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Polymaker Matte PLA Filament 1.75mm, 1kg 3D Printer Filament - PolyTerra 1.75 PLA
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Polymaker Matte PLA Filament 1.75mm, 1kg 3D Printer Filament - PolyTerra 1.75 PLA

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Experience high-quality 3D printing with Polymaker Matte PLA Filament 1.75mm in Cotton White color (Hex Code: #Ffffff). This 1kg spool of 1.75 PLA 3D Printer Filament is perfect for creating detailed and durable prints. The PolyTerra 1.75 PLA Filament Matte White 3D Printing Filament 003-1kg is a hot product in the market, known for its superior performance and finish. Ideal for both professional and hobbyist use.

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Manufacturer: ‎Polymaker

Variants: 003-1kg Cotton White (Hex Code: #Ffffff) 【hot】, 033-1kg Army Light Green, 010-1kg Arctic Teal (Hex Code: #00b4bc), 008-1kg Army Blue (Hex Code: #375172), 025-1kg Muted White (Hex Code: #Bfbcb1), 036-1kg Ash Grey【new】, 029-1kg Muted Red (Hex Code: #C44f26), 019-1kg Wood Brown (Hex Code: #D2a273), 020-1kg Forest Green (Hex Code: #61c680), 018-1kg Muted Blue (Hex Code: #7a9db3), 030-1kg Pastel Watermelon (Hex Code: #Fc6371), 015-1kg Army Beige (Hex Code: #Dfc8b7), 024-1kg Muted Green (Hex Code: #7d8b72), 017-1kg Sapphire Blue (Hex Code: #0078bf), 034-1kg Marble Slate Gray, 016-1kg Pastel Mint (Hex Code: #C8ef97), 005-1kg Fossil Grey (Hex Code: #9b9ea0), 004-1kg Marble White (Hex Code: #Ffffff), 006-1kg Army Dark Green (Hex Code: #68724d), 002-1kg Charcoal Black (Hex Code: #4c4e56) 【hot】, 031-1kg Pastel Peach (Hex Code: #Ffc29e), 027-1kg Pastel Peanut (Hex Code: #D3b7a7), 032-1kg Army Brown (Hex Code: #7d6556), 026-1kg Pastel Ice (Hex Code: #8bd5ee), 023-1kg Pastel Banana (Hex Code: #Fee5a5), 022-1kg Pastel Candy (Hex Code: #F3d6e5), 035-1kg Army Purple 【new】, 013-1kg Army Red (Hex Code: #Bc3e44), 014-1kg Lava Red (Hex Code: #De4343), 007-1kg Earth Brown (Hex Code: #775c50), 009-1kg Sakura Pink (Hex Code: #E4bdd0), 012-1kg Lavender Purple (Hex Code: #Ae96d4), 011-1kg Savannah Yellow (Hex Code: #Ffe17f), 001-1kg Lime Green (Hex Code: #D0e740)【new】, 028-1kg Muted Purple (Hex Code: #9f7f9b), 021-1kg Sunrise Orange (Hex Code: #F99963)

Dimensions: ‎2.76 x 8.27 x 6.69 inches

Weight: 1 Kilograms

Brand: Polymaker

Color: 003-1kg Cotton White (Hex Code

Maximum Print Speed (Color): 10

Max Printspeed Monochrome: 10

Item Weight: 1 Kilograms

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4out of 5

4843 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

This prints very fine detail on an X1C. If you look at the attached picture this is a close phone of less than an inch of a tank model. Without magnification you can almost not see any layer lines or printing artifacts. It printed very smooth and fast on the optimal settings of the Bambulab printer. It came out of the box from Amazon dry and printed this well.
5out of 5
I'm in love with this brand of filament now!!!! I used it for the first time today and boy it was super easy to print and my prints looked very very good. Didn't show many layer lines whatsoever compared to my anycubic filament. I printed at 200 degrees and bed at 60. It had the perfect bed adhesion and just so smooth through my extruder. I was able to run on higher speeds compared to my other filaments. My extruder grips this so much better too. I also believe it doesn't absorb as much moisture. Possibly the cardboard spool along with keeping it in a bag helps absorb any moisture. This will from now on be my go to filament brand. I love all the different options of styles and colors they got also. Thank you so much for the great product!!
The Polymaker Matte PLA Filament in Pink has truly impressed me with its outstanding quality and stunning aesthetics! As a 3D printing enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for filaments that combine both performance and visual appeal, and this product ticks all the right boxes.First and foremost, the pink color is absolutely gorgeous and adds a touch of elegance to my printed creations. The matte finish gives the objects a sophisticated look, making them stand out with a subtle yet eye-catching charm.Printability is where this filament shines. It feeds smoothly into my 3D printer, producing clean and precise layers without any clogging or jamming issues. The consistent diameter of 1.75mm ensures a reliable flow, resulting in impeccable prints every time.Durability and strength are also notable features of this PLA filament. The printed objects exhibit excellent structural integrity, proving to be sturdy and dependable for various projects. I particularly love using it for decorative items and functional prototypes alike.Furthermore, I appreciate that the Polymaker Matte PLA is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It's reassuring to know that my creative endeavors have a minimal impact on the environment.Packaging is top-notch, with a vacuum-sealed bag and desiccant to keep the filament moisture-free. This attention to detail ensures the filament remains in pristine condition, ready for use whenever I need it.Overall, I highly recommend Polymaker Matte PLA Filament in Pink to anyone looking for a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable filament for their 3D printing projects. It adds a touch of elegance to my creations while delivering exceptional performance. Kudos to Polymaker for producing such an excellent product!
I originally purchased this because it's supposed to be a close match to Milwaukee Tool red. I wanted to make some accessories for my garage to organize my bits and pieces, and so far it definitely appears it's a nice match for the matte red color that Milwaukee uses on its tools. And, at $20/kg, it doesn't break the bank compared to some premium or specialty filaments out there. Aside from liking the red color and matte finish, I had excellent experiences with this filament: • Printed with a 0.5mm hardened steel nozzle, I used nozzle at 220°C, bed at 50°C • If adhesion is an issue, which I ran into when printing lines only 2 walls thick with no infill or other connections, I did need a light film of purple glue stick. That stuck down very well. • Stringing was nearly nonexistent for me. I had a tiny bit of light fuzz where retractions and travel moves happened, but that was it. I can easily burn that off with a quick touch of a torch. • Cardboard spool is a great touch to cut down on plastic trash in landfills. • Polymaker also supplies technical info on testing and composting for their PLA filament. I haven't tested for dimensional accuracy, but that's not a major concern for my use cases. There's probably enough tolerance in my printer's movements and belts that I wouldn't notice a huge difference anyway. The matte finish is excellent. It has just a small amount of sheen, but definitely isn't glossy except for the bottom layer on a smooth PEI bed. Overall, I'm very happy with this filament. It is excellent value for the price, and I've already ordered more to continue organizing my garage workspace.
November 17, 2023
5out of 5
It doesn’t quite look like wood, a bit more like cardboard, but adding a wood grain-like surface finish made it look quite nice. It was also easy to print with
November 18, 2023
5out of 5
Polymaker is my new favorite and go to filament. Prints easily and looks amazing. These electronics enclosures came out looking like finished manufactured parts.
I was disappointed with the results matte orange gave me, but the matte black prints beautifully. The attached picture shows two benchys printed with the same exact g-code. I've tried tweaking settings to get betrer results with the orange, but I can't get the consistency to improve. Could just be a bad spool, but this will make me think twice before trying another spool of polyterra pla.