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4 Pack Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkies with NOAA, Earpiece, Mic
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4 Pack Long Range Rechargeable Walkie Talkies with NOAA, Earpiece, Mic

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Experience seamless communication with our 4 Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable for Adults. This 4 pack set is perfect for families, offering long distance connectivity, NOAA weather alerts, and a USB charger for convenience. Each walkie talkie comes with an earpiece and mic set for hands-free communication. With a robust battery life, these walkie talkies are the choice of 90% of families. Stay connected, stay informed, and enjoy the convenience of our long range walkie talkies.

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Manufacturer: Topsung

Variants: 4 Pack B Silver Yellow Green Red, 3 Pack A 1Green & 1Red &1Silver, 6 Pack D Hot Sale(Most Wished For), 5 Pack C ZBlue Yellow Silver Green SBlue, 4 Pack B 1Green & 1Purple & 1Red & 1Yellow, 4 Pack B Amazon Partner Recommended, 5 Pack C SOrange Red Purple Green ZBlue, Charging Station Option(Two Pack Only) C Purple Red(2 Pack), 4 Pack B 1Blue & 1Orange & 1Purple & 1Red, 4 Pack 90% of Families Choose, 3 Pack A 1Blue & 1Green & 1Red, 4 Pack B 1Blue & 1Green & 1Orange & 1Purple, 4 Pack B JOrange SOrange Green ZBlue, 3 Pack A 1Blue & 1Green & 1Purple, 3 Pack 1Amazon's Choice(Gift Ideas), 3 Pack A 1Green & 1Purple & 1Yellow, Charging Station Option(Two Pack Only) C Green Red(2 Pack), 5 Pack C 1Blue & 1Green & 1Orange & 1Silver & 1Red, Charging Station Option(Two Pack Only) 1Hot Sale(Multiple Charging Solutions), 6 Pack D ZBlue Yellow Silver JOrange Red Green, 3 Pack A Yellow Silver ZBlue, Charging Station Option(Two Pack Only) C Blue Red(2 Pack), 6 Pack D 1Blue & 1Green & 1Orange & Purple & Red & Yellow, 5 Pack C 1Blue & 1Green & 1Orange & 1Purple & 1Red, Charging Station Option(Two Pack Only) C Blue Green(2 Pack), 5 Pack C TBlue JOrange Red Yellow SOrange, 4 Pack B 1Blue & 1Green & 1Orange & 1Red

Dimensions: 1.3"D x 2.2"W x 6.3"H

Weight: ‎1.9 pounds

Brand: Topsung

Color: 90% of Families Choose

Number of Channels: 22

Special Feature: 1.【Advanced Technologies】, 2.【Effortless Operation For All Ages】, 3.【Long-Lasting Battery Life And Rapid Charging】, 4.【Clear Conversations, Longer Distances】, 5.【License-Free Team Communication】, 6.【iVOX Hands-Free Communication】, 7.【NOAA Weather Service Integration】, 8.【Complete Set for Instant Use】, 9.【Gifting Made Meaningful】, 10.【Amazon's Top Picks】…… Join the millions who have chosen Topsung for communication that's reliable and clear See more

Talking Range Maximum: 20 Miles

Age Range (Description): Team & Family Indoor Outdoor Work Play

Tuner Technology: UHF

Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant

Product Dimensions: 1.3"D x 2.2"W x 6.3"H

Number of Batteries: 4 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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5647 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

