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Electronics & TechAudio & Videocork and rubber turntable mat by pro spin for record players
Cork and Rubber Turntable Mat by PRO SPIN for Record Players
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Cork and Rubber Turntable Mat by PRO SPIN for Record Players

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Boost your vinyl listening experience with the Pro Spin Cork & Rubber Turntable Mat. This 3mm thick precision turntable mat is designed for high-fidelity audiophile acoustic sound support, enhancing the clarity of your LPs. Crafted with flexible cork and rubber, it offers superior damping and sound quality. The mat effectively minimizes dust, static, and vibration, ensuring a smooth and clean sound. Compatible with Vinyl LP Record Players, it supports both 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM records. Easy to place, this record player mat reduces static and dust, preserving the original sounds of your music without any added feedback. Experience the difference in sound quality with the Pro Spin Cork & Rubber Turntable Mat. Click 'Add to Cart' now for guaranteed satisfaction.

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Variants: Cork, Cork Rubber

Weight: 7.3 ounces


Material: Plastic

Style: Modern

Color: Cork Rubber

Motor Type: DC Motor

Power Source: Corded Electric

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4out of 5

189 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 11, 2023
1out of 5
Product claims to have an all-important label recess, but it simply does not. I regret the waste of time/resources spent having to return it and order a different brand. Ho hum.
August 03, 2023
5out of 5
Attracts far less dust and pet hair than the felt mat that came with our turntable, looks better too!
November 24, 2021
5out of 5
I like this mat. I didn’t want a brand name printed but wanted a look that was different. I also purchased the Femeli turntable weight. The bass is tighter and stabilizes older vinyl that is slightly warped.
3out of 5
Since this product is made in a foreign (CC) country, where purity standards apparently don't exist, it comes covered in a fine dust, which you will not be able to see or feel, but which will settle into the grooves of your record and cause severe crackling, popping and even skipping. I thought it had permanently ruined a Direct Metal Master of Rush' Moving Pictures, but after a thorough bath in the Spin Clean, the record seems to be okay, though it will never be pristine again. I have given the mat a cleaning with dish soap and lukewarm water, and it's currently drying in the rack - tomorrow I'll give it another test spin with a piece of junk vinyl - hopefully the problem will be solved, but be forewarned, DO NOT put a record on this mat straight out of the package. Wash it first. It may be stylish, but it's dirty (that's what she said). Follow up: Washing with mild dish soap and bare hands did the trick. After a thorough rinse and dry in the dish rack (lean it up against a plate, so it doesn't warp), it seems fine, no more dusty debris in the record grooves.
4out of 5
High quality product that measures 300 mm (11 13/16"). Sadly, the platter on my Pioneer PL-518 measures 285 mm (11 3/16"). The mat ended up hanging over the built-up lip at the perimeter (making it unusable). I'm returning it, but if more sizes are offered in the future, I would not hesitate to buy one again. I would also like to see a recess where the record label goes, but that's not as critical.
5out of 5
A bit bigger than the original felt pad, but it's ok. Looks and feels premium. Noticed a small difference in sound. Love it!!!
Product looked great sounded perfect on my cheap record I had thrown on it to test it and did notice many improvements like less slipping and less vibrations along with some bass improvements. And now there isn't as much static as there was when I got it. But when I flipped my record over, lots of loud crackles and pops that weren't present before appeared. Then I noticed the mat came shipped with some sort of debris on it. It's okay and can still be saved. Just wash with warm soapy water and a soft sponge or your hands and allow it to fully air dry. Then you may play vinyl safely on it. :)
May 15, 2023
5out of 5
Looked great on my Linn turntable. Very durable construction with only a slight smell for a few days. Spindle hole is properly drilled. Nice thickness.