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VITURE One - XR/AR Glasses - 120" Full HD Screen
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VITURE One - XR/AR Glasses - 120" Full HD Screen

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Experience the future of gaming with VITURE One XR/AR Glasses. Offering a 120" Full HD Virtual Screen and premium Harman Sound, these glasses let you game and stream anywhere. Compatible with iPhone 15, Steam Deck, gaming consoles, PC, and Android devices. Features include Myopia Adjustment and an Electrochromic Film. Available in a sleek Matte Blue finish.

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Manufacturer: VITURE

Variants: Jet Black, Matte Blue

Weight: 1.76 pounds

color: Matte Blue

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73 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 04, 2023
4out of 5
So it’s interesting and might take a moment to get use to. It’s definitely weird sneezing and the whole screen goes with you 😂 So I got these because I couldn’t read anything important in my game cuz my tv is on the far side of my room. I can now so that’s achieved. Light passes through so get light canceling blinds or you’ll see the window in the middle of your game or turn your head lol. But still I’d get something to block out the light. I was kinda expecting it to feel a little bit bigger. I never used anything like these and I was thinking it would be like an IMAX theater, but I also felt like that was too high of an expectation since the frames look small. But the main thing I really wanted was to be able to see better and know what is going on.
November 23, 2023
4out of 5
I just received it today and video works with lemur pro on sway, however it seems like sound requires some drivers or additional configuration. And I'm getting a bunch of kernel messages like these ------ [5773047.297042] hid-generic 0003:35CA:1011.000E: hiddev0,hidraw1: USB HID v1.11 Device [VITURE One XR Glasses] on usb-0000:00:14.0-3/input0 [5773047.300919] hid-generic 0003:35CA:1011.000F: hiddev1,hidraw2: USB HID v1.11 Device [VITURE One XR Glasses] on usb-0000:00:14.0-3/input1 [5773047.301769] cdc_acm 2-3:1.2: ttyACM0: USB ACM device ---- first 5 min it was like 2 pictures instead of 1 but my brain/eyes adapted pretty quickly. It's difficult to focus on a small text. I wish it has bigger fov. Overall it's pretty good will see how it goes.
I've had my Viture One XR glasses for only a week, but my initial feelings are that it's a very premium and solidly built bit of kit attached to an actively growing ecosystem and community. The media consumption aspects are already very strong, and its specifications and continual development should see it as a strong choice for productivity applications going forward. While it might be unfair to bump its score based on a promise for improvements, Viture's presence on Reddit and Discord give me comfort that this product will continue to evolve. Hardware The Viture One glasses are solidly built, light, and nice to wear. I chose the matte blue finish, and they're very premium looking without being overly flashy. The hinges are metal (the magnetic USB connector sticks to them) and seem like they will not wear quickly. And the selection of nose pads seemed sufficient -- I seem to fall between the 2 and 3 nose pad set, right in the middle, so there should be enough range for most users to find the proper fit. The magnetic connector is proprietary, which is only a slight annoyance if I need to replace it, but it seems sturdy and I understand why they went with it. It's just so much easier to attach and reattach, the connector will wear better, and there's no chance that the connectors will get damaged if the cord snags. I don't have experience with other XR glasses to compare, but I find the video quality on the Viture Ones to be exceptional (much better than my CV1 Oculus, for example). There are no noticeable pixels nor god rays, color is vibrant, and the refresh rate is all of the advertised 60 hz. I've seen other users comment that edges may seem blurry, and I can only comment on my own pair, but I find the edges to be clearly defined and sharp. I'm unsure if this is due to a change in hardware or QA, or if certain faces match these glasses better than others (I think that the lenses need to be very close to your eyes to get the best viewing angle). I don't experience any noticeable fatigue wearing these glasses, neither from the projection mechanics nor from the fit of the glasses, and I can easily use them for hours at a time. I am nearsighted with a medium prescription (~-3.25), so the included diopter adjustments were a major selling point for me. The diopter dials are stepless, and I can get sharp focus somewhere in the middle of their range, so I think they accommodate quite a large range of nearsighted users. Prescription inserts are also available for more extreme prescriptions, far sighted users, or for the ability to see through the glasses in productivity applications. Another major strength is that 3 degrees of freedom (3DoF) sensors are built directly into the glasses (I don't believe this is true for the competitors), so some head tracking is available natively without additional hardware. The experience is improved if processing power is offloaded onto another computer (more on that later), but it's nice that the 3DoF sensors work natively. The electrochromic darkening of the glasses was another major selling point for me. It's only available on one other manufacturer's offering (and only on their latest pro version). This means that rather than adding a separate shade for better contrast, the lenses darken at the press of a button. And in cases where I'd like to switch quickly between enhanced darkness and not, like on a plane and speaking with a flight attendant, this becomes much more convenient than removing a physical shade. This also means that using these glasses is much less claustrophobic than a VR headset. The effect is difficult to describe if you've not seen it in person, but the perceived size of the screen really depends on how close the background the screen appears projected onto. For example if I'm using them as a virtual dual screen, they seem to be a few inches larger than the 24-in monitor they "sit" next to at around 2 ft away. If instead I'm watching a movie against a wall that's 15 ft away, the projection seems to be a very large screen on that wall. It's a pretty neat effect. At both extremes images remain sharp and text remains legible. The sound quality is what I would call workable. It might sound a bit thin as the drivers seem small and don't push a lot of bass, but this seems very common for XR glasses. However the Harmon equalization rounds out the sounds fairly well (there are three presets for Video, Music, and Games) so I'd compare the audio quality to a standard pair of open back earphones. What's amazing though is the isolation, I've had several people try on the glasses and one of their first questions (after the wow, nice screen!) is if I can hear the