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Cotton Women's Premium Quality Ultra Soft Solid Leggings
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Cotton Women's Premium Quality Ultra Soft Solid Leggings

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Experience the ultimate comfort with Leggings Depot's Premium Quality Ultra Soft Solid Leggings for Women in Medium Cotton-Black. These super soft cotton leggings are perfect for layering and are designed to impress. Explore more.

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4out of 5

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Manufacturer: Leggings Depot

Variants: 1X Cotton-charcoal Gray, 1X Cotton-heather Gray, 3X Cotton-rose, Small Cotton-turquoise, 3X Cotton-burgundy, 3X Cotton-mustard, X-Small Cotton-peach, Large Cotton-jade, Small Cotton-white, X-Small Cotton-rose, Medium Cotton-fuchsia, 1X Cotton-lime, X-Large Cotton-coral, 3X Cotton-yoga Olive, X-Large Cotton-khaki, Small Cotton-fuchsia, Medium Cotton-royal Blue, 4X Cotton-black, 3X Cotton-navy, Small Cotton-orange, 2X Cotton-hunter Green, 2X Purple, Large Cotton-khaki, 3X Cotton-turquoise, Medium Cotton-purple, X-Large Cotton-turquoise, X-Small Cotton-mustard, Small Cotton-hunter Green, 3X Cotton-fuchsia, X-Small Cotton-coral, 2X Cotton-jade, X-Small Cotton-charcoal Gray, 2X Cotton-olive, 1X Cotton-black, Small Cotton-charcoal Gray, Large Cotton-black, 3X Cotton-black, Medium Cotton-khaki, 3X Cotton-mocha, Medium Cotton-kelly Green, Medium Cotton-brown, Medium Cotton-rose, 2X Cotton-kelly Green, 1X Cotton-olive, Large Cotton-navy, Small Cotton-mint, Medium Cotton-heather Gray, Medium Cotton-teal, Small Cotton-ivory, 3X Cotton-coral, Medium Cotton-mint, X-Small Cotton-lime, 2X Cotton-burgundy, 2X Cotton-turquoise, Medium Cotton-red, 3X Cotton-lime, X-Small Khaki, 3X Cotton-jade, 2X Cotton-black, Small Cotton-olive, Small Cotton-mustard, Medium Cotton-burgundy, 3X Cotton-olive, X-Small Cotton-royal Blue, 1X Cotton-khaki, Medium Cotton-jade, 3X Cotton-red, Medium Cotton-turquoise, 1X Cotton-peach, Small Cotton-teal, 4X Cotton-charcoal Gray, 3X Cotton-heather Gray, 1X Cotton-mustard, X-Large Cotton-orange, Large Cotton-rose, Medium Cotton-mocha, X-Large Cotton-purple, X-Small Cotton-heather Gray, Small Cotton-navy, X-Large Cotton-burgundy, Small Cotton-royal Blue, X-Large Cotton-royal Blue, 3X Cotton-pink, 3X Cotton-orange, Large Cotton-ivory, X-Large Cotton-yellow, Medium Cotton-lime, 2X Cotton-rose, Small Cotton-burgundy, 1X Cotton-jade, Small Cotton-jade, X-Large Cotton-kelly Green, Small Cotton-lime, Large Cotton-yellow, X-Large Cotton-lilac, Medium Cotton-mustard, 1X Cotton-kelly Green, Medium Cotton-navy, 2X Cotton-yellow, X-Small Cotton-purple, 1X Cotton-ivory, Small Cotton-kelly Green, Large Cotton-mint, Large Cotton-teal, 2X Cotton-brown, X-Small Cotton-yoga Burgundy, 2X Cotton-lime, X-Large Cotton-charcoal Gray, Large Cotton-olive, 1X Cotton-mint, 2X Cotton-royal Blue, Medium Cotton-yellow, Large Cotton-lilac, Medium Cotton-black, X-Small Cotton-pink, Small Cotton-black, 3X Cotton-yellow, X-Small Cotton-white, Large Cotton-royal Blue, X-Large Cotton-rose, X-Large Cotton-mint, Large Cotton-red, X-Small Cotton-navy, Large Cotton-heather Gray, X-Large Cotton-olive, 1X Cotton-orange, 3X Cotton-hunter Green, X-Large Cotton-jade, 2X Cotton-mint, 1X Cotton-rose, 3X Cotton-white, 1X Cotton-fuchsia, Medium Cotton-white, X-Small Cotton-turquoise, 3X Cotton-kelly Green, 3X Cotton-mint, 2X Cotton-orange, Medium Cotton-olive, Medium Cotton-charcoal Gray, Medium Cotton-ivory, X-Large Cotton-heather Gray, 1X Cotton-coral, 2X Cotton-charcoal Gray, Small Cotton-purple, Small Cotton-lilac, X-Large Cotton-navy, Large Cotton-fuchsia, 5X Cotton-charcoal Gray, 2X Cotton-fuchsia, X-Small Cotton-black, 1X Cotton-white, Large Cotton-orange, 1X Cotton-navy, 2X Cotton-pink, 1X Cotton-turquoise, Large Cotton-mustard, Small Cotton-rose, Small Cotton-red, Medium Cotton-coral, X-Small Cotton-jade, X-Large Cotton-pink, 2X Cotton-khaki, Small Cotton-heather Gray, Large Cotton-brown, X-Small Cotton-mint, X-Small Cotton-olive, X-Large Cotton-ivory, 3X Cotton-charcoal Gray, 1X Cotton-burgundy, Large Cotton-pink, Medium Cotton-lilac, Small Cotton-khaki, 2X Cotton-heather Gray, 3X Cotton-royal Blue, Large Cotton-kelly Green, 3X Cotton-teal, X-Large Mustard, X-Small Cotton-ivory, X-Small Cotton-red, 1X Cotton-teal, Small Cotton-pink, X-Small Cotton-kelly Green, 1X Cotton-pink, Large Cotton-purple, 2X Cotton-coral, Small Cotton-coral, 5X Cotton-black, Large Cotton-lime, 3X Cotton-khaki, X-Small Cotton-teal, X-Small Cotton-burgundy, X-Small Cotton-hunter Green, Large Cotton-white, 1X Cotton-brown, Small Cotton-mocha, 2X Cotton-white, 1X Cotton-purple, 3X Cotton-ivory, X-Large Cotton-teal, 2X Cotton-navy, X-Large Cotton-red, X-Large Cotton-white, Large Cotton-coral, X-Large Cotton-black, 3X Cotton-brown, X-Large Cotton-fuchsia, 3X Cotton-purple, Large Cotton-burgundy, 2X Cotton-mustard, Medium Cotton-pink, Large Cotton-turquoise, Medium Cotton-orange, Small Cotton-yellow

