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PhoneSoap Wireless UV Phone Sanitizer & Universal Phone Charger Box
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PhoneSoap Wireless UV Phone Sanitizer & Universal Phone Charger Box

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Experience the power of PhoneSoap Wireless UV Phone Sanitizer, a universal phone charger box with Qi charging. This Gunmetal Grey device is patented and clinically proven to sanitize your phone with 360-degree UV-C light. It not only disinfects but also charges all types of phones. Optimize your hygiene with our UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger in stylish Gunmetal Grey.

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Manufacturer: PhoneSoap

Variants: Gunmetal Gray, White

Weight: 2.03 pounds

Brand: PhoneSoap

Connectivity Technology: USB, wireless

Connector Type: USB Type C

Compatible Devices: Cellular Phones

Compatible Phone Models: All Phones

Cable Length: 8.5 Inches

Special Feature: Wireless

Color: Gunmetal Gray

Total USB Ports: 3

Wattage: 10 watts

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4out of 5

879 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

A+ products and even better customer service! That alone should tell you how good their product is. Companies with crappy products don't go above and beyond with their consumer support, because they would struggle so hard to keep up. On the other hand, the good companies that also have great quality products do not have to put near as much effort or staff into keeping all of their customers happy. I had a wireless Qi Phonesoap that stopped working and I got 1 dedicated rep that basically bent over backwards until I was 100% satisfied and then some. I didn't want the same model, because I figured the newer ones would be more sturdy. So, they gave a choice and I picked the newer Phonesoap GO model and its so cool! Just a super cool experience through and though. The only thing I wish they had that they currently do not, is a Phonesoap GO model that also has internal wireless Qi phone charging. That would make my experience with this company 110%, but for now they'll just have to settle for 100% 🙂
3out of 5
Couldn't get the wireless charging to work for me. I like that the UV lights truly seem to encase the phone all the way around, but wasn't worth the price for it to just do that. Also, although my phone does fit, the inside wasn't big enough to place other objects in to sanitize (earbuds, sunglasses, etc.) like you can in the Samsung sanitizer/wireless charger. I would also suggest using a USB port for the power supply so it's not taking up an outlet with a proprietary cable, but instead using a USB charging block that's probably already there and can be used with other devices.
March 15, 2019
5out of 5
What better way to inexpensively, yet highly efficient way to zap germs and guard your health! You don't stop to think about the unseen things lurking invisibly on your phone, but once you do and you want to help yourself stay healthier, this is one easy way to go! Definitely we know how washing our hands helps to keep us healthy, but we don't always wash our hands before using our phones, now we can safely, quickly and easily get them clean too! No fuss, no muss, just put it in the container, close the lid and let it do the work for you!
October 14, 2019
5out of 5
After reading an article about how dirty one's phone can be, I decided to buy this product so I will no longer have such a bacteria infested device. The device is super easy to use. Just plug it in and place your phone inside. Close the lid and a small light will appear on top. In about ten minutes the light will go off and your phone will be clean. You do not need to remove your phone from its protective case. I have an Otter box case and it fits perfectly in the PhoneSoap. I am only giving it 4 stars on durability since I have only had it a few days and i do not know how it will hold up. If you doubt your phone is dirty, a quick search worded something like this will show you just how dirty your phone can be: Your Cell Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat. Here's What to Do About It
5out of 5
My favorite things about this are that it does everything I was looking for! Its small, sanitizes money 💰, cell phones, cases, absolutely everything & anything that fits, it will disinfect. It is SO VERY EASY IN EVERY WAY!
5out of 5
I bought the phonesoap unit as a gift for my brother and sister in law who recently had their first child. They set it up immediately and have used it every day since- it’s flu season here and despite all of our best efforts, we know we are still carrying germs into our homes. The unit works great for their iPhone XS units as well as the iphone8, XR, and android units of guests. The 10 minute charge while the cleaning cycle runs is an added bonus. Maybe a little untraditional but buy this for your next baby shower gift- the parents to be will get more use out of this unit than the 6 newborn outfits you could buy for the same price.
5out of 5
Doesn’t charge my I-phone, but I like that my geeked up phone is cleaned daily. I’ve used it for combs, a tooth brush, etc. doesn’t hurt to be safe.
4out of 5
This product is wonderful! It’s ability to clean my Apple Watch, my two iPhones and my AirPods is great! I had to deduct 1 Star because the wireless Qi charging works with only 1 of my two iPhones. I think this is because the charging pad is too far below the glass and therefore makes any thickness of a case to far away from the coils to transfer power. But seriously very nice cleaner and the wireless charge will work for you if you don’t have a case.