audio next to them. In a quiet room the sound bleed is there, but it's mostly undistinguishable, again like a standard pair of open back earphones. In a noisier environment like a plane it wouldn't be noticeable at all. I could always pair some closed-backed Bluetooth headphones, but I haven't found the need yet, especially with the benefits of being able to hear my environment. Use - Media Consumption Watching media is a treat on the Viture Ones and very straightforward. I bought the bundle with the Neckband, and it's set up to download Android TV versions of Youtube, Netflix, Apple TV, Paramount+, etc., so it's as easy as supplying your login info. For more advanced use, you can download full Android versions of these apps using the apk library (linked in the included browser), and this gives you access to expanded functionality like downloading content to the Neckband, which is convenient for traveling. If connecting directly to a compatible phone or computer, these apps will be available directly in your Play Store, so media consumption becomes that much easier. Unfortunately my phone, a Z Flip 4, doesn't support USB-C video out so I'll need to upgrade my phone to watch media without the Neckband. My PC does output video through USB-C, so that works out of box. One thing I'm excited to try is local streaming of video games using Moonlight (also included are XBox and Playstation device streaming, but I don't own either of those systems). I've historically bought Steam sale games that sit in my queue because I often don't want to sit at my computer to play a game. The ability to connect a controller to the Neckband and stream from my computer means that I can play these games in my living room on a gorgeous virtual screen and finally work down the queue! I haven't tested this yet, and this functionality is more about the Neckband than the glasses, so I may include this in a Neckband writeup later. Use - Productivity Media consumption is nice (and the Viture Ones perform great at it), but I was most intrigued with these glasses for productivity enhancements. These glasses are definitely not full AR and I think the disappointment some users have may be in comparison to full AR sets. But if your AR expectations are moderate, the unassuming and light form factor of these glasses make them a lot more reasonable for use in public than a full VR headset. First use case is as a dual screen with my laptop. The glasses plug in easily via USB-C and are detected as a dual screen. Using the native 3DoF, I can pin the virtual screen to the right of my laptop screen and extend the desktop. Great! This feature is currently in beta, so it's not full 3DoF and tilting my head rotates the screen. However the developer is very active and says that full 3DoF and multi screen setup (Skywalker) is coming soon to Android and PC. The promise of a spreadsheet on my laptop screen with Outlook on one virtual screen and Youtube playing on another, neither viewable to people around me, is very enticing. Or on the Neckband, the possibility of a simple multi-screen computer with only a Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad make it a very compelling mobile setup for light work at a café. Another possible use case is one step closer to AR. With the Neckband, I can pair my phone to wirelessly screen cast, and I can bring up a map and use its GPS. Using Neckband functionality to shrink the screen and pin to a corner, and by turning off the electrochromic darkening, I now have a HUD map with turn directions spoken through the speakers. With a bit more polish on the software side, this would be a viable way to walk an unfamiliar city while traveling without a phone in hand. I mentioned this to the developer and they seem excited to make this happen as well. Support I've hinted at it a few times, but Viture as a company seems really active on Reddit and Discord and appears honestly interested in putting out a good hardware and software product. My hardware seems great out of box, but based on some other users' comments they seem well taken care of with any QA issues. And it is very encouraging that Viture is continually releasing new software (latest has been Skywalker for iPhones) and has committed to further updates. I also appreciate that they have been very open for enhancement ideas. The Discord community is very active and there are Viture mods and users very willing to help with questions. Of course we can only see if these promises pan out, but at least the attention has been there. If I were to rate the current state of the Viture ecosystem, it would solidly be in the 4-4.5 star range. But the future productivity potential, the focus on post-purchase support and development, and the active user community really push this product as a 5-star experience to me.
4out of 5
This review is for the play and charge adapter, not the glasses themselves. This adapter is rated for 45 watts. I tested it with my RoG Ally, and also my Nintendo Switch. When you have a USB C Power Delivery power supply connected, it let's you use the Nintendo Switch with the glasses without needing the much more expensive dock. Sure, it doesn't provide its own power, or let you use two sets of glasses like the dock does, but it definitely gets the job done. I did have a minor QC issue with the aluminum end cap coming off after a short drop, but Viture was quick to respond and replace the unit.
This kit is the first one of these AR glasses that's actually worth buying. I've got a few of these from other brands, and the VITURE glasses really do deliver the dream. The screen is clear and very bright. Though there is some slight transparency (you can adjust this), overall you can see the image with vivid colors and even mostly works during the day or in sunlight. The best part is that you can adjust the focus. I wear glasses and have a strong prescription and I can still see it fine without my glasses (though I do have it almost at max). I tested the Steam Deck with a few games and it looks amazing. The screen is 1080p but something about it feels higher resolution than you might think. Also watched some 4K videos from YouTube on my phone and it performs well. This is definitely not a 4K screen, though I would say it looks better than a 1080p monitor. The audio is actually quite good. Not a ton of bass, and it's sort of open air, so the isolation is not great, but for something like this I would say the audio is better than expected. I would have to test how loud it is for bystanders, though, for example if you want to use this in public or like on a plane. The glasses are super light and basically look like sunglasses. I was able to walk around the house with a video playing, though I would not recommend doing this outside for safety reasons (though you technically can). The included wire is also short (good length to use for a phone or Steam Deck) and fits well in the free case it comes with. Overall, I could not be more happy with this. Been waiting for one of these for a while, and every one I bought I was disappointed. This is the real one.