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Kitchenin - 5.3 Quart - All Metal Stand Mixer
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Kitchenin - 5.3 Quart - All Metal Stand Mixer

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Experience the power and efficiency of the Kitchenin All Metal Stand Mixer. With a robust 400 Watt DC Motor and 8-Speeds, this 5.3-Quart Tilt-Head Food Mixer in Classic Orange is perfect for all your kitchen needs. Ideal for mixing, kneading, and whipping ingredients into perfection.

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Variants: Light Blue, Classic Orange, Black

Dimensions: 14.9"D x 8.6"W x 14.1"H

Weight: 21.9 pounds

Brand: Kitchenin

Color: Classic Orange

Product Dimensions: 14.9"D x 8.6"W x 14.1"H

Capacity: 5.3 Liters

Controls Type: Knob

Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes

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4out of 5

111 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

March 27, 2023
5out of 5
The first time I saw this mixer, I held off because of the price and it being Christmas. That being said - I also regret not getting it sooner. It's definitely worth purchasing at either price point. My friend and I purchased the same one for the exact same reasons: price, stability, and ability. This mixer is far more quiet than my smaller stand mixer and 2 hand mixers. I made chocolate chip cookies this morning - keeping the mixer on levels 1 and 2 as it beat the butter, all for a sound test. Walked far into the hallway (about 27 feet from the kitchen) and only heard a faint hum/whir. Also the same sound if you're standing right in front of it. There's only one thing that worried me - but it's a learning curve with all stand mixers. The head (part that holds the bowl attachment) does move and wobble a bit of you lift and scoop your mixture into the middle. So, it's best to keep the head lowered and just add ingredients to prevent that. Another minor thing, is that my paddle blade came with a very small scratch in the coating, however none of it flaked off. Overall, I'm very impressed and happy with this mixer. The base is very stable when in use - even on a tiled counter. The plug that's attached is a 3-prong grounding plug unlike my other mixers; the same style of plug a major appliance should have. If you need or want a stand mixer without the outrageous price, this will be perfect for you. It's the perfect beginner's stand mixer.
February 22, 2023
5out of 5
Honestly its pretty great. Im not a professional baker or cook, but its fast, and works well for what i need it to be. The best thing about this is the design and color. It feels like a nice matte steel, and I dont think its ugly like a regular mixer. I store all the accessories in the bowl and just have it in my kitchen. The attachments are also pretty nice and sturdy
5out of 5
It was time to replace our 40+ year old Mixmaster since we were having trouble finding parts the manufacturer doesn't make any more. I wanted something sturdy and reliable but not at a $350 price tag. We got it for $159.99 in 2022 and I see the price has dropped $10. For comparison, the 40+ year old Mixmaster went for $75 when we got it. With dollar devaluation, this mixer is probably cheaper by comparison. This mixer is strong, sturdy, and much quieter than our old Mixmaster. Gets the job done. Large bowl handles almost anything except maybe double batches. Less side scraping of the bowl needed. We don't really use the bowl cover/chute so I can't give any feedback on that. But as far as bang for your buck, this thing rocks. A year in we have zero complaints. My husband bakes quite a lot and very often. Not a week goes by without something baking in our kitchen year round. Often multiple times per week. He even bakes dog biscuits weekly. It's a very well made mixer. Buy it.
September 01, 2023
5out of 5
Build quality is fantastic compared to the two other traditional more plastic style mixers I tried that came broken or broke soon after. All metal and is the first stand mixer I've used that actually feels solid. I've seen some reviews about maybe a potential quality control issue? Some people complaining about not being able to get a refund; which is odd because this is amazon and you can just refund it threw them. Possible bot reviews not sure.
November 22, 2022
5out of 5
This mixer is comparable to a kitchenaid mixer. I have one at home but it wasn’t the color I wanted. I LOVEEE this color! It’s vibrant and brings character to my kitchen. The mixer is very easy to assemble, literally takes less than 10 mins to put everything together! It has different settings for the speed of mixing and it had a timer, so you can literally LEAVE it and prepare other things. I wish I took pictures of the japanese cheesecakes I made with this mixer. If anyone has ever made japanese cheesecake, you’d know the ingredients have to be perfectly and finely blended! Only my kitchenaid has been able to do this, but now I found this mixer can finely mix ingredients too! I am very satisfied with this purchase!
