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Winning Ingredients for Soap Box Derby Kit Cars
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Winning Ingredients for Soap Box Derby Kit Cars

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Winning Ingredients for Kit Cars will help you build a winning Soap Box Derby car from your All-American Soap Box Derby kit. Every aspect of building is covered including part inspection, construction techniques and tuning of your racecar. The chapters in Winning Ingredients for Kit Cars are: Aerodynamics, Energy, Suspension, Construction, Alignment and Adjustments, Tools, Inspection, Weight Management, Weight & Balance Calculations, and Practice.In Aerodynamics you learn the best aerodynamic practices for a fast car. In Energy you learn how energy affects speed. In Suspension you learn how to conserve energy. In Construction you learn how to assemble your parts, using the best assemble practices to build a perfectly aligned car. In Alignment and Adjustments you learn how to fine tune your car. In Tools you learn how to build the most accurate tools for car alignment and save hundreds of dollars. In Inspection you learn how to identify parts that will help you win the race. In Weight Management you learn where to place your weight in the car. In Weight and Balance Calculations you learn how to find the Center of Gravity. In Practice you learn the importance of testing and training the driver and how to do both.In addition, Winning Ingredients for Kit Cars contains many experiments that can help you teach your kids about things such as energy usage and why weight placement matters.

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5out of 5
This is the best book you'll ever find on Soap Box Derby racing! It's an improvement over David Fulton's previous Winning Ingredients book in two ways: 1) It now covers the kit cars that dominate today's Derby, and 2) It's bigger and more comprehensive than the previous book. I've read both books and they're both full of information you'd never find out for yourself without spending many years racing and researching as Mr. Fulton has done (His sons have been big winners, including winning the big national race at Akron). This is also an educational book for dads and their sons and daughters to read, since it explains a lot of the science involved in gravity racing. It's an excellent textbook on the physics of energy and weight management, aerodynamics and other basics, and it includes the results of experiments Mr. Fulton has done to check out how these factors apply to Derby cars. It also gives tips for the young drivers on how to run faster. There are lots of excellent illustrations, done by the author, and it's easy to navigate these books to find answers to your questions. Soap Box Derby racing is great fun for kids and their families, but it's even more fun when they can win!
March 12, 2018
5out of 5
Great book.