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Electronics & TechAudio & Videofluance hifi vinyl record weight stabilizer high mass 760 gram
Fluance - HiFi Vinyl Record Weight - Stabilizer High Mass 760 Gram
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Fluance - HiFi Vinyl Record Weight - Stabilizer High Mass 760 Gram

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Experience superior sound quality with the Fluance HiFi Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer. This high-mass 760-gram steel LP disc turntable accessory, complete with a protective velvet pad, ensures optimal vibration damping. Perfect for audiophiles, the RW02 model enhances your vinyl record listening experience.

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Variants: Black, Steel

Dimensions: 3.74"L x 3.27"W x 1.38"H

Brand: Fluance

Special Feature: Fluance Record Weight RW02, Quick Start Guide, 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Material: Plastic

Style: Modern

Color: Steel

Motor Type: DC Motor

Power Source: Corded Electric

Product Dimensions: 3.74"L x 3.27"W x 1.38"H

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4out of 5

517 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

December 03, 2023
5out of 5
Good quality stabilizer with some heft! It does help with slightly warped vinyl especially with the lighter weight LP's. Not sure I would want to use it with a budget belt driven table.
5out of 5
This is a record clamp for record stabilization! Works well no complaints! Quality product and finish is outstanding! Thank you!
I have the Fluance RT85 Acrylic Platter w/ Nagaota MP110 cartridge (bought from Fluance thru Amazon) and fell in love with my 20-30 year old vinyl after I had my records in storage for at least 10 years since my old Turntable broke and CD's got popular. BUT... as I got back into vinyl for the last 6 months (bought all the new cleaning toys, sprays, brushes etc), I noticed that my records would "slip" on the acrylic platter occasionally when I lightly applied the carbon fiber brush to remove light dust and electrostatic whatever. Then, if I decided to spritz a record brush with cleaner fluid and VERY LIGHTY let it drag on the rotating record, it would almost always slip against the acrylic and the record would slide on the platter until I lifted the pressure to almost nothing. I NEW THIS IS NOT GOOD. (I normally do a GOOD spray cleaning on the counter on microfiber towels but sometimes I want to do a light cleaning while the record is spinning). A rubber platter would certainly not do this, a cork platter mat would probably not do this... but the acrylic platter looks AWESOME but it's a hard surface and the vinyl does not stick well to it. Sorry, I wish I could say it somehow is better, but no.. it just LOOKS AWESOME and that's ok. So I bought this QUALITY record weight, its hole is dead center (I measured it) and it DOES NOT inhibit closing the Fluance TT cover. It is very shallow and wide and heavy. SOUND CHANGES: I kept playing the some 30 second pieces with and without the weight and this was what I found on my good and high quality, flat records: 1-NEW sounds!!! I listened to Grover Washington Jr Winelight without the weight and would pic out faint instruments that would become very clear and even pronounced with the weight. 2-More "space" or "room" in the song 3-The base is "tighter" NOT bigger or louder or deeper (sorry bass-heads) 4-See number 1 above: I can't emphasize enough how much cleared most instruments come through and some are totally new that I didn't even hear before. REASON: I assume that the vinyl record against the hard acrylic platter had a slightly uneven contact that caused resonance that was picked up by the needle and it "warmed" or rounded the bass or lower notes and the mid sounds and other nuanced instruments got lost, or drowned out. Conclusion: If I had a cork mat or leather or some rubber, I may not have heard a difference, but I paid extra for the nice clear acrylic platter so if you have the same thing, you need this weight. It's been fun re-listening to my vinyl again with this weight on.
October 25, 2023
4out of 5
I liked the weight and polished finish. It changed the sound of the vinyl.
5out of 5
Unless you have a decent turntable, you do not need this and you should put the money you’d otherwise have spent on this toward the purchase of a decent turntable. If you do have a decent turntable, this weight is a nice accompaniment. I can’t say for certain that this hunk of metal with a hole drilled almost dead center (it has a slight wobble, almost imperceptible) improves the sound of my LPs, but I think it does helps level out warped records to a degree. Plus, it’s got a really nice chrome finish and looks great. It’s also the heaviest weight I could find without spending a silly amount of money.
October 25, 2023
5out of 5
Excellent finish and built quality. Highly recommended.
December 01, 2023
5out of 5
This is one solid & surprisingly heavy unit. It keeps the vinyl planted on the platter, eliminating slip and reducing some of the warp. Any it looks great whether it’s in use on a spinning LP, or just sitting on the turntable when it’s off.
5out of 5
I was initially worried about the weight of this product, but I have a Fluance RT85 turntable and it is recommended by Fluance for it so should be fine. Some of the older records that are slightly uneven sit flat when this weight is used making playback sound better and more consistent. Even helps some of the thicker 180 records I have. And of course, it just looks cool when in use as well. I recommend this and actually most of Fluances products!