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Electronics & TechGadgets & Gizmosac infinity airtap t4 quiet 4x12 register booster fan with thermostat
AC Infinity AIRTAP T4, Quiet 4x12 Register Booster Fan with Thermostat
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AC Infinity AIRTAP T4, Quiet 4x12 Register Booster Fan with Thermostat

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AC Infinity AIRTAP T4, Quiet Register Booster Fan with Thermostat Control. Heating Cooling AC Vent. Fits 4” x 12” Register Holes. AC Infinity is a technology company that specializes in environmental controls for audio/video and HVAC. The company was founded on the principle of working closely with customers to develop great products. Dependable service and a commitment to product quality are the foundations of the business's values.

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Manufacturer: AC Infinity

Dimensions: 13.77"L x 1.96"W x 5.51"H

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 13.77"L x 1.96"W x 5.51"H

Brand: AC Infinity

Voltage: 12 Volts

Wattage: 6 watts

Cooling Method: Air

Noise Level: 18 dB

Material: Aluminum

Maximum Rotational Speed: 7000 RPM

Air Flow Capacity: 120 Cubic Feet Per Minute

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2926 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

September 23, 2023
5out of 5
We have really good central AC, our house gets COLD, but our bedroom is upstairs and because of the way the house is built, it’s never gotten good cold air flow and in the summer it’s an oven, so we’ve always had to use a window unit. After opening up our last window unit and finding it FULL of mold and slime we decided we were done with those, we’re not going to breathe that poison any more! Our room only has one floor register, so we got this fan and dropped it into the register opening. I added a vent in the door just to make sure we had good circulation and BOOM! You can now feel the cold air coming from the vent and we’ve gone all summer (weeks on end over 100°) and never been uncomfortable in that room! Problem solved, and it didn’t cost us $thousands like it would have cost to have an HVAC company come “fix” it. Worth every penny.
We have a bedroom on the second floor which is hard to cool due to dynamics of the house (open floor plan and high ceilings so all 1st floor heat rises to this room), plus constant sun exposure on exterior walls / roof. Our HVAC would need to run constantly just to keep this room liveable, which resulted in the 1st floor being too cool. There was sometimes a 10°F differential between this bedroom and the 1st floor. Anyhow, after trying everything short of redoing the whole HVAC system I decided to put two of these in the floor vents of the culprit bedroom. IT WORKED! They kick on when the AC runs, keep running for a few minutes after shutdown to suck all the remaining cold Aire from the ducts, then shut off. Room reaches set temp MUCH easier/quicker, HVAC runs MUCH less, 1st floor not freezing any more! This product worked perfectly for me...better than expected. Saved me a huge retrofit expense and will likely save me tons in energy $.
October 11, 2023
5out of 5
We moved into a new house which is two story. Even with a new heater / air conditioner, our second story was staying too hot or too cold. We installed three of these (one in each bedroom). They work surprisingly well. We set them for 70 degrees. So whenever the air in the vent got to 70 degrees or cooler, the fan comes on pushing this cool air into the room. It really helps the bedrooms stay much cooler. We haven't used for winter yet, but I expect they will push warm air just as well.
This product works and it takes some of the edge off the heat in my office which is at the end of the duct run and doesn’t get much air from the A/C. But it’s not a complete solution. The two main limitations are: 1. The temperature sensor is slow to react. Once my A/C starts it can take up to five minutes for this thing to measure a low enough temperature coming through the duct to turn the fans on. So it misses a significant portion of the cooling cycle and continues to run after it’s over. 2. The duct vanes are flat so they don’t direct air as well as the original duct cover. Look at your “normal” duct cover and you’ll see that the vanes are angled which helps direct air into the room. On this product they are flat so the air from the duct just blows straight down (for a ceiling vent) or up (for a floor vent). The bottom line is that I have to run the portable A/C unit in my office a bit less, but I still need to run it.
August 21, 2023
5out of 5
I don't care what any of the negative reviews say. Read the instructions, and this thing works. My son's room gets warmer at night due to being the furthest from the furnace & A/C. I have noticed that its a few degrees warmer than the other side of the upstairs bedroom. So I went looking for a solution like this. It was a drop in, plug and play, ready to go, set it and forget it, way to cool down the room. I actually put a thermostat in the room for a few days prior to installing with not changing the thermostat setting and similar outdoor temperature. Room temp dropped 2-3 degrees. To me, that is a huge gain. And the difference from being uncomfortable to a great sleeping environment. The other thing I did was add a vent extender. As half the problem was my son's bunk bed was covering the vent. I purchased 2 sets of the Eureka Air Under Furniture Magnetic Vent Extender Heavy Duty version. And dropped those over the top of this booster fan. That can be half the problem for most, the vent isn't getting air into the room. I bought 2 sets of the vent extender, as its a full bed above and wanted to get the air into the room. These 2 things combined really changed the temp in the room. And the fan has enough pressure to get it into the room. And its not maxed out. I have it at about 3/4 speed. Fan noise is barely noticeable and not an issue at all for us. Its worth playing around with the settings. I think we have it just right now with fan speed and the thermostat. Where it comes on when it should (about a minute after the A/C kicks on) and again, we don't have it maxed out. I figured if it doesn't need to be on the highest setting, why push it. Should last years.
I cannot explain how great this booster fan has been for my daughters super hot summer bedroom, the hottest room in the house during the summer. I was considering all sorts of things, like a ac window unit, some expensive stand up air conditioning units, but before I broke the bank I wanted to give this a try and it worked! It is rather noisy, but we actually like that feature as it muffles out some of the scary sounds the kids hear during the night. Being able to control the temperature was nice too. Easy to install and highly recommend!
September 25, 2023
4out of 5
We have 2 bedrooms that don't heat/cool as well as the rest of the house. We put these registers in both rooms and it definitely helps. They emit a low whirring noise, but it is not distracting. Very easy to operate. There really is no installation required. You pop out the existing register and drop this one in (and plug it into an outlet).
October 31, 2023
5out of 5
Half way through summer I had to give this a try because one of the rooms above my garage was getting pretty warm compared to the rest of my townhome. I’ve now had it on some hot days and cold days and let me honestly tell you this really does work! There is fan noise but I will take it over a hot or cold room . I have now ordered a second one for the other bedroom above the garage. The rooms are side by side and you can clearly tell a difference in temp.