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Clothing & FootwearMensg style usa mens solid fleece heavyweight cargo pants
G-Style USA - Men's Solid Fleece - Heavyweight - Cargo Pants
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G-Style USA - Men's Solid Fleece - Heavyweight - Cargo Pants

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Experience ultimate comfort and style with G-Style USA Men's Cargo Pants. Crafted from solid, heavyweight fleece, these large black pants are perfect for any casual or outdoor activity. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting wear, making them a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

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size: Large

color: Black

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4784 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
The GOOD: these look great and are heavy-weight fleece lined and seem well constructed. These are definitely cool weather pants w the fleece lining. Deep patch pockets on each leg w velcro closures and a small velcro covered pocket on the rear. The 2 slash/side pockets could be a bit deeper but are OK. The NOT-SO-GOOD: There are cords at the ankles to narrow the opening but have a funky piece of leather instead of a plastic spring-loaded piece, so do not stay narrowed. And however the seller arrives at the dimensions used; these are quite long .. but better than too short. With the high rise, they are a bit tighter through the seat/hips so squatting down or lifting your leg to climb into a vehicle, it's a bit tight. The fit through the thighs is about what you would expect for sweat-type pants, fairly loose. I am 5'9 210# 34-35" waist 31" inseam. After reading the reviews most were recommending going up a size so I did .. a 2XL instead of an XL, and happy I did. The waist is about 33" but has ample elastic to expand so good there. If I'd have purchased an XL, the waist would've been tight and the fit in the seat/hips, too tight. All in all, very happy w the construction, utility and OK w the fit. Would recommend.
5out of 5
I LOVE these sweatpants SO much I cannot stress it enough. I was really worried about the sizing since they are men’s and it was kinda confusing but I got a small and they fit perfectly. They are a little long but not bothersome and if anything just roll the waist down and tie the string and they’ll be great. The legs are pretty loose, they aren’t like joggers they don’t taper but there is a string you can tighten at the bottom to stop it from dragging on the floor and you can tighten it around your ankle. The waist fits me without even having to tie it which is really awesome. The pants are SO soft and warm, there are points where I’ve actually gotten too warm wearing them lol so they’re not really for summer but perfect for fall. Plus they have so many pockets! Two regular pockets, two back pockets, and pockets lower down on the pant leg. They are totally worth the price and I’m planning on getting another pair or two in different colors
3out of 5
I will keep this pair. Simply because I don't think a larger or smaller size would fit better. It fits oddly. I can wear it, with some cinching. But... What would improve these? Belt loops. As strange as belt loops might seem, on essentially pj bottoms? That would really help. I may see if I can find a seamstress who might be able to attempt such a thing. Worth it, with the added cost? Depends on the cost. I love these otherwise. Nice and thick, warm. Good pockets, relaxed, and soft. Very nice, just... keeping them up, especially if I put much in the pockets... which is part of why I bought them. Bugging in, in style, mostly. Hmm... yes... I'll see about belt loops. If that works, I may well buy more.
Ok so I ordered the Large Black, Navy, and Charcoal variants and these are all top notch pants. I'm 5'11, weigh 200lb's, and waist 36. QUALITY - These are well made pants, they're thick and the texture of it feels wonderful. THICKNESS - Extra THICK. The normal pants material is around two quarters thick. Though the pockets, waist and ankle areas are around four quarters thick. If your thinking of wearing around summer time, don't. These make most other sweat pants look like yoga pants POCKETS - These are big pockets that are very thick. I didn't have any bananas so I used mangos to demonstrate instead. The two front waist pockets are deep enough that two mangos or a normal water bottle will easily fit in them. The two leg cargo pockets are not as deep, but are quite wide. You can fit three, maybe four mangos in these ones. The back right cheek pocket can fit one mango in it comfortably, though I would suggest you don't store mangos in this one. COMFORT - They are very comfortable, but the Black version feels better, I'll get to that soon BLACK IS BETTER - Like I said I ordered Large Black, Navy, and Charcoal , but the black pants stood out the most. Don't get me wrong the others are nice, but it's like that one kid that is just really good at dodgeball, it's just built differently. One of the most noticeable to me is that the black was more flexible I could do intense stretches, yoga and (if I could) splits in them with confidence, which I can't say the same for the other two. The black also just feels nicer. The tags say all three are the same material(60% Cotton, 40% Polyester), but the black one just feels more smooth and has a better feel to it. The quality of the Black pants just feel much better. The elastic for the waist and ankle also feels slightly more comfortable. I don't know if there was an error to making the black ones, but if there wasn't, these are easily my favorite casual sweat like pants to wear (beating Nike, Adidas and etc.) TL,DR: High Quality, Very Comfy and Thick, can easily carry at least Eleven Mangos... get the Black version.
September 27, 2023
5out of 5
Runs small so I had to order again and go 2 sizes up but overall good
October 27, 2023
5out of 5
I had to order a couple sizes up because the first pair I got were tight around the outside of my thighs. Happy with the bigger ones though
I'm just between 6'1" and 6'2". I'm a big islander man. I wear men's 44 or 46 waist pants. Just depends on the pants, sometimes one is too big or too small. These fit perfectly! The draw string is great; the type you tie. Not the ones with the plastic stoppers that always fail. I think these fit more like a 46, but because you can tie the draw string, it's better. That way the pants fit more baggy around the thighs. The material is nice and thick. I've had thin sweats and these are thicc-boys. The pockets seem strong so far. The draw string at the bottom of the pant cuffs help. At almost 6'2, these are maybe 1" too big for fitting as if they were tailor made. Someone 6'3 would find it the perfect length. But with the string, it doesn't matter. Now they just fit like 90's baggy pants and that's what I wanted!