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AMZ BBQ CLUB - Meat Claws Bbq Grill Accessories Set
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AMZ BBQ CLUB - Meat Claws Bbq Grill Accessories Set

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Discover the ultimate BBQ Grill Accessories Set from AMZ BBQ CLUB. This set includes 2 Silicone Gloves, Meat Claws for effortlessly pulling pork, and a precise BBQ Thermometer. Ideal for smokers, this Grilling Tools Gift Set comes in an eye-catching Orange color for the Glove, Thermometer, and Claw. Perfect for enhancing your grilling experience.

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Manufacturer: AMZ BBQ CLUB

Dimensions: 11.81 x 5.51 x 2.76 inches

Weight: 1.1 Pounds


Material: Aluminum

Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.81 x 5.51 x 2.76 inches

Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds

Handle Material: Metal

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4out of 5

3357 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Good set for the price. The gloves are a bit small. Probably mediums.
5out of 5
nice product. easy cleaning and fairly protective. good with hot food. not so much with hot pans.
5out of 5
I never grilled before, and had just started this summer. So, this set seemed to be what I was looking for, especially something to track the temperature of the meats. Opening the packaging was simple, the products seemed to be of good quality, and sturdy enough to last more than one summer. And they came at a great time: Fourth of July weekend! I was looking forward to using the thermometer the most and was pleasantly surprised. It has an on and off button with a clear display of either Fahrenheit and Celsius - there’s a button to switch between the two - and two other buttons I haven’t gotten’ around to use. The gloves may look a bit sketchy, but I already use a cooking glove of similar material for the oven. Only this doesn’t have fabric-like material inside; it’s all plastic-like material. A bit of a tight fit to get my hands in, though they must be so straight out of the packaging. Seems to be a one size fit all since it felt like it was flexing around my hands. But they worked like a charm. Straight off the grill or out of the oven, I didn’t have to worry about burning my hands like I usually do. The meat shredders - what I originally thought were meat picker uppers - I might not have much need for, unless I need to shred some pulled pork. I might try them out to also pick up meats or flip them on the grill, especially the larger ones, like a slab of ribs or a porterhouse steak. Or even to pull apart ribs. Overall, very happy with the purchase. About $20 for a set of BBQ tools someone might not even know they need, but once they get them, will know they actually needed them to keep everyone’s belly happy during the summer.
Bought for my dad as part of a gift bucket, but the gloves are extremely small. My dad is taller than the average man at 6‘,4“ but the gloves were way too small for a man and less it’s a below average sized gentleman they barely fit me would definitely not recommend for someone of any substantial size. However, the quality was very nice.
I got this grill set so that I could start to take my grilling to the next level. I am a total novice at grilling, and thought, “I need to have the right gear to be good.” Unfortunately, this set did not make me a grill master, but that is my fault not the gloves. On first impression, the gloves were a little disappointing, because they are a little too snug on my hands (I’m 6’1” and have average sized hands, I’m not like Wreck it Ralph or anything), and they are covered in little hearts. However, I found that although they are snug, I was able to easily grip anything I needed including opening the thermometer packaging. While using the gloves I felt zero heat from my bbq, even when the top rack fell off and onto the grill. I loved the easy to read thermometer, because we mostly cook poultry and fish. I am colorblind and cannot tell by color when it is cooked. The display isn’t lighted, but is easy enough to read without the light. The claws actually fit my non-cartoon hands really well and are fantastic for shredding crock-potted beef and chicken for sandwiches and burritos. Bottom line, this is a great product for anyone who wants to grill beginners and experienced alike.
5out of 5
I had always worn a leather garden glove to cook with, These gloves keep the heat at bay. I haven't used the prongs yet, but they seem to be sturdy.
September 17, 2023
5out of 5
worked awesome
July 20, 2017
5out of 5
I just received this kit yesterday (gotta love two-day shipping) and used it right away. The gloves are pretty awesome, I thought they would be too big for me or too thick for me to grab something on the inside, but that is mainly my own fault for never using silicone products before. The fit was really nice though. Tested them out while I was baking last night and I don't think I could go back to fabric oven gloves. The thermometer and the claws I also used (I have a toddler who still needs things shredded and I'm a super paranoid mom). I kind of wish the screen had a back light on it, but its display is clear enough I don't really need it. The claws I probably had way more fun with than I should have and did an awesome job tearing up the roast. I might have gotten carried away and went at the veggies for my son with them too. (I suggested it for a few other moms I know because we all know that a fork and knife to shred toddler food sucks.) Thinking about ordering a second set, because I dabble in crafts and I love multi purpose tools more than the average person. (I know that's not what these are for, but being honest. haha)