4out of 5
This kit was easy to use and had my son and a friend in the kitchen instead of playing videogames for the better part of an hour. The root beer was actually tasty and was ready pretty quickly, just a few days I believe. There's enough to make two batches and made a great gift for my 10 year old.
My kids have watched me put a toe in the home brew waters and wanted to get in on the fun, so I ordered Mr. Root Beer's home root beer making kit. Not only did this give us a great afternoon activity on a rainy day, we're still enjoying the fruits of our modest labors. This "home brew" kit is easy to use because Mr. Root Beer has done all the hard work by creating terrific user-friendly ingredients for you. The extract, flavor crystals, and yeast are all included, and the only other ingredients are water, white sugar and brown sugar. But Mr. Root Beer's ingredients are the keys, and as soon as you open the extract your house will smell like sweet root beer. You receive enough ingredients that you can make two batches, so measure carefully with your first batch. The kit also includes four plastic bottles, bottle-caps specially designed to accommodate the carbonating process, and labels for the bottles. The bottles and caps are reusable, so do not throw them away. The kit also includes some no-rinse cleaner, which is very user-friendly. A funnel is also included and highly recommended. Little advance prep is required. Just make sure you have all the ingredients you need, get a big mixing bowl and create a cleaning solution. You'll need a one-gallon milk jug as well (cleaned with the cleaning solution). And then you're off to the races with some quick combining of ingredients, mixing, and rationing out to your bottles, which you then fill with clean tap water. Cap and let sit for at least 24 hours - you can check on the yeast's progress by squeezing the plastic bottles. Once they are firm to the squeeze, your root beer is ready to drink. Clean up took about five minutes. My kids are root beer snobs, and they pronounced this product excellent, both for drinking and for floats. Highly recommended.
5out of 5
Got this kit for the first time earlier this week. That evening I opened it and got together everything I needed to mix it. Sanitized everything. Got things gathered to mex. Did so, no problem. An easy mix. Added the yeast. mixed it up well in the gallon jug I was using. Then did the pour into the jugs. Capped them. The caps are interesting. I like the small inserts that allow excess pressure to get out of the bottle. Anyway, the next morning when I checked the jugs, one of them was almost hard. So figured it had gotten more of the yeast so I put it in the fridge. The other jugs were still soft. That afternoon, just on a whim, I checked the bottles again and found another one that looked ready so I put it in the fridge as well. The last two bottles were still soft. That evening the last bottles were hard and I put them in the fridge. Next day, as I had waiting, anxiously I admit, for the first bottle to be refridgerated for a full day, I opened it up and my son and I shared it. I liked it. The carbonation was fine for me and the flavor was fantastic. Reminded me of the old fashioned root beer I used to buy many years ago. My son liked the taste, but prefered more carbonation. So since we had a soda maker gadget that did its own carbonation, we poured the rest of this rootbeer into one of its bottles and hooked it up and gave it some extra carbonation. Worked good. Just had to be careful not to get overly anxious to unhook it. Let it sit a couple of minutes and then poped it to relieve the pressure and then we shared the root beer result. And it was perfect for my son. Lots of fizz and a nice bite for him. He got a pretty good sugar rush once done. The extra CO2 takes away alot of the surgary taste and gave a real bite. Anyway, this is great. We have been drinking this off and on the last couple of days. Even my wife likes it...without the extra fizzing. As do I. My sons, prefer adding fizz, but I think that is from the age difference. They grew up drinking commercial sodas with alot of fizz. I grew up when getting a soda was a rare treat, and especially a root beer. Only on trips to town. I grew up on a farm. We went to town once a week, on Saturaday. Thats when I either got a soda at the gas station, or got one at the root beer stand in town as a float. So guess this shows my age. Anyway, follow the directions, watch the results closely, and if needed, remove the ones that are ready early and refridgerate them. The tast will be great I am sure. Have already ordered a couple more refill kits so we can have these on hand. And if you like more fizz, if you have one of those soda machines, use it to give your drink more fizz. Just remember to crack it first to relieve the pressure, let it sit another minute, then remove and enjoy. If you have your own keg setup with CO2, you can use the output from your co2 canister and add co2 that way. They have some special connectors available here on amazon just for carbonation of sodas and other drinks that are pretty inexpensive and will work well. I plan on getting them and a 5 pound co2 tank so I can add co2 to this and other things as needed, though as far as I am concerned, this drink has plenty of co2 in it for my taste. But tastes vary.
August 28, 2023
5out of 5
The Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit provided an enjoyable brewing experience. The instructions were straightforward, making it a great project for beginners. The included supplies were well-organized, and the process was engaging. The end result was a tasty root beer with a homemade touch, though the flavor was slightly milder than expected. Overall, it's a fun and creative kit that's perfect for families or anyone looking to try their hand at making their own root beer.
I was skeptical of this home brew root beer kit but found it very easy to make if you following the instructions precisely. Be certain to read the instructions thoroughly prior to starting, especially the part about what you need from your own kitchen. Aside from the typical measuring utensils and a bowl, you will need a gallon sized container. The instructions call for a gallon milk jug which if used, will fill the bottles perfectly. If you use a pitcher with a lid, you risk the chance of not adding enough water which will lead to not completely full bottles of root beer. Although the taste is excellent I don't believe I will be purchasing again. The root beer syrup has the ingredients listed on the back of the package. I'm not too fond of the preservatives and dyes listed but the one that especially stands out of the propylene glycol which is a chemical used in antifreeze and de-icing solutions used on air crafts. Granted this chemical is biodegradable and apparently listed as an approved substance from the FDA, I think I will pass this product up next time around.