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Clothing & FootwearGirlskids thermal knit gloves warm wool fleece lined mittens 1 pair
Kids Thermal Knit Gloves - Warm Wool Fleece Lined Mittens, 1 Pair
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Kids Thermal Knit Gloves - Warm Wool Fleece Lined Mittens, 1 Pair

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Keep your child's hands warm and cozy this winter with our 'Winter Gloves for Boys Girls'. These gloves are not just ordinary gloves, they are knitted with thermal cable, ensuring maximum warmth even in the coldest weather. The wool fleece lining adds an extra layer of insulation, making them perfect for outdoor activities. These mittens come in a classic pink color, adding a touch of style to your child's winter wardrobe. They are sold in pairs, so you always have a spare. Don't let the cold stop your kids from enjoying winter, get them a pair of our 'Winter Gloves for Boys Girls' today.

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Variants: Beige+navy Blue 2 Pairs, White+pink 2 Pairs, Navy Blue 1 Pair, Pink+purple 2 Pairs, Pink Mix 1 Pair, Watermelon Red 1 Pair, White 1 Pair, Black+rose Red 2 Pairs, Classic Grey 1 Pair, Purple 1 Pair, Blue 1 Pair, Black 1 Pair, Classic Beige 1 Pair, Rainbow Mix 1 Pair, Smoke Grey 1 Pair, Black+pink 2 Pairs, Black+light Pink 2 Pairs, Classic Pink 1 Pair, Rose Red 1 Pair, Classic Blue 1 Pair, Pink 1 Pair, Classic Black 1 Pair, Beige 1 Pair, Black+purple 2 Pairs, Black+grey 2 Pairs

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1984 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Beautiful lilac color. Nice and soft. Fit nicely on my 8 year old. Cute style. Will do great for those cooler months before the heavy snow arrives. Not sure how it will do in single digits but will find out. Perfect for when she is waiting for the bus or walking. Not bulky and far better then the thin single layer knit gloves that really don't keep hands warm and are just a waste. Thinking of getting a pair for myself. I do wish I had found these in mitten form for even better warmth.
2out of 5
They are soft and probably warm. I bought them for my 5 years old who has thin delicate hands. He said the fingers were too tight and I could see it was too long (half was empty). I am returning them as they are not a good fit for us, maybe I got a faulty pair who knows considering the thousands of good reviews.
March 06, 2023
4out of 5
The inside lining is soft and comfortable. If you are in a more extreme cold environment then perhaps these gloves would not be recommended as I have had occasions where I could still feel the cold if wind was blowing. For the most part they did keep my hands warm.
I purchased this insulated gloves for my 5-year old granddaughter to keep her hands warm in these Boston winters (and because of the cute design!) and couldn't be happier. They are about an inch too long on her little fingers but because they only come in one size we will keep them! I'm actually going to buy her a couple more in different colors.
January 15, 2023
4out of 5
I'm sure it's because of all the soft inside, but these gloves were hard for my daughter to put on and comfortably wear around. Now, she is 10. But she's also pretty small for her age and still wears kids gloves usually. Once on though, they are extremely warm, which makes me feel better about her going outside during recess.
3out of 5
I having problems getting this getting this to work
November 16, 2023
5out of 5
Very nice stitching. Thick to keep my little girls hands warm and sooo soft! Worth the money!
4out of 5
The gloves look great and look warm; however, they are not for any size kid. I would guess they are for toddlers-age 4. My 8-year-old daughter with small hands tried to put them on but her hand would not fit it.