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Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon - T-Shirt
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Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon - T-Shirt

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> Cherished by some, still a hidden treasure

Experience the iconic Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' album with this high-quality t-shirt. Perfect for fans and music enthusiasts, this shirt features the classic album cover design. Made for comfort and durability, it's a must-have for any Pink Floyd collection.

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Manufacturer: Pink Floyd

Variants: Youth Olive Green 3T, Youth Navy Blue Large, Youth Olive Green Small, Youth Olive Green Large, Women Purple X-Large, Men's Big and Tall Navy Blue 4X Tall, Men Olive Green Medium, Men's Big and Tall Navy Blue 3X Tall, Youth Navy Blue 3T, Women Olive Green 3X-Large, Youth Purple X-Small, Women's Plus Navy Blue 6X, Youth Royal Blue Small, Women Royal Blue Medium, Men Royal Blue 3X-Large, Youth Royal Blue 4T, Men Purple X-Large, Youth Purple Large, Men Navy Blue 4X-Large, Men Royal Blue X-Large, Men Black X-Large, Women Olive Green XX-Large, Women Royal Blue XX-Large, Men Black Small, Women Black 3X-Large, Women Navy Blue X-Small, Youth Navy Blue Medium, Women Navy Blue Large, Men Olive Green Small, Men Olive Green Large, Men Royal Blue Medium, Youth Olive Green 2T, Men Black Large, Women Black X-Large, Men Olive Green 3X-Large, Youth Black Medium, Women Royal Blue Small, Youth Navy Blue X-Small, Youth Olive Green X-Small, Women Olive Green Small, Men Olive Green XX-Large, Youth Olive Green Medium, Men Navy Blue Small, Women Purple 3X-Large, Men Black XX-Large, Women Black Medium, Women Olive Green Large, Women Black X-Small, Men's Big and Tall Black 3X Tall, Men's Big and Tall Black 2X Tall, Women's Plus Navy Blue 1X, Women Olive Green Medium, Men Navy Blue X-Large, Women's Plus Black 4X, Youth Olive Green 4T, Women Royal Blue X-Small, Youth Royal Blue 3T, Youth Purple 4T, Men Royal Blue Small, Women Royal Blue 3X-Large, Women Olive Green X-Small, Men Navy Blue 3X-Large, Youth Navy Blue Small, Women Navy Blue Small, Women Purple Medium, Women Royal Blue Large, Youth Purple 3T, Youth Royal Blue Medium, Women Olive Green X-Large, Youth Black X-Small, Men Navy Blue 5X-Large, Youth Royal Blue Large, Women's Plus Navy Blue 5X, Men's Big and Tall Black 6X Tall, Women Purple Large, Youth Royal Blue X-Small, Youth Black Large, Men Navy Blue Large, Women Navy Blue X-Large, Men's Big and Tall Navy Blue 5X Tall, Men Black 4X-Large, Youth Black Small, Women Black XX-Large, Youth Black 4T, Men Black Medium, Youth Black 3T, Youth Black 2T, Women Purple Small, Men Navy Blue 6X-Large, Men Purple 3X-Large, Youth Royal Blue 2T, Men Purple Large, Youth Purple Small, Men Black 5X-Large, Men Navy Blue XX-Large, Women Navy Blue Medium, Women Navy Blue 3X-Large, Men's Big and Tall Black 5X Tall, Men Black 6X-Large, Women Purple XX-Large, Women Black Large, Men Black 3X-Large, Men Navy Blue Medium, Men Royal Blue XX-Large, Youth Purple 2T, Men Olive Green X-Large, Youth Purple Medium, Men's Big and Tall Black 4X Tall, Youth Navy Blue 4T, Men Royal Blue Large, Youth Navy Blue 2T, Women Black Small, Women Navy Blue XX-Large, Men's Big and Tall Navy Blue 6X Tall, Men Purple Medium, Men Purple Small, Men Purple XX-Large, Women Purple X-Small, Women Royal Blue X-Large

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4out of 5

1649 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I like the material, it's very soft. The printing is crisp and clear. It would get 5 stars if the band name was actually on the back and the front just carried the image. The fit was true to size, but I worry that it will shrink a bit on first wash. I am 6'2" and around 212 and I bought the Large shirt. They are printed on demand, so the shirt may have a bit of a chemical odor upon receipt. It dissipates quickly.
August 14, 2023
5out of 5
This shirt is a must for Pink Floyd lovers! The print is great and obviously iconic! The shirt runs true to size and I do like the quality of the fabric. I would recommend this shirt to any one who is debating purchasing!
August 12, 2023
5out of 5
Terrific seller! Tshirt has great quality and value. Excellent fit, true to size!
November 27, 2023
5out of 5
Good soft thick shirt. Not cheap feeling. Great color and design.
5out of 5
Good quality shirt
November 10, 2023
5out of 5
Good quality
July 20, 2023
5out of 5
My husband loves this shirt! I surprised him with it and he loves the familiar Pink Floyd logo. The shirt is soft and the neck opening is perfect and not tight like some T shirts are. I did buy it one size larger and it was perfect. If you like it a little more fitting, but not too fitting, then go with your regular size. He likes the length of this T shirt as well. I don't dry it and it hasn't shrunk yet. I'd buy this again⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
November 18, 2023
5out of 5
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