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AutoCar Accessorieskrcher edi 4 cordless electric ice scraper rotating disc
Kärcher EDI 4 Cordless Electric Ice Scraper, Rotating Disc
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Kärcher EDI 4 Cordless Electric Ice Scraper, Rotating Disc

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The EDI 4 electric ice scraper finally puts an end to the strenuous task of scraping ice off your windshield bit by bit. With its rotating disc and sturdy plastic blades, the ice scraper removes even stubborn ice from car windows effortlessly in a single movement. When the EDI 4 is in standby mode, apply slight pressure from above to make the ice removing disc start rotating and the ice will come off as if by magic. Should the blades become worn, the removal disc can be replaced without any tools (discs are available for replacement). The modern and compact design of the ice scraper, along with the protective cover, make it easy to handle and store. One battery charge is sufficient for several applications. The integrated LED flashes when the device needs to be charged. Wall charger included.

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Manufacturer: Karcher

Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 5 inches

Weight: 1.65 pounds

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