So far I love this product, although the PTT button requires you to really push it and hold it or else it does not register.
I recently purchased these budget friendly walkie talkies, and I have to admit, they pleasantly surprised me in some aspects while falling short in others. The Positives: The standout feature of these walkie talkies is their great range (worked across Disney Tokyo and Tokyo proper with no static) and battery life, especially given the affordable price point. We were able to charge these before a vacation to Japan and use them periodically throughout Tokyo. We then used them at Disney Tokyo and Universal Japan. All of this was done on the one charge before heading to Japan. These will be our travel companions until they give out. The Negatives: It's worth noting that these walkie talkies have a learning curve when it comes to programming and operation. The controls and menu system aren't the most intuitive, and it can take some time to figure out all the settings. This aspect could be improved for user friendliness, especially for those who are new to walkie talkies. Another downside is the build quality. The plastic used in the construction of these devices feels rather flimsy and doesn't inspire confidence in their durability. While they might survive a few minor falls, I wouldn't trust them to endure rough handling or serious accidents. If you're looking for walkie talkies that can withstand heavy use or abuse, these might not be the best choice. Overall, these budget friendly walkie talkies offer a great combination of range and battery life, making them a solid choice for families on a budget. However, they do have their shortcomings, such as a slightly complicated programming process and cheap plastic feel. If you're willing to overlook these minor inconveniences and prioritize range and battery life, these walkie talkies are worth considering.
September 18, 2023
4out of 5
Decent range of like a mile or so thru the woods with no hills in the way. The charging cord bit the dust after only a few uses, but these use USB-B so that wasn't a huge issue. Great for camping with the kids when you have no cell service. NOAA Weather Radio feature works great. All hazards. May save your life.
5out of 5
Our family does a lot of ATV riding, so we gave each of the kids one of these. They love that they can hear each other without needing to hold the walkie talkie in their hands. They come with clips and lanyards to use depending on what you're doing. The batteries last much longer than our old ones.
I recently purchased the 3 Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with their performance. These walkie talkies are a game-changer when it comes to reliable communication over long distances. Here's why I highly recommend them: 1. Impressive Range: The range on these walkie talkies is outstanding. I tested them in various terrains and found that they consistently provided clear communication up to [insert range]. Whether you're out hiking, camping, or exploring a large area, you can trust these walkie talkies to keep you connected. 2. Rechargeable Batteries: The built-in rechargeable batteries are a huge plus. No more worrying about constantly replacing batteries or running out of power at critical moments. Simply plug them in using the included USB cables and they'll be ready to go in no time. The battery life is impressive as well, lasting [insert duration] on a single charge. 3. Crystal Clear Sound Quality: The sound quality of these walkie talkies is exceptional. Even in noisy environments, the audio remains clear and distortion-free. The adjustable volume ensures that you can easily hear and be heard, even in crowded areas or during windy conditions. 4. Durable and Weatherproof: These walkie talkies are built to withstand rugged conditions. The sturdy construction and weatherproof design make them ideal for outdoor adventures. I accidentally dropped one of them on a rocky surface, and it barely had a scratch. They are definitely built to last. 5. User-Friendly Features: The walkie talkies are incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. The buttons are well-placed and intuitive, and the backlit display makes it easy to read in low-light conditions. Additionally, the included belt clips offer convenient hands-free operation, allowing you to keep the walkie talkie within reach at all times. In conclusion, the 3 Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable are a fantastic investment for anyone in need of reliable communication over long distances. With their impressive range, rechargeable batteries, crystal clear sound quality, durability, and user-friendly features, they are worth every penny. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a security professional, or simply looking for a reliable way to stay connected with your family, these walkie talkies won't disappoint. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking a top-notch communication solution. [Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience with the product and may vary for different individuals.]
4out of 5
I manage event parking and some locations are large enough that the walkie talkies are a must. What I like about these is that there’s 5 of them and the range meets the application I use them for. The only thing I didn’t like is when your in like a downtown area in a big city the range advertised for an area obstructed with large buildings is not accurate. For the price I feel they are worth the money and at least for what I use them for I would recommend this item.
November 23, 2023
5out of 5
October 24, 2023
5out of 5
We bought these for our family's cross country move. We had 4 separate vehicles (including a giant moving truck) . So great for communicating for issues or troubles or funny stuff on our 5 day trek from TN to WA. Literally made the trip way less stressful!!!