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ArtArt Suppliesalpha 6 alphaflex paint marker set 1mm nib for various surfaces
Alpha 6 Alphaflex Paint Marker Set, 1mm Nib for Various Surfaces
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Alpha 6 Alphaflex Paint Marker Set, 1mm Nib for Various Surfaces

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Unleash your creativity with the Alpha 6 Alphaflex Paint Marker Set. This set includes 24 vibrant colors, each with a precise 1mm nib for detailed work. Ideal for customizing ceramics, glass, wood, canvas, fabric, shoes, and clothing. The Alphaflex Paint Markers are designed with artists and customizers in mind, offering superior color payoff and versatility. Create stunning, personalized designs with ease using the Alpha 6 Alphaflex Paint Marker Set.

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Manufacturer: ‎Alpha 6 LLC

Variants: 1mm nib - 12 Colors, 4mm nib - 6 Colors, 1mm nib - 24 colors

Weight: ‎14 ounces

Brand: Alpha 6

Ink Color: Assorted

Number of Items: 24

Point Type: Micro

Special Feature: Flexible

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42 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

January 16, 2023
4out of 5
I originally thought the I could use the paint pens to color the white rubber showing beneath some black sandals and also some shoes I have, however these are really designed for detail work and I would be better off getting thicker markers to do that. I tested the markers on cloth and also rubber and a synthetic material that was on my sandal. They all worked fine on the rubber and did ok on the synthetic material (silver colored). They also worked on the cotton cloth except for the blue marker that bled for some reason, so I really couldn't use that marker on cloth material. They also worked on plastic and dried quickly so they didn't smudge. Each marker was covered in a plastic wrapper to keep it safe during transport and so you knew it was new and unused. However I did find getting that outer wrapping a challenge on some of them (similar to what you find on lip and eye liner pencils).
May 28, 2023
5out of 5
Received these a second time and they worked absolutely fantastic. Thank you! 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟
January 17, 2023
4out of 5
I tried to use them with stencils on wood, and to my horror the pens were wet enough that the paint went under the stencil and the colors spread and mixed together. Luckily I was able to scrub most of it off with rubbing alcohol before it dried, but lesson learned. Not the right tool for the job. I don't have any shoes or fabric to try them out on, but I did try them on cardboard and they write like a dream. Even the light colors show up perfectly. So just make sure you test whatever you're planning on in an inconspicuous place. I look forward to using these in a future project.
January 28, 2023
4out of 5
These are a great set of markers for various surfaces. They work beautifully on fabric and canvas, like for shoes. The tip is very fine, as you can see on the acrylic folder. They definitely work better with fabric, than on the folder, because it did rub off a little when I rubbed it after a few minutes, but not with the fabric. Overall, awesome set!
These markers work just like the standard acrylic or oil fabric marker, their tips saturate with ink within seconds after shaking and pressing the tips in. Be careful about the amount of pressure applied as these are sensitive and initially it’s easy to expel too much ink and get a puddle. Once technique is established, these work great for detail work because of the fine tips. A few details to note- they come individually wrapped in rigid plastic to ensure there are no leaks during shipping. The plastic can be a little awkward to remove On paper, these work great for slow, heavier strokes and small detail work but fail to keep up with fast, light strokes. They have to be pressed pretty hard to get a consistent flow of ink and this is awkward when trying to make a fast and light mark. The tips are small so they don’t hold a lot of ink and require consistent pressure compared to fatter tips and that’s why heavier strokes work well for these but with fatter tips you can’t get fine detail so there’s a trade off and each type works well in different contexts. Because these need consistent heavier pressure for long strokes, the nibs begin to wear down quickly like with standard felt tip markers. The type of paper certainly effects this since different types will absorb ink at a different rate. These work better on plexiglass because it’s non porous so the flow rate isn’t effected as much. The tips also hold up much longer on plexiglass because of this. When an excess of ink isn’t applied, these dry within 15ish seconds and don’t smear. I haven’t had a chance to try these out on fabric yet so I’m not sure about the durability and water resistance on fabrics but will update this review when I’m able to do a fabric project. All in all, these seem durable and decently functional if used in the appropriate context and may or may not be great depending on the surface working in and types of marks being made.
January 18, 2023
4out of 5
The paint in the markers looks good and goes on smooth. For some reason I got 6 markers (2 blue) which I am happy to have but I think it may be related to the packaging. The envelope the markers come in doesn't really close so when I opened the Amazon bag the markers were everywhere. They are all individually sealed so there was no leaks. The paint went on well but it also came off a little easier than other paint pens I have. So you just have to decide if the positive things are more important than the downsides.
January 18, 2023
5out of 5
First time I've ever used any paint markers for my work and these worked great and one coat coverage. These will be the only ones I use from now on. Now I want to try the airbrush paint!
4out of 5
Glass, plastic, fabric, leather... yes! Wood or cardboard? Test first, because the paint will bleed a bit. Overall good quality, but do your art with an ounce of caution. Good price, and overall good purchase.