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KEYSTONE Crypto Seed Storage, Metal Wallet, 24 Words Bitcoin Key Storage
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KEYSTONE Crypto Seed Storage, Metal Wallet, 24 Words Bitcoin Key Storage

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Secure your cryptocurrency with the KEYSTONE Crypto Seed Storage. This cryptosteel capsule metal wallet is the ultimate cold storage backup solution. Store up to 24 words of your Bitcoin key phrase on a durable steel plate. Compatible with Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey, the Keystone Tablet Punch ensures your digital assets are safe and accessible. Perfect for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, this seed storage device is a must-have for any crypto enthusiast.

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Manufacturer: ‎KeyStone

Variants: Keystone Tablet, Keystone Tablet Plus, Keystone Tablet Punch

Weight: ‎13.7 ounces

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Keystone Tablet Punch


Operation Mode: Manual

Sheet Count: 1

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4out of 5

225 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

So first, you only need to enter four letters, some will ding the product for this, but they're really dinging themselves a 4-star review on life and intelligence. :-) I can validate that even on a hardware wallet (Ledger) the recovery phrase works fine, once you enter 3 letters it gives you a host of answers that have those 3 letters in common (and yours is in there, and when you apply the 4th letter only ONE of the selected options qualifies for the right answer). I added all my phrases, ran the ledger recovery app and tested all 24 words and scored 100% on the validation. Minor issue with mine, one of the screws just wouldn't come out of the plate... it must have been machined a bit wrong in the thread, I pretty much destroyed / stripped it trying to get it out; ended up having to pull the metal apart a bit to get that last one to pop out properly or hit it from the reverse side to 'break' it out of the hole. I tossed that one in the garbage and used one of the additional replacement screws that come in a small baggy since it was pretty stripped and destroyed. The process is tedious, no doubt, adding letter by letter for 24 words; but it worked, can't ask more than that (although I didn't burn down my house to see if it survived my fire resistant safe)
September 18, 2023
3out of 5
The size is bigger than I thought after the actual products are received. It's not that handy as credit card size n it's also kinda thick n heavy.
5out of 5
Very durable, fire proof
October 06, 2023
1out of 5
This product is pure garbage. Bought one and the thing won't even slide open. Absolute JOKE of a product. will never buy from this unreliable company again.
February 23, 2022
4out of 5
Easy to use, very durabel
Product arrived quickly and had all the features that were advertised. Packaging design needs help though- the screwdriver was loose and free to bang around and scratch up the front of the product; the foam insert in the packaging doesn't prevent this because it is too small both in height and in cross-section's just glued to the inside lid of the box and doesn't touch or protect anything. It was an intentional design choice to leave the screw driver loose because it doesn't have a slot in the interior packaging to fit into (same in both units I ordered). The back of the product did not have these same scratches which makes me suspect the screwdriver even more. The inside of the product also has several scratches in the metal (see pictures). Some will be covered up by letters while some will not. Some scratches appear to be from someone opening and closing the unit at the factory (they were there from when I first gently opened it). But other scratches look like someone was just careless with their tools when fabricating the product. Perhaps use tools made of a metal softer than 304 Stainless so it won't scratch by accident. For the price I'd expect better quality control. It will get the job done, but given a choice I'd prefer a product that looked as sleek as the Amazon listing photos, not beat up units that look like a small dog with metal teeth chewed and clawed on them. 1 star for delivery speed + 1 star for able to do its intended function + 1 star for all parts being included + 1 star for good price - 1 star for the scratched up metal = 4
October 20, 2022
5out of 5
This was a little difficult to hold the letters in place while closing the case but all in all it is high quality and oddly satisfying sorting and inserting the letters in the shell. Highly recommended.
Incredibly easy to set up, and comes with all the necessary tools required to easily and securely store your seed words. It should last for many years. If you are keeping any remotely substantial amount of cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet you should definitely consider investing in a destruction-proof method of backing up your wallet seed.