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BODEGA - 24 Inch Dual Zone - Wine and Beverage Refrigerator
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BODEGA - 24 Inch Dual Zone - Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

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Discover the BODEGA 24-Inch Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, a dual-zone cooler equipped with smart APP control and two safety locks. Its soft LED light elegantly illuminates your collection of up to 19 wine bottles and 57 cans. Perfect for built-in or freestanding installation, this BODEGA refrigerator is the ideal solution for your wine and beverage storage needs.

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Variants: 180 cans, 24 inch

Dimensions: 23.1"D x 23.8"W x 34.29"H

Product Dimensions: 23.1"D x 23.8"W x 34.29"H


Capacity: 4.1 Cubic Feet

Configuration: Freezerless

Color: Stainless steel and black

Special Feature: APP控制

Installation Type: Built in and free standing

Number of Doors: 2

Defrost System: Automatic

Voltage: 115 Volts

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4out of 5

305 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I am in love with this product!!! First, big shoutout to package quality, the product arrived in the short two three days after placing the order, I had to go to an unexpected business trip while the parcel arrived, I thought the parcel/product would be impaired sitting outside of my door since at one night the temperature dropped from 50F or so to 15F with icy rains… my heart almost broke. But when I got home, the package stayed INTACT! The refrigerator is tightly positioned and been wrapped with thick foam structures. It worked as if it is not left outside for entire four days! The installation is simple, took only couple minutes. It’s so quiet! I could bearly hear any noise having it in my living room. It cooled entire fridge of beverages within 5-10 min. In old days I’ll have to leave my beer inside freezer 5 min for instant cooldown but this refrigerator can do the same now! I can’t tell how many beers were frozen to ice because of that, to me its a great investment to save some poor beers. The temperature control is effective and durable! The nickel outlook matches with the color scheme of my kitchen appliance, it’s a great addition to the kitchen/living room. I am plannning to insert the beverage refrigerator underneath my kitchen counter this summer. Lastly, big big thanks to the design of having keyed locks on each door! How importantly it is to me to keeping adult drinks safely way from my crazy two year old toddler? Thank you for designing this entire product this is the my most satisfied purchase of the year!!!
March 04, 2023
5out of 5
The media could not be loaded. Absolutely love this beverage refrigerator. We ordered this to be built in with our custom built in snack bar area upstairs in our loft and it looks absolutely stunning. Extremely quality and well made with a higher end look. The temperature gets very cold and chills all the beverages to absolute perfection! After reading a review of the beverages, not getting chilled enough, that was one thing I was worried about and that definitely wasn’t the case with this fridge, the beverage get very chilled. I love the lights and the ability to change them. Our kids absolutely love it as well and it also comes with a safety child lock if needed to use if the kids are taking advantage of the beverages a little too often ;) Just an overall stunning refrigerator and we look forward to using this for years to come.
5out of 5
We were planning to get a mini refrigerator for our office pantry. This one caught my eyes back in January but had not much reviews on the listing, but compared to the price and what it advertised, I decided to give it a try. I was impressed when i received the cooler. Packaging was unbeatable, with the 360 degrees packed with styrofoam and sticked tight with hard cardboard, I don’t think there will be any risk for damaging the cooler while it’s on the way to me. When it comes to installation, it only took us 5 mins to get the handle installed and plugged in, it’s ready to go. Super easy with the clear instructions, no complaints. See attached pictures for the installation instructions Temperature control & noise level At the very first, I just turned it all the way up and wanted to let it run for a day. I checked back in after an hour, it was down to 46 degree, it cool down pretty quick. After a day, we set it at 42 and loaded bottle water, milk, creamer, soda etc all the beverages, it was noisy when it was running to keep the temperature where we set, after about 30 mins, it keeps at 42, and it’s quiet, you won’t be able to hear anything. To me, it’s acceptable noise level when it’s running although it was put in our quiet office environment. Fingerprint resistant - see attached pictures Since it’s a office use cooler, we have 12 people in the office, this is quite important to me, it won’t looks good with 12 people fingerprints on the door Lol. And this cooler does a great job on the fingerprint resistant, would recommend that it anyone have the same concern as me. Storage It’s totally enough for 12 people office use. As you can see the pictures, it fits all the big size beverages on the bottom level, not to mention you can adjust the shelves to create specific space for your needs. We was using it for almost two months now, so far it runs great. I would recommend that if you are looking for a beverages cooler that fits in office pantry. It looks fancy and it does the job quietly.
5out of 5
Dual zone chilling great for soft drinks and wine. iPhone control for temp and lighting (although kind of unnecessary as you can do this in the fridge itself). Fairly quiet but not silent. Just after I bought this I saw it in another store in a nice brass color too. I would have preferred that but the silver is good also.
4out of 5
I primarily drink sparkling wine so I was excited about getting this for my new house. It fit perfectly in the space my carpenter built for it and it’s really nice. I figured I’d ave to remove a rack of two for my bottles to fit, but I could live with that. However, there does not appear to be a way to remove any slide out racks. Even if there were, the bottle STILL won’t fit because they are too long. So, do NOT believe them when they claim champagne bottles will fit. I now have an expensive way to keep my friends’ beer & wine chilled while mine still takes up prime real estate in the fridge. So, if you drink non-sparkling wine, wine coolers, or beer, then this is the fridge for you, but absolutely do not count on any sparkling wine fitting into this fridge.