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Electronics & TechCameras & Photographydji osmo action 3 standard combo 4k hdr waterproof vlogging camera
DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo, 4K HDR Waterproof Vlogging Camera
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DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo, 4K HDR Waterproof Vlogging Camera

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What upgrades does the firmware update of Osmo Action 3 have? 1. 4K HDR Video The camera adopts a chip-level HDR technology and supports recording HDR video at 4K/2.7K/1080p@24/25/30fps (16:9). Even in high-contrast scenarios, like sunsets and sunrises, it can restore highlight and shadow details, allowing you to capture images with natural lighting transitions. At the same time, you can enable RockSteady 3.0, RockSteady+, HorizonSteady, or HorizonBalancing to stabilize image details in motion. 2. 10-Bit Color Depth Over one billion colors can be recorded to reproduce your world in stunning detail, delivering smoother and more natural color gradations for greater flexibility in post-production. 3. Timecode Timecode is designed for multi-camera shooting. After synchronizing the timecode of each camera, you can quickly align materials from different cameras with the built-in timecode information, greatly enhancing the post-production efficiency. Notes 1. The 120fps high frame rate is applicable to 1080p, 2.7K 16:9, and 4K 16:9 video specifications. 2. Tested in a 25° C (77° F) laboratory environment while recording 1080p/30fps video with EIS disabled and both screens off, and should be used for reference only. 3. Tested in a -20° C (-4° F) laboratory environment while recording 1080p/30fps video with EIS disabled and both screens off, and should be used for reference only. 4. In order to avoid damage, do not strike, crush, or drop this product. 5. Before use, close the battery compartment cover and the USB-C port cover, and tighten the Lens Protective Cover. It is recommended to install the waterproof case for long-duration underwater shooting or when shooting in environments with high pressure or water impacts. Osmo Action 3 and its Waterproof Case have an IP68 waterproof rating. Do not use the camera in hot springs or expose it to corrosive liquids. * Due to platform compatibility issue, the DJI Mimo app has been removed from Google Play. You cannot search for DJI Mimo in Google Play. To ensure a better product usage experience, please log in to the DJI official website to download the latest version of DJI Mimo.

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Manufacturer: DJI

Variants: Standard Combo + Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), Creator Combo Single, Standard Combo + Mic (1 TX + 1 RX), Standard Combo Skiing Combo, Standard Combo Diving Combo, Standard Combo Biking Combo, Adventure Combo Single, Standard Combo Single, Standard Combo Travelling Combo

Dimensions: 19.69 x 19.69 x 11.02 inches

Weight: 3.87 ounces

Brand: DJI

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Flash Memory Type: Micro SD

Color: Black

Special Feature: Time Lapse

Screen Size: 2.25 Inches

Photo Sensor Technology: CMOS

Camcorder type: Action Camera


Included Components: Type-C to Type-C PD Cable ×1, Quick Start Guide ×1, Osmo Flat Adhesive Base ×1, Osmo Action 3 ×1, Osmo Locking Screw ×1, Osmo Action 3 Horizontal-Vertical Protective Frame ×1, Osmo Action Quick-Release Adapter Mount ×1, DJI Logo Sticker ×2, Osmo Action Extreme Battery ×1, Osmo Action 3 Rubber Lens Protector ×2, Warranty Card ×1, Disclaimer ×1 See more

