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Electronics & TechGamingmini handheld retro game console with case
Mini Handheld Retro Game Console with Case
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Mini Handheld Retro Game Console with Case

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Experience nostalgia with the Miyoo Mini Handheld Game Console. This portable, rechargeable device offers classic retro video games on the go. The system comes in a stylish Retro Gray color and includes a protective case. Perfect for gaming enthusiasts seeking a compact, classic gaming experience.

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Manufacturer: CredevZone

Variants: Black Transparent, Purple Transparent, Retro Gray, White

Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.6 x 0.8 inches; 10.55 Ounces

Weight: 10.5 ounces

color: Retro Gray

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4out of 5

196 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
This was a great buy. It comes loaded with all of my favorites. Using the triggers is a bit difficult, due to the placement on the back. Some games are tought/impossible to play on this, such as Megaman Legends for PS1. Overall, definitely worth the purchase.
This thing is a hoot. If you want a blast from the past, this little device contains a ton of the great games you grew up playing. Overall fit and finish is awesome. The MiYoo Mini Plus feels robust, and every button input has quality tactile feedback. It's also very customizable, and it's easy to upgrade operating systems and add your own ROM files for even more games.
5out of 5
Got the Miyoo Mini+ and it's pretty cool! Came in a nice gray case - had me wondering if I'd get a different color, but no complaints. Stock OS is easy to grasp but I opted for the Onion OS - feels more my style. Eager to replay my fav old-school games! Bonus: it arrived with a 64gb SD card loaded with games. Still, I swapped it for a trusty Samsung 128gb card after hearing mixed reviews about the stock micro SD card. Using my own game library now, and it's been performing great. Scored a one-day shipping on this, way better than a month-long wait on AliExpress. Worth the extra bucks, in my opinion. Battery life? Still testing, hoping for the best. Wifi's a bit of a hit-or-miss - works fine with my phone's hotspot, but not with my home network (Google Fiber). The case's lid swings to the right, which feels odd but ain't a deal breaker. Just a minor quirk, I guess. Despite all that, I've been having a great time with this gadget. Definitely worth a look!
5out of 5
All I can say is WOW!!! This thing is worth every cent! Installing Onion OS is a must.
September 28, 2023
5out of 5
This Miyoo Retro Gameboy is no joke—it’s my secret, pocket-sized portal back to childhood! It’s so discreet, I can slip into child-mode anywhere without anyone knowing. “Is he texting? Checking emails?” Nope, just saving the princess! The screen is sharp and bright, making every pixel pop like it’s the '90s all over again! The battery life is unreal—it must’ve been charged by a time-traveling wizard because it just keeps going! A delightful concoction of retro goodness, perfect for a hilarious, covert trip down memory lane whenever adulting gets too tough! Go buy it now.
November 09, 2023
5out of 5
Works great right out of the box, with lots of great games. Comfortable to play with my fairly large hands, and to my surprise the back triggers were accessible enough to play mega man legends. I’m surprised by this little machine, and I know it’ll get even better once I get around to tinkering with the OS and adding more games. Battery is acceptable, I can play ps1 at max brightness for about 2 hours. Emulation quality is acceptable for ps1 and below. It’s not perfect with the stock OS and experience some stuttering here and there, but I’m not particularly bothered by it especially on that small of a screen. Build quality is excellent, the buttons and dpad all feel great, and the screen is very high quality. Buy this thing!
October 19, 2023
5out of 5
You’re gonna want to get a reputable SD card and install the Onion OS on this, and then you’re in for a world of joy. There are so many options to tailor it to your liking. You can back up the games it comes with, but don’t rely solely on the supplied SD card. Go with something like a Samsung, Sandisk, etc. Fill in the gaps for the games you want that are missing and it’s like there is nearly limitless potential at your fingertips, in your pocket, wherever this pocketable thing lies. If you’re a fan of SNES/GBA or earlier level games, you can play them on this. Analog stick-less PS1 games are also possible here. What a catalogue of respectably playable games on a portable device! The screen is just big enough to not be too much of an eye strain. I can get Retroachievements! I can play Super Mario World on this! Maybe I’ll even finally finish a play through of Earthbound! My screen protector had a warble in it, so I promptly took it off, but I’m an adult who won’t drop their handheld device down the stairs, so I’ll be okay raw digging this thing. The case it comes with is also NOT BAD! Doesn’t have gaudy “gamer bro” styling on it, but rather a gray heather sort of texture. Holds the system and a little mesh zipper area that you probably only want to hold a short USB-C cable in.
As is, it's fantastic, when you upgrade it to onion os software, it's even better, from Atari 2600 to Playstation 1, this device plays it, screen is bright, controls are tight.