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DALI Spektor 1 - Bookshelf Speakers
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DALI Spektor 1 - Bookshelf Speakers

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Experience the power of DALI Spektor 1 Bookshelf Speakers in a Walnut finish. These ultra-compact stereo loudspeakers are perfect for small rooms or as part of a larger surround sound system. With custom Dali-designed drivers, they deliver dynamic and detailed sound with minimal signal loss. The soft dome tweeters ensure clear high-frequency sound, while the 4.5" wood fiber cone woofer provides accurate bass. These speakers have a passive design that is compatible with most amplifiers. Plus, their wide dispersion sound pattern allows for flexible positioning in any room. Upgrade your audio experience with the DALI Spektor 1 Bookshelf Speakers.

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Brand: DALI

Model Name: Spektor 1

Speaker Type: Woofer

Special Feature: Hi Res Audio

Recommended Uses For Product: Music

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84 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

March 09, 2022
5out of 5
These speakers sound phenomenal. I’m going to listen to them tell my ears bleed !!!
5out of 5
Incredible speakers, they are quite detailed and stereo-image exceeding well. Much more bass than you would think for their size and it is very well refined bass. There is a slight woofiness at one particular frequency in the mid-low range but this did improve with burn in a bit, I've heard it on a lot of speakers. I also put them on Kanto stands and this helped with the reverberation as well. Can drive them well with one of the cheap Fosi desktop amps. Maybe my only complaint is that the vinyl wrap is pretty obviously a wrap, would've been nice to see them in wood cabinets but I guess it's what you get for the price, They're certainly not ugly....just 70s. Very highly recommend if you need good desktop speakers and don't have a lot of space.
November 08, 2019
5out of 5
This speaker can produce substantial mid-bass which is satisfying in view of its compact size. And the higher frequencies are clear and a little bright. The voice range is comparatively less strong. All in all, I prefer to use it to listen to music.
March 11, 2022
5out of 5
This is a very small speaker, and that's why I wanted it. I don't know that I've ever heard such a small box produce serious fidelity like this. Sure, the bass suffers from the small cabinet, but the bass is certainly there and satisfactory for me in a near-field environment. What is really stunning is the soundstage. This unit produces invisible non-directional sound - - - very impressive in that way. I've started the Dali Spektor 1 out on a lower (35W) powered vintage HiFi receiver, and there is no issue at all driving it. This is, after all, not an efficent (83db sensitivity) speaker. I'll be playing around with it using other power sources of greater output; from an mid-80's 50 watt unit through a couple of higher powered 70's era Pioneer units and lastly an excellent current era 90 watt Yamaha (A-S1100) amp. Placement will also be explored, and I expect to see some differences there for sure. All in all, this was a solid buy. This is a speaker that can fit on an actual bookshelf. So many units classed as bookshelf are never going to fit there! Be reminded that this caliber of unit is for stereo enjoyment in a small to medium sized room with a decent quality power source. It is not going to satisfy in a large room setting. I'm not in a position to comment on it as a home theater component addition. Bottom line: I own far too much stereo equipment and without hesitation I can offer that this is a great recommendation for achieving true fidelity from stereo systems intended for a small to modest sized room. And as noted above, this small gem will no doubt be quite flexible as to placement if you have space limitations.
Good speakers. These are by no means bass powerhouses, but that's not really their job. Great higher freq and mid-range sound quality. Would advise to run it with a sub though.
April 25, 2019
5out of 5
I put these speakers next to some others including some that were much more expensive... these little guys absolutely rock and offer tremendous value.... I am so impressed I can't put it into words. I love music and listen all day... these are just really great. I spent $600 on the Oberon and $500 on Def Tech Pro Monitor 1000, but honestly if you like music and aren't a tweeter snob (they are lower end speakers) these are great. They really are well worth this price tag. If you have any kind of budget set up; spend your money on your amp and buy these (I am using the Marantz HD-Amp1 w/ 6" Cambridge Minx 201 sub)
3out of 5
Lack of bass is expected with a speaker of this size. Be ready to use these guys with a decent subwoofer. I though the sound was mostly clean and balanced. Just small. This finish was outstanding and the build quality was excellent. Still, IMO one can do better for less money with speakers from Elac and others. All sound is subjective!!! You need to purchase several different brands and keep the ones that sound best to YOU. Forget all review opinions, especially on YouTube. Rule #1 Trust your own ears. Rule #2 Price and sound bear NO relationship to each other. HAPPY LISTENING!!!!
5out of 5
These small speakers are outstanding. They provide full, rich, detailed sound in a small package. Turn up the volume and they really open up. They play far bigger than their size suggests.