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Clothing & FootwearMensunionbay mens cordova belted messenger cargo short
Unionbay - Men's Cordova Belted Messenger Cargo Short
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Unionbay - Men's Cordova Belted Messenger Cargo Short

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Discover the Unionbay Men's Cordova Belted Messenger Cargo Short. Available in regular and big and tall sizes, this versatile piece is a must-have for your wardrobe. The classic black offers a stylish and comfortable fit. Perfect for casual outings or adventurous trips.

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Manufacturer: Unionbay Young Men's

Variants: 34 Baja, 38 Red Clay, 32 Taupe, 48 Black Camo, 46 Black, 40 Grenade, 42 Field, 42 Grain, 30 Cruiser, 46 Grain, 30 Grenade, 40 Cruiser, 54 Grain, 48 Field, 32 Surplus Camo, 44 Grey Goose, 44 Black, 36 Cruiser, 32 Field, 34 Flint, 46 Sand, 42 Surplus Camo, 34 Taupe, 34 Grenade, 38 Grey Goose, 48 Flint, 42 Cruiser, 36 Grey Goose, 38 Baja, 40 Black, 30 Baja, 34 Red Clay, 36 Black Camo, 34 Pineapple Black, 44 Field, 52 Grain, 32 Black, 34 Grey Goose, 52 Black, 46 Flint, 42 Pineapple Black, 38 Field, 32 Baja, 40 Grain, 36 Military, 40 Taupe, 50 Sand, 40 Sand, 30 Surplus Camo, 30 Pineapple Black, 46 Grey Goose, 34 White, 48 Grain, 36 Black, 30 Black Camo, 32 Pineapple Black, 48 Sand, 52 Sand, 30 Grain, 34 Surplus Camo, 36 Flint, 54 Field, 40 Black Camo, 30 Red Clay, 30 Taupe, 38 Military, 48 Grey Goose, 34 Field, 42 Sand, 34 Cruiser, 36 White, 40 Grey Goose, 48 Black, 50 Field, 42 Grenade, 38 Taupe, 44 Flint, 40 Flint, 44 Black Camo, 32 Cruiser, 36 Blue, 38 Flint, 40 Baja, 40 Military, 34 Black, 32 Grain, 38 Sand, 52 Field, 54 Sand, 32 Sand, 36 Baja, 42 Taupe, 30 Sand, 32 Flint, 50 Grey Goose, 30 White, 38 Grain, 36 Grain, 42 Grey Goose, 30 Grey Goose, 40 White, 52 Grey Goose, 30 Field, 38 Black Camo, 30 Flint, 36 Taupe, 38 Cruiser, 36 Sand, 50 Black Camo, 32 Military, 32 White, 54 Grey Goose, 38 White, 46 Field, 52 Black Camo, 44 Grain, 40 Surplus Camo, 34 Black Camo, 52 Flint, 34 Grain, 34 Military, 42 Flint, 34 Sand, 36 Field, 40 Field, 50 Grain, 42 Black Camo, 38 Grenade, 42 Military, 42 White, 32 Black Camo, 32 Grey Goose, 30 Black, 30 Military, 42 Black, 38 Black, 38 Surplus Camo, 54 Black Camo, 44 Sand, 46 Black Camo, 50 Flint, 54 Black, 36 Surplus Camo, 50 Black, 54 Flint, 42 Baja, 32 Grenade

size: 42

color: Black

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37165 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 18, 2023
5out of 5
Love the way they feel and all the pockets only like wearing this type of shorts for all the pockets and storage it offers
December 06, 2023
5out of 5
Work great for the summer, nice fit, nice look
They’re kinda like half pants they’re shorts but they’re not short
I’ll be honest, I don’t have very many clothes. A decent amount of shirts, 2 pairs of jeans that I only wear occasionally in the winter, and 2 pairs of these shorts. I just prefer to keep my wardrobe pretty simple personally. Anyways… That being said, I bought these 2 pairs of shorts back in April of 2020, (coming up on 3 and a half years ago) and because of the fact that I literally don’t even have any other clothes to choose from, I’ve switched between these 2 pairs of shorts every other day or so, for nearly 3 and a half years, sometimes wearing them 4 to 5 times in a week. So between these 2 pairs of shorts, I’ve worn them over 1200 times since I bought them in 2020, washed and dried them over 300 times, I’ve worked out in them, done intense yard work, sweated in them, ran and hiked in them, and they’re still looking good. I’m wearing them right now. The same ones I bought years ago. They are great quality. They’re the perfect length, especially for taller people (I’m 6’4”). And they’ve held up to every activity I’ve put them through. I finally bought 2 more pairs so I now have 4 color options. Highly recommend these!
5out of 5
Finally, no rearview camel toe on 62yr old hubby brought about by his tendency to hike high on hips, thinking it actually looks good because he was "that size in his 20's and 30's" . Praise the Lord these are perfect! Also, hides knobby knees!
November 10, 2023
4out of 5
I have a few of these Union Bay shorts. The shorts are comfortable and have a lot of pockets. Seems to be fairly well made and the price is good for what you are getting IMO.
I bought three different colors and eventually kept two returned the blue wash one. Now I'm back to buy two more for this year and I am so happy that I made a point of writing this review, since especially they are getting a bad rep from some unsatisfied customers. These cargo shorts are very comfy and made with light weight fabric. That means, they aren't tough enough as a work wear and don't have any stretch. I wouldn't even consider them as a serious hiking gear. These are just casual wear to hang around town. I wore them both spring and summer as much as I could between washes and the colors are good and if anything, the shorts look better after a wash when they have slight wrinkle. Hands down the best cargo shorts I've owned and I don't like shorts at all but these are that good! I basically live in them during summer and spring. I also have similar long shorts from Levi's, made from tough, stretchy Ripstop fabric, but those don't come with as many colors as these and they hard to find in my size but those I can vouche for work and hiking. The only details I want improved in these, if they could have less stitching around the cargo pockets. There is too much going on the pockets and they could be improved to look cleaner. I don't know what was going on with others issue on the red tags, but I had no issues removing them.
3out of 5
I've been buying unionbay clothes for a while now, as a man with unnaturally large hips and thighs I have a hard time finding a good pair of pants or shorts. Unionbay has great clothing at a decent price when you're a 300lb person. I did buy a size smaller than I normally would because I've lost weight, and it is tight in the hips but otherwise these shorts are pretty great. Nice pockets, good material- very lightweight- and comes with a good belt too. Length is right where I was aiming for. 4 stars only because the zipper of this one at least is constantly getting stuck on itself, but it might just be an issue with the fact it's a *bit* tighter than I was hoping due to buying a different size than normal. I do suggest adding 2" for us bigger guys when looking at your measurements before buying Union Bay, these are not stretchy material. UPDATE: So, I've only had these like 2 months and have had to throw them out. The fabric isnt very strong, so pulling a bit too hard on belt loops would rip seams. A few weeks ago the crotch ripped out while I was at work. Sad, I enjoyed these while I had them. Maybe a bit too expensive for such short lasting cargo shorts.