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CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive
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CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive

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As your company’s chief marketing officer, you’re responsible for your organization’s growth and reputation—but you don’t have enough control. . Your organization works in departmental silos, functional leaders pushing their own solutions and feeling satisfied with functional KPIs. But the kind of exponential growth that creates unstoppable momentum requires your customer-facing departments to fight for the customer instead of their own departmental wins.. You’re not the only one who notices—but you are the only one in the perfect position to do something about it.. Discover how to reach your potential and stand out as more than a marketing professional. In CMO to CRO, industry experts Brandi Starr, Mike Geller, and Rolly Keenan show you how to bring revenue to the forefront and make every team’s number one objective a seamless customer experience. You’ll learn how to create consistency by reorganizing your business, following the customer, prioritizing revenue, and using CX technology to succeed where your competition fails.This book presents a revolutionary approach to not only unite the silos but position you as an innovative leader and finally uncover what CX is really about: revenue growth.

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2out of 5
The book covers a great topic. I agree with the key points, but the book lacks specifics. It often speaks in generalities. Sometimes, it feels more like a sales pitch than an executable model.
The authors do a lot of scene-setting at the beginning which might feel slow for practitioners who are all too familiar with the silos and challenges that the book addresses. But hang in there as they soon find their stride with ideas and lived examples of how to break down those silos and create alignment across teams. Every sales and marketing leader should have this on their reading list if they hope to drive revenue growth meaningfully.
5out of 5
Authors, Mike Geller, Rolly Keenan & Brandi Starr simply get it. For some time now, elite companies have known that a customer-focused revenue engine driven by marketing is the way to landmark growth. These guys do an excellent job at capturing the plays that all companies should be making, regardless of industry. This is the future of revenue growth.
I really enjoyed this book. As I was reading, it was obvious that the authors had an intimate knowledge of the subject matter. As the CRO role continues to evolve and change, CMO to CRO is a fantastic primer for anyone in marketing or sales leadership to learn and understand the nuances of the "revenue" role. I highly recommend this book!
This book is laid out in a simple fashion: where you are; where you ideally want to be; and a roadmap of how to start and maintain the journey. Based on years of experience, the "where you are" scenario will feel very recognizable in many companies, as you are walked through the many obstacles and challenges. Where do you want to go? Revenue nirvana, of course, the question remains, how to get there. The roadmap covers all of the bases, including vision, strategy, tech considerations and of course, aligning and accelerating the teams. This book will be a very welcome addition to anyone charged with growing revenue faster than your competition.
As a marketing leader, figuring out how to build quality pipeline and generate closed-won business is far easier said than done. CMO to CRO is the book we've been waiting for, packed with useful and practical tips to help aspiring CROs (or anyone who wants to understand how to contribute more value in a marketing role). Highly recommended reading
Personally, it seemed to start off slow because I'm living a lot of what they talk about to build context. So it seemed like "old news" to me. Getting about a third through the book there are some really good ideas and well-explained applications that I am going to start using in the next few months. Certainly would recommend this book for any person or team who is trying to break out of a bunch of silos with software and processes. It will show you how to create a system to understand and take action on the whole customer journey, from beginning to end.
May 18, 2021
5out of 5
As the authors described dysfunctional marketing teams I thought they were talking about my day job. I went through the same roller coaster of emotions that come with lack of support and resources. The "Revenue Takeover" needs to become a movement, now! The old silo'ed work doesn't work in the new SaaS world, and both Sales and Marketing need to change.