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Cefaly Connected Bundle | Bluetooth Migraine Treatment e-TNS Device
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Cefaly Connected Bundle | Bluetooth Migraine Treatment e-TNS Device

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The #1 FDA-cleared drug-free migraine treatment The Bluetooth-enabled Cefaly® device is the first FDA-approved external trigeminal nerve stimulation device specifically authorized for use prior to the onset of migraine pain. Cefaly® is a non-invasive, drug-free option for the prevention and treatment of migraine headaches. Cefaly® is a small, portable, rechargeable, battery-operated headband-like device that is worn across the forehead and over the ears. It is designed to treat and prevent migraine headaches. Monitor your migraine treatment intensity, so you can find the stimulation level that works best for you. See session time remaining and battery level at a glance. Log ACUTE sessions to track your migraine treatment progress. Download a PDF report of your migraine treatment sessions to share with your doctor.

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Brand: Cefaly

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