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Fuck Feelings
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Fuck Feelings

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Review "Gives the middle finger to the self-help genre....Refreshingly blunt." ― Harper's Bazaar "The Ice Bucket Challenge of self-help books...sound advice." ― New York Post "The Bennetts have no time for gooey motivational slogans....Together they urge readers to abandon a quest for perfection in favor of realistic attempts at betterment....The Bennetts' goal is not that you might finish the book and say, 'I am perfect,' but that you might finish the book and say, 'I am the best version of myself that I can be at the moment.' ― The New York Times Book Review "A tough-love, irreverent take on 'life's impossible problems.'" ― The Atlantic "F*ck Feelings is the ultimate anti-self-help book." ― Refinery 29 "A highly informative and entertaining smack down to get your head on straight." ― Kirkus Reviews, starred review "'s hard to argue with the book's advice." ― Elle "F*ck Feelings offers not only reliable, practical, and eminently useful advice to deal with all of life's various points of pain, but it is also funny, engaging, intelligent, and warm. Full of arresting examples and memorable quips, the book will help anyone who reads it to replace fool's gold with the genuine gem of wisdom." -- Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven to Distraction “I don’t trust anything called a “self-help” book which is why I love F*ck Feelings. There’s no smiling guru on the cover. We would all be smiling, motivated, people all day long if our f*cking feelings didn’t keep f*cking us up – but this book helps. It gives clear examples of our own circular thinking and how to accept our feelings but not always cater to them, and it’s FUNNY. Because life – even when it sucks – is FUNNY.” -- Jen Kirkman, stand-up comedian and New York Times bestselling author of I Can Barely Take Care of Myself “Despite the in-your-face title, Dr. Michael Bennett really does believe in feelings. He just thinks that there is only so much time that one should spend examining one’s belly button searching for answers or getting hung up on guilt or anger. Instead, people should recognize and accept their flaws and get on with modifying or changing their behaviors and attitudes. This is useful advice for everyone, including therapists who can use this technique as a way of helping patients avoid getting stuck in endless therapy. I found myself using it on several of my patients. A great combination – valuable education and a fun read.” -- Gail Erlick Robinson MD, DPsych, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto “A wise, witty and practical book filled with wonderful case examples that speak to all of us. It has been a pleasure to read. " -- Carol C. Nadelson, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Past President, American Psychiatric Association

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
This book is well written, it is very focused on the topic helping you lower emotional pain by helping you have a realistic perspective, goals, and expectations. Each chapter focuses on a different category of problems, with examples of people's unrealistic expectations and goals and then he gives examples of what is realistic and helpful. Perhaps you don't have to read every chapter, but it would be helpful towards really making the perspective stick. As other reviewers who are psychologists point out perhaps some of those unrealistic goals are attainable, however, they don't depend only on you, thus they are not realistic because you cannot control others.This book basically empowers you in situations. UnRealistic does not mean unattainable. He says himself "if you have already tried" (to communicate, ect) then follow this advice. You would have to get a book on communication or see a psychologist, ect. for that first step of less realistic goals that involve changing others. He recommends to only trying twice, and I guess that's because some of us really break our heads trying 100s of times, which normally leads to more emotional turmoil than if we had let it go as he often suggests.. Was it worth all that time, emotional exhaustion, ect is the question that then comes to mind. Perhaps a preface addressing this would have been helpful to help show and persuade people to follow his advice. Would have been interesting too. He kept it very professional in style (despite the "bad" words).
February 20, 2018
5out of 5
I was simultaneously entertained and enlightened by the different scenarios/psychological problems presented by Dr Michael Bennett, and his sensible self-help answers to these problems. To prevent his book becoming too dry, it has been boosted by his daughter's humour. Laughter, after all, is a very effctive medecine. Each scenario is set out as such: an explanation of the problem or obsession someone might have and why or how this problem is being created (sometimes they are other people's problems which you may be exacerbating by your good intentional behaviour); a list of ideas or false assumptions people present to themselves to have power over or ease a particular problem; a list of wishes people express which they think might ease the problem; three examples/different scenarios of the same problem; good, positive, professional advice on how to actually deal with the problem (and often not what to do); a list of what you wish for and can't have; a list of what you can aim for and actually achieve; a list of how you can do it; and, finally, a script to tell to yourself when seized by the urges or unhappiness that have caused the problem. With the problems and solutions so logically set out, this has to be a very valuable book for anyone needing help for themselves or wanting to help others in the wisest possible way. To find a particular meltdown or concern that besets you or someone close to you, there is a clearly descriptive index. but I would suggest reading through the entire book because it is overall interesting and informative for the layperson, and you'll be the wiser for it.
February 01, 2017
5out of 5
This is a life changing book.