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Electronics & TechAudio & Videosony lspx s3 360 degrees speaker with led illumination and bluetooth
Sony LSPX-S3 360 Degrees Speaker with LED Illumination and Bluetooth
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Sony LSPX-S3 360 Degrees Speaker with LED Illumination and Bluetooth

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Transform the atmosphere of your space with the crystal-clear 360° sound of the LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker that adds ambient illumination to any room with an inviting, candle-like LED light. Take the speaker to any room in your home for high-quality audio with up to 8 hours of battery life.

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Manufacturer: Sony

Dimensions: 5.8 x 5.3 x 16 inches

Weight: 1.1 Kilograms

Brand: Sony

Model Name: LSPXS3

Speaker Type: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Connectivity Technology: 20Hz–20,000Hz (with 44.1kHz sampling)

Special Feature: Organic Glass Tube Tweeter; Up to 8-Hour Battery Life; 32 Light Brightness Settings

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75 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 04, 2022
2out of 5
Update… I cannot listen to the speaker anymore, it sounds like something is burning on the driver when I play music, terrible buy, just get away from any Sony sound product. Now I can only use the light. The speaker is really good for what I needed but, sometimes there is a sound coming from it, like a distortion, I have to reboot the speaker several times until it finally goes away. Other than that annoying transition, the speaker is good, the light is pleasing and there is a good sound quality in it.
November 30, 2021
5out of 5
This is speaker has made me have a great experience. The sound quality is great, the lighting is even greater! What a lovely masterpiece of Sony! It is so romantic, so elegant when the light is dancing with the music.
March 19, 2022
3out of 5
Considering item is called Sony Glass Speaker, it's disappointing that the "glass" tube is actually an acrylic resin. I guess marketing decided Sony Plastic Tube Speaker doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Nevertheless, it does look very nice and probably not as fragile as it appears. For the size, sound quality is pretty good, and for my intended purpose, which is setting a nice dinner atmosphere, it works very well. The shadow that it casts on the ceiling is also pretty cool. This model is the third generation and is made in China. First one was made in Japan, not sure about the second. Price has gotten substantially lower with each generation.
I don't buy separate speakers, I usually listen to music off my TV speakers and through headphones, so I was uncertain it'd be worth it to buy an individual speaker like this. However, I loved the design so I decided to take a leap since I was able to apply a coupon on top of a sale. Oh my goodness, this speaker is fantastic for the money I paid! Although I am not an audiophile I think it sounds incredible, and the candle light flickering is a great night light that I've needed for some time. It looks so nice on my table or my windowsill even though it totally looks like a space age bong - and that's honestly a feature given I already got to make jokes to my friends about it. I only wish it came with a longer power cable by default, but I might get a second one at this point.
2out of 5
The sound from this speaker was in the mid-range in terms of quality. Definitely not as high quality as the price would indicate, but given the form factor and the additional ambiance you get from the light I thought it was a good tradeoff. However, the speaker completely stopped working 1 year and 2 months after purchase. Just outside of warranty. No drops, no water, no updates gone awry. Just stopped working. I guess it was good while it lasted.
I purchased this on sale before the holidays at a price that still seemed high… but worth the gamble. At it’s current full retail price—no way. The price shot back up right after the 2021 holidays while I was thinking about purchasing a second one. (Sony has cleverly designed this bluetooth speaker to pair with another so you can create true stereo sound with a nice, spacial sound.) As a single speaker, it does project quite well in 360 degree fashion. So if you used this as a table centerpiece, everyone gets to enjoy its flickering light (one of multiple lamp settings but my favorite.). The sound emanates evenly from its circular, candlestick design. Very nice. Sony has a downloadable app thru which you adjust the lamp, the sound, etc—it’s a must have (iOS and Android). Pluses: it’s quite beautiful to look at. Very solid, well-balanced design—all the weight is right at the bottom where the bass speaker is housed. The flickering lamp is pure eye candy—it can be adjusted and set to pulse gently to match your music (it can also be set to steady, non-flicker mode). It’s really my favorite‘ ‘feature.’ Sound quality is ‘good’ too. It’s not ‘great’ but it is nicely balanced with good highs/mids/lows. This isn’t meant to be a super loud, room-dominating ‘party’ speaker. Although if paired with another matching BT speaker it certainly can get reasonably loud before sounding distorted. Not-so-great: Sony’s implementation of bluetooth is sketchy. I prefer to have the bluetooth set to ‘high quality sound’ mode but may have to switch to ‘stronger connection mode. In ‘high quality sound’ mode this speaker is unable to ‘lock’ onto just one nearby device and will irritatingly ‘jump’ back and forth between the two iPhones that are paired with it in my house. Example: I was in the kitchen (my iPhone about three feet from the speaker, actively paired and playing music.). The other paired iPhone was upstairs….on the other end of my house (arguably more than 30 feet away which is normal range for bluetooth.). The speaker kept ‘jumping’ away from my iPhone (13 Pro) to the other, far away iPhone (13, same iOS). It got so bad I just shut off the speaker and enjoyed my music through the iPhone itself. For an expensive speaker; this is a big fail and I hope Sony addresses this in a firmware update—as in soon, please. If your situation is similar (multiple devices will likely pair with this) well—be aware of this potential flaw. Summary: as an objet d’art this is a beauty. The high price is what it is. As others have stated, you definitely do not NEED this speaker. It’s a ‘want’ for sure. I happen to enjoy Sony’s products and, despite the occasional bluetooth flaw (there are many hours when my iPhone is the only one in the house) I really enjoy this little candlestick speaker. If it’s just a good, portable BT speaker you need, there are plenty of reallllly good ones that you can purchase for a fraction of the cost.
December 13, 2021
4out of 5
This is a speaker for a very specific niche, poeople looking for a background sound with clarity no too much bass and a lot of style. The way I use it is when having dinner with friends or my wife in the dining table. I put it on it and gives you a romantic / cozy mood with the speaker candle light mode and nice music volume. Just beautiful and conversation starter.
September 25, 2023
3out of 5
Haven’t been able to use the item since the charger won’t charge the speaker.