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4out of 5

7026 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 07, 2023
3out of 5
the clothe was quite thin and wasnt long enough to go to my ankles. i am 5'6' / 128lb but would never put these in dryer for fear of shrinkage.
5out of 5
I am happy with this item.its comfortable and fit good...thanks
It should be a little longer.
These are a nice weight for Florida winter, where evenings may be cool but not freezing as a rule. I ordered large, though I'm usually medium, because I want room to feel comfortable. They fit as expected. I look forward to wearing them with an upcycled cotton pajama top I'm planning. The look of a tunic and leggings is so much more upbeat than slogging around in PJs. I never know what to expect from Amazon clothing after some disappointing experiences and therefore rarely purchase clothing here. The fabric appears to have a good chance for washability without immediate pilling, running, or developing holes in the weave. I'm a pretty good judge of fabric quality. Washing will tell the truth. I will check back if anything noteworthy crops up. The main points I could see that might not work for everyone: 1. I live in a warm climate, so these might not be heavy nor warm enough for some. 2. I only wear leggings with tunics, so sheerness is not an issue for me. I think it covers fine. I would say they are thick like leggings in the bodice, not sheerer like tights. 3. I'm not sure how much stretch there in the garment, because I am not stretching it much. It all depends what the shopper wants. I looked a long time for affordable cotton leggings. I hate to buy anything that's not Fair Trade. Once in a while I need something I can't afford or find new or used. These seem so nice, I may want another pair or two in other colors.
These are very comfortable and well-made and I'm so happy that Leggings Depot has at least one (as far as I can tell, only one) offering in cotton, I can't abide all this freaking polyester everything is made out of now. It is especially galling that most things that are just crappy polyester are incredibly overpriced (you do know that it probably costs a company about $2 to make polyester leggings or a dress that then costs you about $45, right?) but these are an excellent price. So excellent that I just ordered another pair in a different color and in Medium. I wear a Small in most things and it sounded like I'd need a Small for these leggings, but the waistband is just snug enough and the length is too short enough on my tall frame that I think a Medium would be good to have as well considering how much my weight, like most women's, can fluctuate a decent amount. I'm 5'8" and can be anywhere between 120 and 130 lbs depending on the time of the month or if I've been sick/anxious enough to not eat much for a while. So if you're about that height and weight, you can probably do either or both just like me. In fact, I recommend two sizes to allow for typical feminine weight fluctuations (I'll revise this though if the Medium proves to be too big but I doubt they will be). But overall these are great and I may yet buy even more in the future. One final note, and this could be due to the slightly snug fit (the medium might be better in this regard) but when I squat down the area around the knees, which gets stretched out the most, becomes a little see-through. Nothing too extreme though, otherwise they're nice and opaque and a good thickness. Update: Just received the medium and it is a better fit and much better length on me. I'd say medium is definitely ideal for someone about my size, the small is too short for someone 5'8", it hits a good two to three inches above my ankles.
October 15, 2023
5out of 5
These do fit well & there's no sagging, as sometimes happens. After I put them on, I realized there where no pockets; my bad - guess I missed that in the product description. (Just need to remember to pair these with a top that has pockets!) The pants are very comfy & can be compared to the Baby Bear's bed: not to hot and not too cold. Perhaps it's a problem with the material, but I found myself brushing, wiping and cleaning off a lot of stuff from my pants.
December 06, 2023
1out of 5
I have this same product in white and cream from the same manufacturer. They have worn beautifully and are very comfortable. I bought them in a larger size so they would be loose s=enough to wear as pajama bottoms and they work great. I purchased the gray ones less than a month ago and one of the legs has already ripped. My foot went right through the material. Not sure what the difference is between the colors, but I would not recommend the gray.
November 29, 2023
5out of 5
The fact that they are made in the USA and cotton was a sell for me! I was thrilled with the fit, the color and excellent quality. I ordered a second pair.