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Wild Kopi Luwak - World’s Most Exclusive Coffee - Sustainably Sourced
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Wild Kopi Luwak - World’s Most Exclusive Coffee - Sustainably Sourced

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> Cherished by some, still a hidden treasure

Treat yourself today to a cup of this aromatic Wild Kopi Luwak - a delicious blend you can't resist! Our high-quality coffee classic roast beans are hand-picked from wild Indonesian forests and expertly crafted to bring out their unique flavors. Revitalizing Blend Wake up and take on the day with Wild Kopi Luwak! This powerful 100-gram blend of robust coffee will fill your home with a tantalizing aroma, sure to give you an energetic kickstart. Don't wait. Get ready for success today by relieving yourself from sluggishness. A Burst of Delicious Flavor Indulge your senses and treat yourself to our whole bean coffee! Our blend will make all other coffees taste like yesterday's news -no hint of bitterness. Revel in the intense aroma that gives way to a delightful, earthy flavor on the tongue you won't soon forget. Unparalleled Goodness In Every Brew Treat yourself or every coffee connoisseur to gourmet coffee beans that were once lauded with a Nobel Prize and made famous in “The Bucket List”. Our high-caliber roasted beans offer an incomparable flavor created by our masterful collection process. Want to see how we collect them? We warmly welcome all coffee connoisseurs and those curious about the collection process to visit our plantation in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Delightful “Coffee Gift” Our coffee beans can be given as unique coffee gifts. Introduce your loved ones to a cup of pure goodness through our delicious, energy-boosting coffee beans. It’s an all-occasion gift that your friends and family are sure to appreciate. A Cup for A Cause Make a difference one cup at a time with Wild Kopi Luwak. The proceeds of your purchased roasted coffee beans go towards education and vocational training for the people of Lintong Nihuta, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Experience a cup of pure decadence that's sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee aficionados with Wopi Kopi Luwak!

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Brand: Ksu Pom Humbang Cooperative

Item Form: Whole Bean

Flavor: sumatra

Caffeine Content Description: Caffeinated

Package Information: Bag

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812 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Jack Nicholson calling this the "best coffee in the world" is well deserved. Those taking from Morgan Freeman in the movie Bucket List, mentioned that this is 'cat poop' coffee which, though funny, is untrue and inaccurate. Civets and Genets (picture included) are mostly nocturnal animals along the same line but ultimately different classification from cats. The Luwak here is from the Indonesian rain forest. They consume the coffee fruit but cannot digest the bean which they ultimately 'poop'. The beans are processed and drank by the locals which they claim tastes much better (and I would agree). Objectively, the coffee tastes as if it has no acidity and no bitterness but has it's unique flavor profile which is challenging for me to describe. It tastes very clean, despite it's life cycle. Very sweet and pleasant is how I would put it but ultimately you just have to try it. This is a nice treat to have on occasions (i.e. dinner parties, weddings) but I can't see myself drinking it everyday. I drink very strong lattes (i.e. double shots) with protein powder and couldn't imagine reducing this item to a daily drink. It's just too nice. Please keep in mind we use a lot of items from nature that we could make fun of. Ambergris is said to be sperm whale poop, caviar is fish roe, and many pharmaceuticals use horse urine. I assure you there is no unpleasant element here. Very nice. Must try. Five stars.
5out of 5
Thank you for the delightful coffee! I had heard of your product from my nephew over a Cup of Joe. You see, I've never had the stomach for bitter coffee and ran across feline filtration quite by accident. Frustrated with a bag of "Brand X" beans, I hucked them toward the rubbish bin. I'll confess that my throwing strength is more suited to chucking a D20 across a table than to tossing a sack of beans across the breakfast nook. The bag missed the bin and beans scattered about. Beans, my furry feline friend, pounced on the mess and devoured half of the bag before I could step back from my typewriter! After a trip to the vet Beans and I knew she'd have to wait it out. After a sleepless night Beans deposited three clean clumps of what looked like caramelized coffee beans right in the middle of, well, normal cat leavings! I only feed my Beansy fresh, organic food, so it's not even gross for me to reach in and inspect. Well, I rinsed them right off, and they were whole, hard beans. I had no choice! I had to brew... what turned me into a coffee lover for life! Which brings me to your product. My nephew was rinsing out the French press and noted that it had kind of an ammonia smell to it, like a litter box. For some reason I thought I had told him how I've prepared my coffee for the last ten years (and three cats), but I hadn't. So I did. He told me about some movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and some super expensive coffee. The great thing about Amazon is that you don't have to be curious about anything for more than two days. My review: I rate this product five stars because I don't think most people will go through the trouble of making their own at home. This stuff costs six dollars a cup. That's not cheap. It is easier than you think to make this stuff at home. Your cat will eat coffee beans (I'm on Beans III), and digestion is inevitable. If you love your cats you should be feeding them clean food anyway, so you just have them do three or four coffee nights per week, depending on your coffee usage. Wild is just a marketing term. Cat poo is cat poo.
This particular brand of Kopi Luwak was my first. I prepared it using two different pour over methods, weighing out the coffee in grams, and carefully grinding it to taste at a medium fine ground, using water about 30-45 seconds off the boil, and using the standard 15:1 water/coffee ratio. I drank the coffee black as this is how Kopi Luwak is meant to be served. I was surprised and impressed by a flavor profile I would describe as very smooth, rich, earthy body, almost syrupy going down, and wonderful aftertaste. I would describe the smoothness as very unusual — and as for Sumatran coffee, the earthy aspect is consistent with what I know of coffees harvested in this region of Indonesia and the world. My conclusion is that this Kopi Luwak is a VERY good cup coffee when prepared well. I would purchase it again. I do not plan on purchasing it regularly. One comment: many describe Kopi Luwak as the most expensive coffee available and that may be true – this brand costs over $100/lb when you calculate the total. However, if you make a full cup using 15g of coffee, you can make approximately 7 full cups with 100 g. This comes to less than $5/cup to make at home. Is this really that expensive? Think about what you spend on a coffee drink (granted, not regular coffee) at Starbucks or your local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. I think the expensive aspect is, when you do the math, overemphasized by many. Yes, to make a cup at home it’s pricey, but if you went out for a speciality to coffee, like a caramel latte (which is gross, if you drink coffee seriously), each day of the week on your way to work or at lunch, you wouldn’t be spending any more, at least for this brand of Kopi Luwak. Consider that when you purchase Kopi Luwak. It doesn’t have to be considered as expensive as it may be, by the time a corporate or expensive private coffee shop gets done with you. No question, this coffee is worth a try and to my mind is a very good price with positive reviews compared to other brands sold on Amazon. This brand also advertises humane gathering practices, which was important to me. Easily recommended. The 4 stars is for the coffee itself. I enjoyed this coffee very much, but was not stunned into submission by it in terms of taste, profile, aftertaste. It is excellent coffee, but not so overwhelming excellent I could not live without it as a regular staple. This may have in part been due to the roasting date. It’s a great cup when prepared well.
5out of 5
I love coffee. And this coffee is pretty good, it has an excellent flavor profile and completely free of the bitter taste I expect from most Indonesian blends. but I wouldn’t say it’s worth the price per ounce. A chemex pour over with an average priced local roast will produce the same flavor profile. Especially if it’s freshly ground.