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Electronics & TechComputer Accessoriesmulti charging cable travel portable magnetic keyring 5 in 1
Multi Charging Cable - Travel Portable Magnetic Keyring - 5 in 1
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Multi Charging Cable - Travel Portable Magnetic Keyring - 5 in 1

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Discover the CHAFON Multi Charging Cable, a compact and portable 5-in-1 USB charger with magnetic keyring. This short travel charger features PD 60W USB A/C to Type C and Micro USB connectors, making it compatible with a wide range of devices including cell phones, tablets, and power banks. A perfect blend of functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics, this grey charger is a must-have accessory for your digital life. Since 2012, CHAFON has been dedicated to providing high-quality electronic accessories that enhance your digital experience. This product also makes a great gift!

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Manufacturer: ‎CHAFON

Variants: Grey-2Pack, Golden-1Pack, Pink-1Pack, Blue-1Pack, Pink-2Pack, Grey-1Pack, Blue-2Pack

Weight: ‎1.44 ounces


Connector Type: USB Type C, Micro USB, USB 2.0

Cable Type: USB

Compatible Devices: Galaxy S22/S21/S20, Android Phones, iPhone 14/13/12/11, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, MacBook Pro/Air

Special Feature: Braided, High Speed, Data Transfer, Magnetic, Tangle Free

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1460 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 07, 2023
5out of 5
This is a really great little multi-cable. Granted, it is very short, but that makes it ideal to always have it. This is not the cable you are going to want to regularly charge your phone/tablet/laptop/headphones. But to have this one always in your bag, it is an essential. It is soo small and takes up little room, so you don't even notice it is there. But, if you lose/forget one of your cables, this can meet all of your cable needs in an emergency. It is small enough to fit on a keychain, but I prefer to keep it in my backpack. It is sturdy, well made, and works as advertised. A great, essential EDC cable.
I purchased this cable as an all-in-one replacement for several cables that I use for travel. One side has USB-A and USB-C and the other has USB-C and Lightning. Ultimately, I highly recommend this cable for its intended use. It is both high-quality construction, as well as convenient in size and easily portable. The design/build of this cable is incredibly well done. The cable feels durable, the casing of the connectors and the wrap of the cord both appear to be/feel high quality. I also appreciate the inclusion of a magnet and the rubber connector protector, both of which help keep the cable compacted while stored away. One additional comment about the design is that this cable *should* work with most iPhone cases, since the Lightning connector is extended slightly from the molded case. I've had other cables that did not take this into account and could not be used with my existing cases. They did a great job thinking this through in their design. Let me preface the next comments by saying that if you're using this cable with a portable battery charger/pack for your device, then you can hold them together and the length is not much of an issue, although I think it would be somewhat awkward trying to use a device while this cable is attached, simply due to the length of the connectors. That being said, my only problem with this cable is its length, and that's for two reasons: First, you are absolutely not going to use the device if it's plugged into a USB-A/C port on a laptop, wall charger, etc. Second, if you attempt to use the cable on a port that is oriented vertically (or even positioned up/down), then the flat cable gets a bit awkward trying to bend to match it, and it feels like it's putting extra stress on the connectors and the phone.
This is a really nice short cable to have if you are planning to travel or even every day use for your charging. The first thing to note is that this cable is made of nylon fiber so this is a pretty durable cable. It is also not too long so you are not going to be getting a super long cable with this (it is MEANT to be portable). It is easy to bend so you can fold it around your key ring as needed. The neck does not look like it will fray very easy which is nice. The default neck is lightning/micro and type A. The plugs under it is type C for both ends. The adapter piece stays attached to the cable and does not obscure the port below. It is made of metal that is scratch prone though. It works with any case I have seen which is nice. It can take up to 60 w according to the cable. The adapters are pretty sturdy and secure so you do not have to worry about them easily being pulled out. This cable is awesome because you can charge and data transfer. The data transfer is pretty decent, but it varies from device to device. I will say that this the USB A is only USB 2.0 (based on the 4 pins I see). It is not 3.0 so you do not get the faster transfer speed. You are better off using the type C whenever possible so be aware of that. The cable is pretty short giving you less than a foot so you really only use this for charging rather than transferring. Although it says micro, this was confusing to me at first. The lightning port actually is a micro USB plug. So be aware of that. A cool thing is that the cable wraps around and can magnetize which is nice. The magnet is really strong so you should not expect it to fall off easily. It holds the cables ends together pretty well. The black color also do not get visible dirty compared to other colors. Overall this a nice small portable cable. It is great to have if you want BOTH transfer and charging capability. You can take it on the go with you so you can easily plug it into a battery bank as needed. The downside I will say is that the USB A is only 2.0 and not 3.0 which is a bit of a bummer. The magnet is pretty strong so you are able to have it securely placed on your key ring. The cable also supports fast charging but be aware it all depends on the charging port you are using.
October 30, 2023
5out of 5
I was just on a trip and needed a micro usb, usb c, and usb to usb c cable and I decided to see if I could find one that took the least amount of space in my travel bag. So I read the good reviews on this cable and decided to try it out. I am very impressed, first the weight. It's not light, it feels very solid and quality built. The magnets snap together, the rubber end cap fits snugly, the cable is substantial and I checked it and it can high speed charge with my Samsung phone and tablet. I'm going to order another one for my wife to put in her travel bag. It's that good and simple to use.