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Electronics & TechAudio & Videoseismic audio saprca3 3ft dual rca male audio patch cable
Seismic Audio SAPRCA3 - 3ft Dual RCA Male Audio Patch Cable
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Seismic Audio SAPRCA3 - 3ft Dual RCA Male Audio Patch Cable

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Experience superior audio quality with our 3 Foot Dual RCA Male to Dual RCA Male Audio Patch Cable. Ideal for connecting professional and home audio equipment, this cable features 2 RCA Male Connectors on each end. The dual RCA male audio cable is perfect for left and right audio applications. Enhanced with 24k Gold Plated RCA Connectors and spring strain relief, it ensures durability and longevity. The connectors are color-coded in red and black for easy identification. Encased in a flexible PVC jacket, this 3-foot cable is designed to withstand heavy use. Each cable weighs 0.28 lbs and comes with a one-year warranty. Our premium audio cable delivers clean, clear sound for stereo and home theater use. Purchase includes one premium 3 foot dual RCA male patch cable. Upgrade your audio experience with Seismic Audio cables - built to last and provide trouble-free, crystal clear sound.

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Manufacturer: Seismic Audio

Variants: 2 Foot Red, 3 Foot Yellow, 3 Foot Red, 1 Foot Red, 1 Foot White, 6 Foot Black, 1 Foot Yellow, 1 Foot Black, 6 Foot Red, 2 Foot Yellow, 2 Foot White, 2 Foot Black, 3 Foot White

Brand: Seismic Audio

Connector Type: RCA

Cable Type: Composite

Color: White

Connector Gender: Male-to-Male

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66 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

December 26, 2021
5out of 5
It's a cable that works well. Can't speak for sound quality, noticed no difference
February 09, 2022
2out of 5
My set had a connector missing the "splits" in the outer shield part of the cylinder. So it would not mate with the jack on back of my preamp (way too tight).
5out of 5
Good quality rca cables. Good length for short connection between pre amplifier and amplifier.
I can't recommend this. I shouldn't have to mod a cable of this price and caliber. Sadly the RCA connectors are TOO beefy and can easily touch. Otherwise I like the cable! Love the yellow and size. Perfect size for a preamp DAC>Amp. Easy to identify from speakers. Feels like a good cable, very flexible and not stiff like other beefy cables. Seems to be a good gauge for hi-fi without actually cutting and checking. For $12 and having to cover the jacks with insulation makes this not worth the money. Silly enough 6" cable costs so much, it better be perfect for anything above $5. I was expecting high end, 6 foot cables cost less.
5out of 5
It carries electrical signals, thankfully. I was afraid reality would break down, and electrons would stop vibrating while using this product. Thankfully this did not happen! Electrons rate the passage ways through the inner metallic medium a 10/10.
April 06, 2022
4out of 5
Good cable for schiit stacking.
March 21, 2023
1out of 5
Terrible design, the rca jack are so bulky they touch each other causing shorts. And when they aren’t touching, they pick up all kinds of noise. The worst cables I have ever used!!!!
October 28, 2021
5out of 5
These replaced some ancient audio cables. Fit and materials were better than expected. Very nice.