Amended 03Jan'23: Well, yes - I went from 4 to 1 star. Simply - the "head" or motor part was imo, quite loose or loosened quite fast upon first use - and not how it should be. It moved as much as the mixer in the bowl wiggling back and forth. Also, in a medium dough thickness and lowest speed it actually "popped off", powered down like one would expect if got jammed to a full stop instead of powering through and smoking the motor. It was good to see it had that safety feature. However, not with, really, any thickness of dough - it was dough like I was mixing by hand and why I got this. ===================== Initial review as written: - Only just received during this busy gift giving season. As with any kitchen tool for me/us, *durability is what I consider and at what price point was paid. Actually, I would never buy "non-durable" at any lower price. This was a touch higher priced even at this holiday season, potentially lower pricing, anyway. And was slightly lower powered as well at the higher price which leads to my comment below. - As one might expect - I'd need to use it a while, and of course see if any issues came up of any kind. The one specific video review by a user assisted my choice in comparing mixers. My "confusion", so the speak concerned the 400 Watt versus a 500 Watt mixer. No one explains that well and I am aware of ultimately, the torque, and how (as they show - helpfully) a worm-gear functions, (quality of metal - hardness rating, other? - *not specified). - How much wattage/torque could ever be required for this volume, capacity of mixer, if even with the most gooey/stiff dough. The User Manual cautions not to engage dough above a certain speed. In my opinion, I don't know why anyone would use it as warned not to, - so not a problem for me. The mixers control is "intuitive" enough, though not explained "here" - so was almost a hindrance in choosing this mixer. That video helped. However, for me, and for whomever else may use it with me, to set the "Timer" (auto-off, not specified) is not so intuitive. I anticipated it may be convoluted in use since the single use control knob versus a selection of "analog" controls. (I would prefer analog controls and pass on the timer - lots of timers in my kitchen already; don't need more to break on something.) Again, I don't see the "automatic off timer", possibly cumbersome to actually use - as an issue. No one's going to "walk away and do other work" versus "cooking" which involves watching timers and clocks. If I had to set it per a recipe to an exact Minute - I'd deal with it. However - we don't "cook" like that. Moreover, time is one thing, and how well it is mixed at that point can change anyway. However, if it works forever and ever, and never breaks as it is - then, I'm okay with it. This is not a "throw away" level of purchase and expect "Lifetime - Generational" use from it. I had my Mom's, as old as me still working. Again - that single mixer control knob of multiple functions - in my opinion could possibly be a "failure" point, something that could break - it feels to me as light duty; especially in contrast to the rest of it. The rest of it quite obviously appears, feels, seems as - well made, robust, almost Pro-level, Commercial Kitchen quality - even at this size for small batches. However, not that digital switch. If hands are at all coated with "stuff" - may become a cleaning issue. For a home kitchen and pending what else one may be doing - clean your hands prior to operating this. The Manual warns that upon initial use, you will get an "electric" use smell/aroma. Yes, you will - count on it. For me (and I am sensitive to smells, and smell stuff most never do) - it's okay. It will go away if I know machinery and as they comment - not to worry. If it does not go away, I will amend this at the top concerning that. I saw too, in the "Control" access, drive adapter, plug port removed - for exterior tool mounts, it is circulating the internal oil. I'll be looking for leaks. I presume it's food grade oil and etc. Well, I'd hope so. I read about another major brand that has issues with oil leakage and etc. I've never in my life had to open one for oil leaking. If that were a maintenance issue - I'd *not buy it. I don't, didn't. There was only one other brand I considered anyway. We have a number of tools of that brand. If either Brands, as I comment above - had spec'd final tool *torque and "Wattage" ratings - that would have been the only other information that could have swayed me. As I know from other equipment, tools - one could make something as "1000 watts". However, this as a DC, brushless motor and they provide at least a diagram in the product listing - (no specs though!). - I felt they are trying to communicate something, but what? - So, it has a 3 year warranty and I see a comment - let us know if ever a problem. Some companies go above and beyond - so one may always hope, and this brand they seek to apparently be building (?) as competition could be firmed up down the road. I expect it to simply last, and problem free. If not, I will amend this review at the top. I've been on Amazon a good long while. I am hopeful!!