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Clothing & FootwearMenstactical belt military hiking rigger with quick release buckle
Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger with Quick Release Buckle
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Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger with Quick Release Buckle

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Experience the superior craftsmanship with JUKMO Tactical Belt, a perfect blend of style and functionality. This Military Hiking Rigger 1.5" Nylon Web Work Belt is designed with a Heavy Duty Quick Release Buckle for easy use. Available in Black Medium size, it fits waist sizes from 36"-42" with a length of 49". JUKMO, a brand synonymous with meticulous attention to detail, ensures each belt meets the highest standards of quality. Our dedicated team rigorously checks every aspect of the product, ensuring you get value for every penny spent. Experience the JUKMO difference today, a product truly worth owning.

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Variants: Blue Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49"), Grey Large-for Waist 42"-46" (Length 53"), Coyote Small-for Waist 30"-36" (Length 45"), Amy Green Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49"), Coffee Large-for Waist 42"-46" (Length 53"), Grey Small-for Waist 30"-36" (Length 45"), Black Small-for Waist 30"-36" (Length 45"), Coffee Small-for Waist 30"-36" (Length 45"), Blue Small-for Waist 30"-36" (Length 45"), Amy Green Large-for Waist 42"-46" (Length 53"), Coyote Large-for Waist 42"-46" (Length 53"), Black Large-for Waist 42"-46" (Length 53"), Blue Large-for Waist 42"-46" (Length 53"), Coyote Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49"), Black XX-Large-for Waist 50"-54" (Length 61"), Grey Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49"), Black X-Large-for Waist 46"-50" (Length 57"), Grey XX-Large-for Waist 50"-54" (Length 61"), Black Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49"), Coffee Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49"), Amy Green Small-for Waist 30"-36" (Length 45"), Grey X-Large-for Waist 46"-50" (Length 57")

size: Medium-for Waist 36"-42" (Length 49")

color: Black

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4out of 5

53903 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I love this belt! I’ve had other Jumko belts, but this one, by far, is the best. The packaging it arrived in was beautiful, it gives the appearance of some “high-quality” brand name product. The belt came in a draw-string bag, inside a box. I will definitely use the bag for other purposes. This belt is very sturdy and feels really solid. It comes with instructions which is helpful but you can easily fit it to any waist-size. The buckle clicks together nicely and seems very dependable. You run the belt thru the buckle on one side to fit it to your body, then you clip that part of the belt down. Then, the buckle unbuckles by pushing the two golden tabs. It is a two-step method but both steps are extremely easy. The buckles itself will not slide thru the pants loops which I think a lot of people don’t like; so, to take the belt completely off, you only have to undo one side of the buckle. However, it again is extremely simple to figure out and for myself, I don’t mind the two different methods. It’s something you have to watch in person to understand but I think the listing and the directions does a good job of explaining it. I carry a concealed weapon and it clips on great to this belt. I have no fear of my holster coming loose unexpectedly. Overall, great, sturdy belt with a very unique buckle! Would highly recommend and I will probably by another color and one as a gift for my dad.
October 25, 2023
4out of 5
This belt is really nice. Is easy to adjust to length as there are no holes. You just slide and clamp it shut. The one draw back is you have to take the belt apart to take it out of your belt loops as the buckle part does not fit through the loops. Not a big deal until you want to change pants. Otherwise it’s very durable and comfortable.
5out of 5
Ignoring the tactical nonsense, it's the perfect belt. Easy to adjust, stays where you put it, and is quick to latch and release. I love that it stretches, but not easily, as I tend to over-tighten my leather belts and distort them over time.
5out of 5
I needed a new belt and was actually on amazon looking up another belt when this one was suggested. I could not turn away at the asking price of $20 dollars, so I checked it out. Firstly, the belt arrived fast and packed very professionally. I loved the outer paper sheath and inner box the belt came with. Once the boxes were opened up, it came with a brief card detailing instructions on the proper way to loop it. Past that it came inside it's own bag which I could not believe how high quality it feels. I am keeping that for my glasses lol. The belt itself is sheer craftsmanship. The buckles feel, work and sound incredible. The belt material feels sturdy and strong yet flexible. You essentially keep the 2 buckles together and loop the other end of the belt through the loops. Once your pants have been looped, you fasten the belt to the other buckle and lock in. It may sound confusing but it is very easy. Once that has been done and you need to visit the washroom, just unbuckle as usual without having to worry about re-looping the belt. This belt is very convenient and makes me feel like I own Batman's duty belt. I love the clicks and snaps the buckle makes. I honestly do not want to buy any other belt but this one and recommend this product to anyone looking for high quality at a very generous price.
September 29, 2023
5out of 5
I have owned several belts like this over the years. Most had cheap, plastic buckles that would wear out and break. I have a larger waist and wear size 56 pants. It is hard to find belts that fit comfortably, or even fit at all. I ordered two belts from Amazon, thinking neither would really fit. However, I was VERY surprised by this belt. First, the JUKMO was the cheaper of the two. Second, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. I was expecting a belt in a plastic bag, like the other belt I purchased. The JUKMO was not only packaged in a nice box, but it was also inside a nylon pouch inside the box. Clean and neat packaging. The next thing I noticed was the buckle itself. It felt like a strong metal, not some cheap fabricated thing that would fall apart soon. I have been using this belt for over a year now, and I LOVE it. I just purchased my second belt about two weeks ago. I work in law enforcement, and I use this belt as a part of my uniform. I wear a firearm in a Safariland paddle ALS holster, a radio, and keyring. I also usually have several items in my pants pockets. This belt fits snug, and I have never had an issue with it coming loose or sagging. I was constantly having to retighten my previous nylon belt from Propper. The Propper belt had a plastic buckle that would break frequently under the load, and I would have no option but to purchase another. So far, with the construction of the JUKMO belt, I have not had that problem. Over time, like anything else, it will show wear. I have a small fray starting to develop where I wear my holster, but the belt has held up much better than my expectations, especially for the price. The cobra style quick release buckle is tough and absolutely amazing. The buckle offers an easy adjustment lever that locks in place but is simple to remove when running the belt through belt loops. Easy on and off. This is a great belt, and I don't see me going with another any time soon!
September 28, 2023
5out of 5
I had wanted to purchase this belt for about a year and finally pulled the trigger. I purposefully waited to write a review to see how it held up on all different kinds of pants. I’ve worn it with shorts, jeans, khakis, and 5.11’s. I’ve worn it with a concealed gun and without. It is an excellent belt, easy to adjust, and is very comfortable. The quick clip buckle is sturdy and I haven’t had any issues. It retains its hold and has not loosened on me at all. My only negative about the belt, and it’s a minor one at that, is that I have to be mindful of the elastic strap that holds the excess in place. If you remove it too fast, you’ll lose that piece and you’ll have to find some sort of solution to keep in the slack.