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Targus USB C Docking Station Quad 4K, 5K, 100W, DOCK570USZ
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Targus USB C Docking Station Quad 4K, 5K, 100W, DOCK570USZ

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Experience the ultimate in productivity with the Targus USB C Universal Docking Station. With Quad 4K(QV4K) capabilities, this docking station allows for a single 5K/Quad 4K UHD display. The USB C laptop docking station features 4 DisplayPort or 4 HDMI ports, providing multiple options for connectivity. With 100W power delivery, your devices will stay charged and ready to go. The DOCK570USZ Quad Monitor 4K supports a data transfer rate of 5 Gbps, ensuring fast and efficient performance. The sleek grey design of the UNIV DOCK570 USBC QUAD 4K 100W GRY makes it a stylish addition to any workspace.

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Manufacturer: ‎Tragus

Variants: Dual Monitor 4K, 5 Gbps, 100 Watt, Dual Monitor 4K, 5 Gbps 65 Watt, Quad Monitor 4K, 5 Gbps 100 Watt, Dual Monitor 2, 10 Gbps, 100 Watt, Quad Monitor 4K, 5 Gbps, 100 Watt, Dual Monitor 4K, 5 Gbps, 60 Watt, Dual Monitor 4K, 5 Port, 65 Watt, Dual Monitor 4K, 5 Gbps, 65 Watt, Quad Monitor 4K, 10 Gbps, 100 Watt, Quad Monitor 4K 5 Gbps, 100 Watt.

Dimensions: ‎3.5 x 8.2 x 1.7 inches

Weight: ‎1.5 pounds

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4out of 5

752 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
This docking station is very good for the price that we are paying for. It is very good build quality and need more usb c ports for next generation please
4out of 5
Let me start by saying this is the dock to end all other docks. This thing is a beast it is absolutely superior to all the other docks I have ever used. It displays 4 monitors in full 4k (if 4k is supported by monitors and PC) with no issues or degradation of one screen. My company laptop only has usb and ONE Display port. NO ISSUES. This docking station can use A single USB connector to the dock and the dock takes ALL THREE (up to four) Monitors and displays them effortlessly. Its magic. Even though my personal desktop can handle 3 monitors plugged directly to it I STILL use docking station because it is SO much easier then disconnecting every wire going between work and PC also all my peripherals can plug directly into docking station so i never have to move them. I am blown away.... seriously. A few issues 1. My company does not and will not approve the drivers / software for dock --- this is OK though because dock works without needing to download software. Just takes a big of aggravation to set up display settings. 2. LONGER CABLES ARE NEEDED!!!! USB/USB-C cable that is included to run between dock and PC for monitors is WAY to short. Contacted Targus and they do not suggest or sell a longer one. THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE and has prevented me from using the Targus bracket to mount behind monitor. PC charging cable that is included so the dock can charge PC's is WAY to short. Again I Contacted Targus and they do not suggest or sell a longer one. This sucks but is avoidable because I can just use the devices charging cables.... but defeats the purpose of this feature and cable management. This would be PERFECT if they addressed the issue with longer cables over all i give this a 8/10 for those two issues
April 17, 2023
4out of 5
i does what it says it does. My main reason to buying this was to use with my android devices. Basically consolize my android devices. My Ayn Odin handheld, my Samsung tablet, and my Samsung phone. I had a docking station that came with my Odin handheld, but it died after one use. So i need to get a replacement. The company didn't have any left to replace it. So i needed another dock that would do the trick. My only gripe, the main, reason for saying near perfect, is you still need to download an app to mirror your android devices. Most of my android devices support otg mode. It would have been nice to just plug in and mirror device on screen. And on Samsung phones, the option for dex mode. Which this does not support. Other than that, it's near perfect.
I gave the Targus 570USZ Dock 5 Stars since I bought my first one over a Year ago after I went through 4 other Docking stations and most of them wouldn't support 3 - 4K 200hz screens without having connectivity issues or poor picture quality, let alone running 4 - 4K 200hz screens and having my laptop as a fifth monitor for watching my emails or Teams meetings!!! After running this setup at home with 4 - 34" curved ultrawide screens for around a year and a half, I decided I wanted this setup using 4 - 30" Ultrawide Curved screens and my Laptop at work as I was so used to multi-tasking with it and having NO ISSUES whatsoever!!! I've had many compliments on this setup and have had few try to copy it and then ask "What Docking station are you using to do that?!?!?" Then I point them in the direction of the Targus 570USZ to help them complete their mission. I still don't know of anyone who's had an issue with this Dock yet, and I charge my phones and tablets as well as my Laptop, with it while working all the time. No worries with this Dock, it will work for what you need, unless you need 6 monitors! But they probably have that in the works currently!
October 23, 2023
5out of 5
I've had this dock for about 3 weeks, and I haven't noticed any major issues. This is also my third dock. I've tried to run 3 1080p/4k monitors on 2 other docks, and there was weird lag, glitching, or screen flickering issues on all of them. Keep in mind, I'm using a M2 Macbook Pro. This is the best design for input/outputs, and it's performed the best. I was thinking multiple monitors weren't a good idea for macbook since I've been using a PC/dedicated graphics card output for my monitors prior to this; however, this dock so far hasn't had any issues. I hope it stays that way. If you can afford this dock and the other docks have let you down... get this dock... and get Rectangle Pro because that makes managing multiple monitors super easy (especially if you're coming from PC).
I recently purchased the Targus USB-C Universal Docking Station, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and convenience. This docking station has become an indispensable part of my setup, greatly enhancing my productivity. One of the standout features of this docking station is its exceptional connectivity options. With a single USB Type-C cable, I can now connect my laptop to a wide array of peripherals and devices. The inclusion of USB-A ports, HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, Ethernet connectivity, and audio jacks ensures that I can effortlessly connect my monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer, external hard drives, and even enjoy high-quality audio without any hassle.