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Doom Xmas - MF Doom Cookin Soul
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Doom Xmas - MF Doom Cookin Soul

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Doom Xmas (Limited Edition Picture Disc Vinyl) MF Doom Cookin Soul A1 Xmas With Doom (Intro) A2 Naughty Or Nutz A3 Let It Snowwwww A4 Smoke A Lil Xmas Tree A5 MF Grinch A6 Santa's Pot Belly (Skit) A7 Wonderfull A8 Llegó Navidad A9 XXXmas Ladies A10 HO (Skit) B1 The Holiday Agenda B2 Unhappy (Outro) B3 Untitled (Bonus Track) B4 Naughty or Nutz (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) B5 Let It Snowwwww (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) B6 Smoke A Lil Xmas Tree (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) B7 MF Grinch (Instrumental 1) (Bonus Track) B8 MF Grinch (Instrumental 2) (Bonus Track) B9 Wonderfull (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) B10 Llegó Navidad (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) B11 XXXmas Ladies (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) B12 The Holiday Agenda (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)

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Manufacturer: SSLL

Variants: Streaming, MP3, Vinyl

variant: Vinyl

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