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Ray-Ban Meta - Wayfarer (Standard) Smart Glasses
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Ray-Ban Meta - Wayfarer (Standard) Smart Glasses

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Discover the classic style of Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer Smart Glasses in Shiny Black. These standard size glasses feature a clear, shiny black frame for a sleek and modern look. Perfect for everyday wear, the Wayfarer design offers a timeless appeal. Upgrade your eyewear collection with these stylish Ray-Ban glasses.

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Manufacturer: Luxottica

Variants: Wayfarer Large Polarized Matte Black / Polarized Gradient Graphite, Wayfarer Plano Shiny Black / G15 Green, Wayfarer Polarized Matte Jeans Transparent / Polarized Dusty Blue, Headliner Polarized Shiny Black / G15 Green, Wayfarer Polarized Shiny Caramel Transparent / Polarized Brown, Headliner Plano Shiny Caramel Transparent / Teal Blue, Wayfarer Transitions Matte Black / G15 Green, Wayfarer Clear Shiny Black / Clear, Wayfarer Polarized Matte Black/ Polarized Gradient Graphite, Wayfarer Large Polarized Shiny Caramel Transparent / Polarized Brown, Wayfarer Large Transitions Matte Black / G15 Green, Wayfarer Large Plano Shiny Black / G15 Green

Weight: 11.1 ounces

color: Shiny Black / Clear

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4out of 5

93 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

It works well but needs a US Apple ID to download the meta-view app. If you want to use the speaker on a bus or subway, sometimes you cannot hear anything from the speaker. But if you are using it in a mall or on the street it can give you a not-bad sound quality.
October 30, 2023
4out of 5
Love these glasses, the pictures and videos are clear as long as I keep relatively steady and move fluidly. Headphones sounds perfect just over half volume. I am a bit worried about the battery life, my trial run lasted half an hour (of heavy use) and brought them from 100% to 60%, which is dramatic. Can’t imagine streaming from them without constantly worrying about the battery. Lastly the most significant issue is how slick the nose is. Ray ban knows glasses, so maybe I’m just in a small minority of slippery nose people they don’t care to cater to, but having to buy anti-slip pads for brand new $300 glasses feels a little cheap, and not including a charging cord is even cheaper. All said, as long as they last more than a year I’ll be very satisfied with this purchase
The videos, sound and photos are cool. The ai and functionality needs work. I understand, its use is limited but I think it could be so much more. Currently, do not expect some sort of wonder ai glasses. Its just a text based ai that has limited control over 3rd party apps on your phone. The full integration is not there. Personally, would I recommend in its current state? Depends on your usage. I would not recommend to the average person unless you love using Insta and Facebook. The battery life is iffy as well. If it was doubled, I couldn't complain but it drains surprisingly fast.
November 04, 2023
5out of 5
This is product was worth the wait. It can do everything advertised. I dont share alot on instagram but the glasses has all thoughs attributes and would work great for pre and post work out pictures or video. The sound is exceptional, I dont have to have earbuds now for music and I also can delve into my audio books or spotify podcast..Im very happy with the product 💪🏾
I've enjoyed them so far alot! It's a different experience being out with subtle music playing thru the glasses, it's perfect for me. Same for taking calls and just hearing notifications briefly. Taking a quick video or picture with a tap of the button is extremely convenient and the quality is decent. If you take heavy videos battery will go fast but leave it in the case for 5 to 10 minutes and you'll get more than enough power back. I'm sure with updates more features will come, I think they did well and would recommend to others.
November 18, 2023
5out of 5
I follow my cat around to catch her doing cute things, take videos on my drives and walks, listen to music and audiobooks, and ask Meta many questions. I love that they are Ray-Ban, so they are solid glasses. They look great on and are nice and sturdy. I've even ordered a prescription pair with Transitions lenses so I can wear them all the time. I have both the Wayfarers and the Headliners and love them both! They are so easy to use, they take excellent pics, and it's so easy to share right from the app.
November 13, 2023
5out of 5
At first glance, I was a bit hesitant to purchase this product. However, after using them for a while, I absolutely love them! In my opinion, they are so much more useful than AirPods. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing them.
3out of 5
I just received my wayfarer today. I got the transition lens that changes from clear to gray. Here's my first impression. 1. The "smart" features - you can take a photo with a button. You can take a video with a button, these become over the ear speakers when connected through bluetooth. The picture quality is not too bad. The video looks a bit like 3d video games. 2. Don't expect something futuristic - like on-lens display. No such thing. I turned the notifications on on the app. That was not to show the notifications on the glasses/lens, that was for Meta View app to push notifications on my phone! 3. I have a large face and my nose isn't big. The large size glasses sit like oversize glass, the look I wanted. But the frame touches my chicks. I need the nose piece pads to make them sit right. 4. Speakers sound ok, not that great but not too bad either. Feels streo having two over the hear speakers on each temple. 5. The voice command "Hey Meta" has delays. It took about 1 second to it to respond to me for any question. It's like a slower version of alexa. 6. The transition lens: they don't stay completely clear indoors. Probably because there's some light all the time. Going outside where it is very sunny, the lens turned a bit gray but not completely dark. I could still see my eyes and wrinkles on my face clearly on my camera. So, it is about 20% darker than clear lens inside and it's about 40% less dark than typical brownish or grayish black lens. I wish it had a little bit more features than photo/video/speakers and voice commands. like on-lens display for notifications and some answers using visual augmentation. It feels like it didn't really leverage the glasses being glasses that are put right in front of the eyes. Sensory overload is somewhat expected but there's no such thing.