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2out of 5
Never in my life have I been so frustrated with a product trying to troubleshoot it, until now. The DJI Osmo Action 3 is an underdeveloped product that should’ve had several more months of development time to iron out all the overwhelming issues that I have experienced. To start, let's begin with the good. The physical build quality of the camera is excellent, and it comes with some stickers, the magnetic mount along with a base, a battery, a USB-C to USB-C charge cable, a protective shell, and a spare rubber ring for the camera lens. The camera itself was very easy to turn on, and from this point on it is all downhill. When you first set it up, the camera will prompt you to scan a QR code to get the link to download the APK file from DJI's website for the Mimo app (since it is no longer available on the Play store) otherwise you can skip this part of the setup FIVE times, but once you skip it those FIVE times, the camera is completely locked and you are required to set it up in the app in order to continue using it, otherwise the camera will become a paperweight until you do so. This is where the next problem comes in. When I first tried to download the app, I kept getting errors saying that the page could not be loaded, and it took me about an hour of trying to download the app that I found a way around it- disabling WiFi. For some reason I was able to finally download the APK over my cellular network, which was impossible over WIFI for whatever reason. I had this same issue with three different phones and a tablet that I tried. Weird, I thought. Well, it gets worse. After I finally managed to download the app, my Pixel 6a REFUSED to pair to the camera in the app. In the app, I had an endless looping "searching" screen and it refused to find the camera. I tried and tried everything to get my phone to recognize it and it could not. The other phone I tried was another Pixel device (6 Pro) and it also refused to connect. Interestingly, though, I did finally get a solution- a Galaxy S8 from several years ago. For the S8 that I pulled out of storage to see if it was solely a Pixel issue I was having, the S8 had the same issue downloading the APK over WIFI, but I was finally able to get the app to detect the camera and allow me to set it up to get past the locked boot screen as well as updating the firmware. However, this is where EVEN MORE ISSUES came. After I finally got the camera set up and paired, the app was now virtually useless. Every time it connected, the camera preview would freeze and it would disconnect within ten seconds every single time I tried to use it with the app. So, after spending some time here and with everything else, I decided to just put my SD card in the camera, go outside, and shoot it normally without the app. At first, everything looked great, until my keen eyes noticed during playback that all my video samples looked very soft. Don't get me wrong, the video samples weren't terrible by any means, but you could tell that the video had a very distinct "somewhat out of focus" type look to it. Like, it looked mostly in focus but not fully, and after a while it got more and more noticeable to my eyes and I couldn't unsee it. The problem is that I couldn't find any settings to manually adjust the focus to improve the video quality. You're just stuck with it. To most people, it may not be super noticeable, but once you are aware of that "slightly blurred" look, you can't unsee it. I don't know if my camera is just defective and that's why I have been having all the issues, but I have no way of knowing. In the end, the camera works but your videos could have focus issues, and the app setup process is SO TERRIBLE! The camera features overall do work great such as the RockSteady and Horizon Lock modes. The overall colors of the video are very vibrant and stand out, and the camera software is very intuitive and easy to navigate once the activation process is completed. However, due to my terrible experience with the setup process and it not working on my Pixel phones, as well as the app being completely useless along with the issues with video focus, altogether make this a camera I cannot recommend at this current point in time unless improvements are made in some capacity. Thanks for reading.
5out of 5
Bought this as I was taking a trip to puerto rico, used it underwater. This camera did get hot though while recording in 4k, but had 0 issues recording underwater while swimming. Definitely recommend this im sure it doesnt get as hot in lower resolutions.
I have watched Youtuber after Youtuber use this camera and thought they were using a GoPro until it was mentioned at some point that they were using this camera. It has a great mounting system, and it comes with everything you need to start creating content. You can feel the quality in every item you touch. The selfie stick is solid and works great with this camera. The magnetic mount is awesome because it attaches quickly and is solid when attached. The fact that you get 3 batteries, and a charging case just makes this package one that you are definitely going to want to pick up if you are in the market for an action camera. With the front and back screen, it makes getting the perfect shot easy. As an average everyday person, I am extremely happy with my purchase of this camera.
The media could not be loaded. In my experience before getting the Osmo Action 3, DJI have been such an innovative company that delivered quality products from end-to-end. And apart from the Focus Issue with the Osmo Action 3, I would still hold that view. I was a professional photographer, so I have an eye for focus & image sharpness. The OA3 Camera I received from Batch 11/2022 was not terribly out-of-focus (like the 9/2022 batch), but after some general testing, specific testing and then a comparison test with a friends' GoPro Hero11 Black -- the camera is certainly NOT as sharply focused as it should be. So, I returned the camera and Amazon did the right thing by me and issued a refund -- thank you Amazon! I do plan to buy another OA3, but I would like to receive a camera from a 2023 batch and again will do my own Quality Control Testing because of a lack of trust with DJI over this issue. I'd like to buy the Costco Bundle (+extra battery +memory card +storage case for less $ than the Standard Combo), but my fear is that DJI are dumping in the out-of-focus 2022 batch cameras in with the Costco bundle, so check your batch numbers! PLEASE KEEP POSTING REVIEWS WITH FOCUS ISSUES IN-MIND AND INCLUDE YOUR MANUFACTURING BATCH DATES. DJI are making this problem worse... because of the Focus issue and the lack of proactive steps from the company in NOT announcing the problem, NOT stopping sales and NOT issuing a recall, it seems customers of the OA3 are pixel-peeping to check if their $329 investment is a good one, and many off us are finding fault, even if that is a minor fault which many would not have found if DJI had done the right thing by its customers in the first place. I wonder if DJI will soon release the "Osmo Action 3S" to resolve these issues and move-on? On a positive note -- the OA3 user interface is great to use and very responsive. The magnetic attachment clips are a game-changer and will be a reason many switch from GoPro. And the camera's form-factor is small and easy to use and carry, better than GoPro! Battery performance is also great as claimed! DJI -- please factor in these future improvements for the Osmo Action 4 (or 3S): #1 -- Include the larger sensor concept that GoPro have to illuminate the need for Vertical Shooting & allow Square 1:1 shooting #2 -- step-up the image quality for equal GoPro #3 -- make sure the camera is in-focus before shipping it out world-wide #4 -- AND make a hand-held Gimbal for the Osmo Action that can control the camera. I know your Image Stabilization is excellent, but there is still a need for a Gimbal in low-light situations and to get smoother and controlled camera movements and create automated movement for Timelapse's etc. The Hohem iSteady Pro 4 is good (especially for $79), but DJI can make a much better OEM gimbal for the Osmo Action.