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iPhone Cleaning Kit for All Devices, Earbuds & Charging Port Repair
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iPhone Cleaning Kit for All Devices, Earbuds & Charging Port Repair

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This comprehensive Phone Cleaning Kit is your ultimate solution for maintaining your electronic devices. Perfect for iPhones, Airpods, iPads, and all types of cellphones, it also includes tools for repairing charging ports and lightning cables. The kit even caters to Type C devices. Keep your speakers clean and your devices functioning at their best with this all-in-one electronic cleaner tool. Available in a sleek white design, it's not just a cleaning kit, it's a necessity for all your devices.

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Manufacturer: Grete Gotye

Weight: 2.89 ounces

Color: White

Brand: Grete Gotye

Material: Metal,Sponge

Liquid Volume: 60 Milliliters

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4out of 5

582 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

August 12, 2023
5out of 5
I took my cell phone into my phone company because I couldn’t hear people talking anymore. I really didn’t want another of that type phone so I didn’t use my insurance and bought a new cellphone instead. When I get a new phone, I usually sell the old one because I take very good care of them. I took the old phone to a repair place and they said it would need a new earpiece inside and it would be over $100. That was no good. So I kept reading and watching YouTube and thought it would be worth a shot to clean it. That’s all it needed! The phone volume was completely back! This little kit was very helpful and I’m still using it. Thanks!!
3out of 5
The took did the job of cleaning out my phone charging port. The accessories are very useful. Unfort The adapters do not stay in place as they are not snug enough. You end up having to use the accessories on their own without the holder. I’ll be surprise if I don’t start losing the diff accessories as they easily fall off. The wire bush is the best tool in the kit.
October 08, 2023
5out of 5
Good product 👍
May 25, 2023
3out of 5
It worked just as good as the ones costing twice as much. It came with a salution that works great. The pick tool for the charging port works great. Mine wasn’t working, this cured the problem. The reason I gave it a three is because I only use two tool. The flat tool, and the port cleaning tool. But the tools worth it.
This is such a great multi tool for phones. My battery charging port started acting up, after ordering a new charger and having the same issue I gave this tool a try. Low and behold, after a thorough cleaning, I no longer have charging issues! I couldn’t believe it myself. Everything conveniently fits together and it is worth the money.
4out of 5
Works exactly how we expected it to. I can’t complain about it. Cleaned all three of our iPhones. My phone was probably the dirtiest. After cleaning, the speaker was noticeably louder. Haven’t had a chance to hop on a call to see if there was any difference in the ear piece just yet. But all and all can’t complain for $12.
June 16, 2023
4out of 5
5out of 5
Worked for Verizon for several years, so I think I speak with a little experience in this area. This little booger can be a phone saver. We would get so many complaints of people’s phones no longer charging, but the issue was their lint and grime was stuck in the charging hole. This will clear it out without hurting your phone, provided you’re gentle. I also was surprised to find that it cleaned up my AirPods really well. I would assume that it will be beneficial for other electronics, but didn’t try. It has a little instructional book for you to use as well, which was helpful because I didn’t know what a couple of the tool heads were. Worth the money to save your phone. Just don’t get forceful and hurt your phone.